Why Hire An SEO Consultant

What Is SEO?

SEO in its long form stands for search engine optimisation. Its a process of:

  • on-page optimising
  • off-page optimising
  • website technical optimisation
  • content optimisation

so that the search engines feel that your webpage is the most relevant for a particular search query. It if sounds like a beauty pageant, you are not far from the gist of it.

What does an SEO consultant really do? What’s their scope of work?

Here’s a detail job description template for an SEO consultant. It’s a customizable template that you can use to post an ad on job boards and hire the best SEO consultant if you’re looking to create an in-house team of SEO marketers.

SEO Consultant Job Profile

SEO consultants are tasked with the role of planning, implementing, and managing the overall SEO strategy of a client. They’re involved with pretty much everything including web marketing, content strategy planning, web analytics, keyword strategy, and link building.

As an agency that’s on the lookout for the best SEO consultant you can find, you must be very clear and precise with the SEO consultant’s job description that you post on job boards.

Job Description for an SEO Consultant

We’re looking for a knowledgeable SEO enthusiast to come join our team of marketers. You’ll be assigned the role of an SEO manager, whose duties includes planning, developing, managing, and implementing our SEO strategies.

And since our online presence plays a critical role in the success of our business, you holding the position of an SEO consultant will play a key role in fostering our growth and driving our business to even greater heights of success.

SEO Consultant Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, develop, implement, and manage our SEO strategies.
  • Work towards SEO and the maximisation of our ROI.
  • Perform regular keyword research.
  • Build strong connections and relationships with our clients.
  • Identify opportunities for new clients.
  • Upsell when appropriate.
  • Monitor bounce rate, KPIs, redirects, and other KPIs.
  • Identify Key KPIs’ for SEO
  • Prepare regular SEO reports
  • Identify problem and implement solutions for them in a timely manner
  • Work with web designers, developers, and other marketing members to implement better SEO strategies.
  • Monitor click rate, bounce rate, redirects, and other key KPIs.
  • Stay updated on the latest digital tends and SEO best practises.
  • Suggest improvement or way to enhance productivity.
  • Identify buyer personas for better targeting

Requirements for an SEO Consultant Job

  • X years of working experience as a SEO consultant or holding a similar role.
  • Proven track record in SEO.
  • X Year of experience with marketing, business development, and marketing.
  • Experience with various testing metrics such as A/B Testing
  • Good negotiating skills.
  • Good knowledge of basic programming skills including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Team player
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinker.
  • Sense of Ownership. Ability to own outcomes, whether bad or good.
  • Experience in sales.
  • Ability to analyse data and draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Good time-management skills
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A degree in any relevant quantitative field.

Where to Find an SEO consultant in Singapore

Finding an SEO consultant is not an easy business. Your problem isn’t with finding the consultant. But finding one that’s skills and competent enough to take your business to help your business grow.

You can star by looking into your network. Ask around on LinkedIn and your list of contact (particularly those you suspect might be using SEO services) for some recommendation on a good SEO consultant they happen to know.

Remember to ask your colleges, friends, and family for some suggestion on where you can find a good SEO consultant. If any of them is involved with SEO, they may know of someone that fits the bill or even recommend you to someone that might be able to help you with that.

Next, try looking at companies that are outside your line of business, and with whom you have a good relationship with. Ask them if they’ve ever worked with an SEO consultant. If they can’t come up with a name, they should at least know someone that you can ask.

Search engines are also a good place to start. If you’re specifically interest in a local SEO consultant, then remember to add Singapore at the end of your search query when searching for one.

It’s also important that you skip the ads and try digging through the organic results. It’s simple: if an SEO expert can rank well enough for the search terms that matter, what makes you so sure that they’ll be able to rank you?

You’re interested in someone who’s pretty good at what they do. The least this person could do is use this skill on themselves to beat their competition and lock in more clients.

There’s nothing wrong with Google ads. It’s even better when the consultant is able to rank with both paid searches and organic results.

Also, consider checking out with Upwork, Fiver, AngelList, and Freelancer for freelancers. These platforms are dedicated to freelancers that are looking for jobs in the various field. Search carefully and you have a good chance finding a freelancing SEO consultant that’s good enough for the job.

‘Indeed’ is another good platform to look. Just click on ‘Find Resumes’ and search for an SEO consultant. The next thing you want to do is go through their profile and find out what their past clients have to say about them.

However, with most of these options, the SEO you find will be operating remotely. So, you must be really comfortable with the idea of working with someone from a far-off country.

Also, consider checking out with niche sites such as Mediabsito, Inbound.org, and ‘We Work Remotely’.

The Estimated Cost of Hiring an SEO Consultant in Singapore

It’s possible to learn SEO and rank your site on your own. The only problem is that you’ll be required to dig through thousands of how-to-guides, books, and website for you acquire a reasonable amount of skill conduct an effective SEO campaign.

Plus, good SEO is for the most part dependent on experience. It takes years of practise and experimenting with various SEO models and strategies to run a result-driven campaign. The last thing you want to is run your SEO campaign blindly, without fast weighing your strength and weaknesses, and identifying some of the areas that requires you to direct the bulk of your SEO effort.

It’s for this reason that we suggest you hire someone with enough experience to understand what they’re doing. You also need all that extra time to concentrate on your business and serve your customers.

If you have the resources for it, the best thing to do would be to hire a full in-house team of SEO specialists consisting of copywriters, content strategist, analysists, keywords researchers, and so forth.

Or alternatively (a cheaper option), get a qualified SEO consultant that will be dedicated towards helping your business grow. The SEO consultant like we specified earlier on, must be the master of everything SEO entails.

Read this keeping in mind that this is an expensive undertaking. If you’re a start-up operating from seed money, it might get to a point where you’re not able to pay your consultant like you agreed.

