Trends In Landing Page SEO in Singapore

Of late, we have noticed that the number of single-page websites or websites that has a focused landing page has increased in various industries such as e-commerce, local restaurants, plumbing and the list is endless. Today, MediaOne will look at three of the primary reasons why they prefer this new web template over the elaborate and often complicated templates.

Easier to SEO

A landing page is significantly easier to SEO than an entire website. Savvy digital marketers know that as long as the page is well optimised and supported by a well structured website, it can be potentially be used to target very niched keywords.

Faster and Cheaper to Create and Maintain

Investing in a website is one of the expenses that Singapore businesses have to factor in when creating a budget. Thanks to the many web template developers such as Strikingly and IM Creator, you can create a one-page site in less than a day. This is a major advantage especially to the people who want to get online fast and without spending an arm and a leg. Even if you decide to hire one of the reputable web development agencies in Singapore, the cost of setting up the site will be cheaper, and the web development process will take only a couple of days depending on your requirements.

They Offer Better User Experience

Studies and experiments have proven that user experience is the number one factor that determines the success of a website regarding conversion rate and traffic. Single-page websites or websites with optimised landing pages have been established to offer the best mobile user experience due to their simple navigation structure. The templates used are also responsive and look great on all types of mobile devices.

Hence, by investing in a one-page website, you will not have to spend hours making the site responsive nor hiring an agency to do the hard work for you. The site will be accessible to all your target online customers immediately it goes live no matter the kind of device that they use to access it.

It is also important to note that most people prefer scrolling than clicking when accessing sites through their mobile devices due to the limited screen size. In fact, with a device that has a small screen, scrolling movement looks natural instead of clicking a tab and waiting for the content to be loaded.

Have Potential for High Conversion Rate

As mentioned earlier, one-page websites have a straightforward navigation which improves the user experience. Since the entire conversion funnel phases are aggregated on one page, you can be sure that the conversion process will be faster and smoother. Potential customers will be able to make buying decisions faster.