Ways To Improve Facebook Page Engagement In Singapore

Looking for a way to improve Facebook page engagement? The targeting capability and reach is what has set it apart from other social media platforms concerning marketing services and products.

Facebook can instil loyalty and commitment to customers with unprecedented success. And these are the two most important factors that drive any branding process.In this article, we will look at ways of improving your Facebook page engagement to garner more visibility for your brand.

Ask questions

Questions draw people’s attention. Therefore, it is an ideal way to begin engaging with your fans. The questions should be comprehensive and able to resonate with the needs and interests of Facebook users. For example, you can start a post with an edgy phrase like, do you think…? Or a concise phrase like why do you think…? For posts offering tips, begin with a statement like how to do you…? This kinds of ways of beginning a dialogue with your followers draw their attention to an extent they will want to engage with your content.

Give your fans an opportunity to make choices

Facebook is a place to interact and share ideas. So, to make your page very engaging, publish posts that will require your followers to choose between two alternatives. For example, you can ask post a question asking between outdoor and indoor dating venues, which one is the best option for a date. There will be diverging views which can spur conversations in your comment box.

These debates are healthy for boosting your Facebook page engagement capabilities. However, it is important to keep an eye out for trolls as they may cost you your fans.

Time your posts

Not all your fans can be present online when your post your content. Hence, you should find ways of ensuring your fans find your content and engage with them when they come online.

The first one is Facebook Insights. It furnishes with data showing the peak and off-peak periods to engage with your fans. These are the times of day when your fans are mostly on Facebook. To find Facebook Insight, tap on the Insights tab then the Posts tab. Automatically the dashboard will display the time of day when your fans are most active.

Try to publish your posts at an irregular interval with no specific times of choice. It will help you know what is best for you and your brand.

Post relevant images

The saying a picture says a thousand cannot come at the wrong time here. Whenever you post your content on Facebook, be keen to ensure it is accompanied by a striking image. A captivating picture will make a Facebook fan to stop and engage with your content. If your content impresses the user, they can share it with their friends, relatives and colleagues. This helps boost the engagement capability of your Facebook page.

improve Facebook page engagement

Work with other brands

The social space is full of great content. Hence, do not cover yourself in your cocoon thinking you are the only generator great content. You can post your material on other people’s pages. It gives you visibility to a new audience you were not exposed to in the past.

However, it is important to ensure your content is overboard regarding quality because both the page owner and the followers are aware of what you are trying to do.

You can agree with another page owner to post each other’s content. This way you can both boost your organic capabilities on SERPs because you enjoy huge following on Facebook.

Crowdsource Feedbacks

Feedbacks are the way you can get a personalised response from your fans concerning you’re the content you post. Since fans like offering feedbacks, you can take advantage of this and know what fans think and where in your content you require improvements.

The adjustments you will be able to make from the feedbacks will go a long way to enhance customer loyalty and commitment to your brand. This method also helps you respond to fan’s feedbacks fast.

Add a Call to Action

The norm in marketing is you tell your customers what you want them to do. It is for this reason that Call to Actions are advised to be included each post you publish on Facebook. The Call to Action can include an RSVP, like, share.

This Call to Actions will spur the required action you want from your fans. Telling them what to will improve engagements.

Enhance your best posts

It is possible to post a web content you have and has enjoyed traffic on your Facebook page to increase page engagement. You only need to boost the post. The is no need to spend a lot of money to increase the post’s visibility. A boosted post does not guarantee an overnight increase in reposts and shares. However, it exposes your best content to your target users and spur engagements on your page.

The data on your most popular content is found on Google Analytics. It provides you with a list of posts to be boosted.

Share hot topics and industry news

Everyone likes that harmless gossip to keep their day spiced. Hence, you should share hot topics and big news regarding your industry. It gives your fans an impression that you are not only focused on your business but also their need to be informed on current topics.

Make this news interesting so that they can catch the attention of your followers. Ask your fans regarding the news or the topics. It will help spur engagements on your page.

Adjust your posting rate

Over-posting and under-posting can both hurt your page engagement capability. Overposting can lead to your fans missing some of your content because you are competing for a space in their feeds with others. Under-posting will make your fans to forget about you because you will not be relevant.

Balance between these acts to find what best works for you. Post strategically at the time of day your followers are mostly online.

Make your fans laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. And to your Facebook page engagement, this expression cannot be further from the truth. Liven your Singapore business Facebook page by cracking a joke that is relevant to your audience. Make the jokes simple just for livening the mood. It shows your fans you have their interest in mind. The humour you generate on your page can improve your page engagement and referrals.

Respond to all your fans

Responding to all your fan’s even however negative is a way of creating commitment and loyalty. Therefore, when you respond, it shows acknowledgement and respects. The continuous process of responding help people feel valued.