The average salary of an SEO consultants in Singapore ranges from $41, 000 (SGD 55, 900) to $84, 000 (SGD 114, 000) annually. That means you have to be prepared to pay them between SGD 4100 to SGD 9500 every month as salaries.

This is way cheaper compared to the cost of hiring an SEO consultant in the US, Australia, and other parts of the world, save for developing countries.

The SEO market in Singapore has been around for many years but it’s yet to fully develop. That explains why many companies in the country still prefer hiring an SEO agency instead of creating an in-house team of consultants.

The cost of hiring an SEO consultant could go much hire depending on the level of experience the consultant has and a series of other variables.

You’re also reminded that these salaries don’t include tax obligations and the benefits to be deducted. You might want to factor that in the budget you prepare.

The next option would be to hire an SEO consultant through a freelancing platform such as UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and the rests. Here, things are a little bit different as you might want to look at the possibility of paying them on an hourly basis.

Here are the rates of how everything goes on these platforms;

The estimated average rates of hiring an intermediate level SEO consultant via a freelancing platform:

Project Type Average Price Range per hour
Keyword research and analysis SGD 48 to SGD 130
On-page SEO Audits SGD 620 to SGD 205
Link building SGD 69 to SGD 239
Content Management SGD 75 to SGD 205
Website Development SGD 103 to SGD 253
On-page Optimisation SGD 82 to SGD 178
UX Design SGD 69 to SGD 171

Depending on the freelancer you’re hiring and your scope of work, contractors may charge you per hour, per month or offer you a fixed rate. On average, most SEO work take 1 to 3 months to complete a phase, with enterprise sites going up to a year or even more before you’re able to fully optimise them for a list of keywords.

The next option would be to hire a reputable SEO agency.

With this option, you get to enjoy loads of SEO resources and tools without incurring the overhead cost. Plus, you get to enjoy all the benefits that comes with employing a full-time SEO consultant.

An agency is a better option because they’re involved with so many other businesses. They’re able to integrate data from different industries and observe the patters. This means that they’re also likely to be more creative and even willing to experiment with unconventional methods.

As a matter of fact, they the people that introduce new marketing trends. They’re the people that come up with new strategies, and feed to the rest of the market. It also helps because most of them work with a team of creative thinkers and marketers.

This is however a line that you want to tread very carefully. Choose a wrong agency that doesn’t understand the depth of SEO, and they risk landing you in trouble with major search engines. It bears mentioning whether you like it or NOT, getting penalised by Google or any another search engine is the last thing that you’d ever wish to happen to you.

Another risk that comes with working with an agency is that they may fail to offer you a personalised experience. On average, an agency works with 10 to 100 clients every day.

Agencies can be expensive too. And an agency that charges cheaper for their SEO services should be approached with caution. In whatever you do, you have to begin by establishing that they’re not using blackhat SEO tactics.

On average, a good SEO agency will be charging you between S$1000 to $5000 for SEO, depending on the agency and the keywords or the number of keywords being optimised for SEO.

Where you’re planning to pay an agency more than S$3000 for SEO, make sure what they’re offering is totally worth it. Otherwise you could just use the same amount to hire an SEO consultant for a more personalised SEO experience.

However, if your business is already doing well, and your pockets run deep enough, that’s no amount to scare you. Just pick one of the major SEO agencies in the country and you’re good.

If you have some little bit of SEO experience, then bootstrapping is another option you’d want to look into. It’s not completely tools as there are a few resources and tools that you might want to invest in before you can proceed with your SEO operations.

The Qualities of a Good SEO Consultant

After thinking through all the three options that you have, and still decided that you’re better with hiring an SEO consultant. The next thing you want to do is find out what it is that you’re supposed to look for in an SEO consultant.

What makes one SEO consultant more qualified than the other. These are things we plan to address on this section of the post.

Years of Experience

Experience is everything in SEO. Nothing beats the power of having done something before and learnt from it.

With experience comes the ability to replicate results or make necessary adjustments to your marketing strategy and force results. The industry is filled with self-proclaimed SEO experts with nothing to back up their claims.

But what set’s them apart from seasoned SEO consultants is the experience bi of it. SEO work is all about being able to play around with different SEO tactics until your strategy yields results. These tactics can’t be mastered in a day or night. You must have worked with them for years to be able to guarantee that they even work. Otherwise, trying tactics on a humble can be likened to taking your clients on a wild goose chase.

Understand all the Three SEO Levels

SEO comes in three layers, each of which plays an important role in how search engines rank you. A good SEO consultant will be working on each tier instead of offering you blanket SEO services.

Their work begins with them evaluating your site for SEO and how search engines perceive your site. They’ll be assessing it to find out if it’s crawlable or if the design is good enough for search engine bots to index it. That’s technical SEO.

Next, they’ll go ahead and look at how the site has been optimised with keywords, HTML tags, and all that. All the elements that directly contribute to the amount of traffic your site attracts are evaluated at this point of the strategizing process. That’s on-page SEO.

Lastly, they’d want to help the site garner high quality links. A shoddy SEO consultant will rush to buy these links on Fiverr or such platform, and risk landing you in trouble you may live to never recover from.

It’s for this reason that we recommend that you be very careful with who you choose for this post. The first thing you want to ensure is that they have the best interest of your business at heart and not just after some quick buck.

Proven Track Record

If the SEO consultant is as good as they claim, they should go slow on the talking and instead produce some references. They should be able to refer you to a few of their past clients. Find out how the experiences of these clients were while working with the consultants. Did the consultant help them succeed or was the experience marred with empty promises?

If an SEO consultant is all good by the word of mouth with nothing tangible to show, take that as a red flag and walk away from the disappointment that awaits you.

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