Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design You Should Avoid in 2019

To succeed in the competitive online marketing industry in Singapore, you need to hire a professional web design to design and add all the elements necessary to convert web visitors into buying customers. Simple mistakes can compromise the effectiveness of the site to generate sales.

Therefore, it is essential to take note of the common mistakes that should be avoided so that you do not end up losing thousands of dollars that you have invested in the web development Singapore project. Before we proceed, it is important to note that web design is an art, and it is surprisingly easy to miss some important aspects.

Here are the top ten mistakes in web design that we see time and time again.

Mistake 1# Annoying Pop-overs

Pop-overs are great if used correctly; as they can help, you collect your web visitors’ personal information. Unfortunately, some web development agencies set the website to display them as soon as a visitor lands on a particular page. In most cases, these annoying pop-overs are shown on the homepage even before a user gets a chance to read and interact with the content posted on the page.

Why would a potential customer join your mailing list even before they read a single word that you have written on the page? The primary objective of content marketing is to prove to the target audience that you can and do provide value. Once you have earned their trust and confidence, you can go ahead and request them to subscribe.

The worst scenario is when the pop-over is displayed by a website that is not mobile friendly. The potential customer is stuck looking at it, as the “x” button does not work. Avoid this kind of web design mistake if you want to succeed in Singapore digital marketing realm.

Mistake 2# Disabling Zoom on Mobile Websites

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, and most people use them to access websites. Disabling zoom on the mobile version of your site will make it difficult for the target audience to read the content published on the pages.

Zooming in will make the text bigger and easier to read. If this function is not available, the visitor will more often than not just close the website and visit your competitor whose mobile sites are properly optimized. As you ponder on this, remember that the number of mobile web users surpassed desktop web users half a decade ago.

Mistake 3# Setting Videos to Play With Sound Automatically

Embedding a video on the homepage or any other page on your website is great; as it will help, you grasp the attention of the visitors and communicate with them well. That said, not everyone who visits your website wants to listen to the video. You will paint a negative image to this segment of customers if you set the videos to play automatically with sound.

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Concisely, while you might be lured to think that you will capture the attention of the audience by blaring sound at them as soon as they land on the site, this is actually one of the best and easiest ways of increasing bounce rate and encouraging potential customers to close the website immediately.

It is also important to note that most people browse multiple websites at the same time and so when they hear the sound, they will stop everything they are doing on other sites and look for the one with a sound icon and hit “close”. So, make sure that the web development company does not do this on your website.

Mistake 4# Miniature Text

The main essence of having a great web design is to give the users a good first impression and also make it easy for them to navigate the website. The effort put in designing the site will not bear any positive results if the text is small.

Some web designers concentrate too much on other elements of the websites and forget to select the right font. Make it easy for potential customers to understand what your site is all about by using modern typography. This kind of typography will make your text readable. The visitors will spend more time reading the content, and as a result, you will get plenty of opportunities to convert them into customers.

Mistake 5# Placing Light Grey Text on White Backgrounds

Yes, you may be surprised why we listed this among the top ten mistakes in web design, but you will be shocked by the number of websites that have light grey text on white backgrounds. White is a great colour that will assist in prevent clutter and giving your site a minimal feeling. Light grey colour will also create a modern feeling, but that does not mean that you should go ahead and combine the two for your text.

Otherwise, your text will not be readable. Always remember that text readability is achieved by creating contrast so make sure that the font colour is different from the background colour.

Mistake 6# Displaying Too Many Advertisements

Sure, adverts will help you monetize your website, but they will undermine your awesome website design if they distract or cover the primary content on the page. Simply put, too many advertisements will not only compromise the design of your website but also discourage the visitors from staying on the website.

In addition, if they are simultaneously flashing to get the visitors attention, they will create a sensory overload that will cause confusion and increase bounce rate.

Mistake 7# Scrolljacking

Scrolljacking used to be a common technique a decade ago, and we are surprised that some website developers still use it. What is it? This is the process of hijacking a website scroll bar and converting the normal page content into a series of slides.

If you have ever visited a website that does this, you understand how irritating it is to other website visitors especially those who are not aware of this technique. It prevents them from skim reading the content and forces them to wait for every slide to load.

Be considerate by providing a “view as list” option. One of the main reasons why webmasters opt to use this design is to create space for more adverts on the page.

Mistake 8# Drop-Down Menus That Are Not Touch Friendly

Already, we have discussed the importance of making sure that your new Singapore website design is 100% mobile friendly. Most designers forget to optimize the drop-down menus for mobile users. Even though other elements of the website are mobile-friendly, if the menu is not, potential customers will have a hard time navigating your website and finding the information they are looking for quickly and without breaking a sweat.

The bottom line is; make sure that your drop-down menus are mobile friendly as well as the other elements on your website. A professional website development company can do this for you at no extra cost.

Mistake 9# Too Many Large Images

Google recently confirmed that load time is one of the factors that they consider when ranking websites. Professional website design could be loading fast but the moment to add too many large images, the speed will drop sharply.

Even though images are great visuals that will make it easier for the target audience to interact with your website, you should be careful about the number and size that you use. You will start losing potential customers to your competitors if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Mistake 10# Leaving Out Small Details

Does omitting one item from the menu really matter?

Yes, it does.

The small details that you thought had little or no impact on your website are actually important. Take a few hours to look at every element on the website and if you spot something is missing or placed in the wrong section, request the web designers to rectify it to avoid challenges once the site goes live.

All these web design mistakes can hamper the growth of your business in the country. We can help you avoid them by designing a stellar website for your brand in Singapore. Our team is extensively trained and pay attention to every detail. This greatly helps in ensuring that we provide the best web design solutions to clients. Call us today on +65 6789 9852 for a free and no-obligation consultation session.