The sense of worth you instil on your fans will make them continue engaging with you and your post.

Encourage fans to share content

Make your page interactive. An interactive page is a good way of boosting page engagement. Urge your fans to share short videos or images when using your product or service. This is an interesting of inducing engagement on your page. Offer incentives to those who post images. You will realise that as the engagement increases, the frequency of posting images from fans will be high.

Share contents from other platforms

As a page owner, you must be having content from other social media platforms or other digital platforms that your followers have shown to your followers. Get them out of lock and keys and post them on Facebook. It is a good way of reducing the gap in your posting routine.

Do behind the scene videos

Fans like to get to know the people or the brains behind what they consume online. It shows them the content is generated with human beings and not aliens from other planets. Make human connections with your fans during these video sessions to inculcate loyalty.

To air a video, access your Facebook page. In the status field, tap on the option Goes Live. Enable the camera and microphone and define the video and tap on start.

Make the connections with your fans emotional

Emotions stir even the deepest of feelings. Therefore, the ability to be able with your fans on an emotional level can be very beneficial. Make your content emotional so that it can solicit fear, emotions, interests and dislikes alike. Brand loyalty is not from a product. However, it comes from the shared feelings your fans can be able to experience from your contents. Emotions are the key to engagement and loyalty.

Offer value

With every post you publish, it should be able to have a takeaway. It should have a message or it at least achieving something even if it’s a simple laugh. Your content should be able to inspire people or someone to do something different as opposed to the way they were doing it before.

Dive into the trending topic world

New trends are constantly appearing around us with every passing moment. Therefore, offering this trending topic to your Facebook fans is a good way of enhancing visibility in social space. Add hashtag of the trending topics on your post.

Facebook allows its users to see what is trending on the basis discussions and posts.

Get creative to find engagement opportunities in trends.

Recycle valuable posts

Facebook does not restrict people from publishing new posts. It is good to go back to your archive and find a post that generated a high frequency of engagements. Boost it a little to make it fresh. It helps you focus on creating material that a group of your fans might not have seen when it was first posted.

Upload Native video

YouTube enjoys huge following it is no secret. However, if you have been posting your Facebook videos on Facebook, it is time to make changes. Videos on Facebook receive more views, likes, comments and shares. The Facebook algorithm is also favourable to you. Native videos on your Facebook page will help you boost views and engagement.

improve Facebook page engagement

Commemorate holidays

Holidays are events that bring us together more. So, mark every holiday with your fans. Engage them in live video chats and giving them heads up where best holiday discounts are. Take advantage of established events to promote and engage with your fans.

Publish high-value curated content

When you over-promote your business, your fans will get bored with your page, and it will decrease engagements. Diversify your content by borrowing related content from trusted and authoritative sources to keep your content fresh and informative.

Quuu is a great tool to curate your material to a particular audience.

Add a Poll or Quiz

Polls and quizzes provide fewer formal engagements, unlike surveys. Capitalise on developments or topics that are of significance to your fans. It generates quality engagement in the event it can produce tailored results that can be shared with fans.

Post polls on your Facebook page to boost engagements. Qzzr is a free tool that helps you generate personalised and engaging polls.

Reconsider the use of hashtags

Many people use hashtags to no success. It is a myth that the use of many hashtags will generate for your visibility. However, according to BuzzSumo, post with hashtags do not enjoy high engagement capabilities as compared to those without. Hashtags should be used for trending topics.

Audience targeting is recommended for organic posts

It is possible to create a custom audience for your Facebook posts like you do with your ads.

It is free, and it ensures your posts are placed in front of those you wanted it to be placed before.

In some pages, this option is not always enabled if this is the case, on your page tap on the Setting icon. On the General Settings, you will see Audience Optimisation for Posts. Tap on Edit to turn on the feature.

This option will be available any time you update your status.

Hold giveaways and contest

People require incentives to have them to do what we want. On increasing Facebook page engagement, this is no different. Posts with giveaways always seem to boost Facebook page engagements. The grander the value of the giveaway, the higher the engagement rates and the ability to reach the intended audience. The best thing with these competitions is that they cost less while giving you giving you more. You can partner with other brands to sponsor the giveaways you will award the winners of the competition. People love free goodies, and those prizes can encourage those who have never engaged to engage.

Ensure you follow the laws of the state and federal government and Facebook’s guidelines when you are planning to hold a giveaway or contest.

Applications like Rafflecopter and Woobox will help you manage events by capturing email addresses for a continued engagement and marketing initiatives.


Page engagement can be a very tricky issue to handle. When handled well, you can boost your page engagement capabilities. However, if mishandled, everything from the beginning is doomed to go wrong. Do not fall a victim of this self-inflicted wound as this list has provided comprehensive strategies of boosting Facebook page engagement

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