What Singapore Digital Marketers Should Know About Meta Tag SEO

Like you spend time keenly trying to craft content for the sake of your customers and readers, you ought to do likewise for the case of search engines. Meta Tag SEO falls in the class of one of the means that aid the search engine team to understand, absorb and index thy content.


What Meta Tag SEO is

This refers to the process of totalling the hidden information to a webpage so as to make it easy for search engines to quickly know what is on the page. If the search engines get to know what is in the page and classify it to be of high value to the readers, it becomes easy to rank it well in the search.

A Meta tag can also be said to be a piece of code which describes the content of a page. The description of each meta tag explains a distinct element in the page and aids the crawlers in learning the content.

Most information of the meta tag is readable to the search engine sycophants and invisible to the page users, as it gets added to the page codes and has invisible content. Even though, some information may be found on the results of the search engine pages like Meta descriptions and title tags.


The most useful Meta Tags

Meta tags have an important effect on SEO because they provide information found on the page contact. However, it is not all Meta tags that are created equally. Part of those that were relevant a few years back is almost useless to date.

For instance, at one particular time, the meta tag top keywords, which is a series of the highest keywords that used to describe a page and be placed in the codes of that page, were very close with ranking and SEO. However, you get to realise that most of those keywords are becoming insignificant these days in comparison to other Meta tag SEO.

Another instance of an element that is outdated is the Meta tag of authorship. It used to be very active some years back but you get to realise that it is now discontinued. This means it is less significant today.

In the remaining part of this article, we will review Meta tags that are still up to date so as to help you help increase your SEO comfortably.


Title tag

This is among the most significant Meta tags that are included in the SEO content. It informs the search engines of the page title that may vary from the headline of the page. In simplifying the phrase you may alter the title so as to make it easy to search and read from the search engines. The title tag gets included on the code in your page. This makes it visible to the researchers.


Remember these in your quest of creating title tags:

  • Your title should have a maximum of seventy characters.
  • The keyword should be close to the front of the title.
  • Have distinctive titles for every page.
  • Ensure your writing has got some value to human and not just for the search engines.

While you may use decorative headlines on the top of the page, the title tag has to have the SEO focus, more so getting the real point and helping the search engines and the readers to understand what the article is all about. A significant, descriptive but brief title is easier to convert.


Meta description

This refers to a summary of the content of a page. It is a code of 2 or 3 sentences that describe the content of that particular page. Despite the fact that it does not directly affect the ranking of a page it has some SEO value.

Just as the title tag the descriptions of the SEO Meta are experienced directly by the customers. You need therefore to drive traffic and clicks on that page.

Put this into consideration:

  • The description should have a minimum of only three hundred and twenty characters.
  • It should provide a propositional value to readers.
  • It should have keywords, with an exception of keyword stuffing.
  • A soft call of action should be added.

The very best descriptions of Meta have a summarized content that helps them see the value of clicking from the search results.



A viewport is the usable and visible part of the mobile device for users. It is inclusive in the best practices and has become valuable as the usage of phones is increasing.

It refers to the location of the window where the content of the web may be viewed. It is a different area compared to what users may see thereby leaving audiences to scroll and pinch when reading the content. Through it, one can be able to access the scale and size of the content thereby making the websites increasingly mobile friendly.

The mobile friendliness and the speed of the site are significant white hat SEO good practices that build a nice website experience. An unpleasant mobile experiencing can be so frustrating to customers and therefore the viewport needs to be improved.


Robots selection

This serves to tell the crawlers the way they should or should not index and crawl your page. It informs them of what you need them to ignore or to recognise.

If you want all your information in the search engines noticed, this tag is not necessary for you. If you use syndicated or borrowed information, however, you will need this so as to limit the readers.

These are among the best robot tags that you may use:

  • Noindex: it warns the search engines against indexing the page.
  • Noimageindex: it warns the search engines against indexing the images.
  • None: warns the search engines against doing anything in the page.
  • Nofollow: warns the search engines against following any page links.
  • Noarchive: warns the search engines against archiving any content.

These rules can uplift your Meta tag SEO in preventing fake information penalties or in making the page seem as if it has got some links to funny websites. It serves to preserve your brand in the way you want.

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Quick ways of checking your Meta tag SEO

Though it seems at times a hard task to maintain your Meta data practices, there are easier ways to enable you to tag your page appropriately.

To check it, use Alexa’s SEO page checker in entering a URL that is from a page in your website together with the assigned keyword. This tool will then give results on the Meta errors and any other thing that might need implementation.

For other considerations of the Meta tag, you may use Alexa’s audit tool. It scrutinises every SEO factor for thy site and includes the details of the Meta tags. By entering your site, you are able to get a report and a list full of tips that show how to solve the issues on your website.

With these Alexa’s tools, it is possible for you to update your Meta data by creating an optimisation strategy that would improve your rankings. You can sign up to the free trials of Alexa’s advanced strategy that helps you to see what is learnable in your SEO audience, status, content opportunities and the competitors.