The Top SEO Agencies In Hong Kong

There are hundreds of SEO agencies in Singapore, and hiring one requires evaluation of a number of factors. Searching for SEO services pricing Singapore will help you identify the SEO agencies in Singapore that are within your budget.

Thousands of businesses are searching for an SEO company in Singapore to identify the top SEO agencies in Singapore that can help them bridge the gap in their digital marketing campaigns. We have researched virtually all the top SEO service providers and prepared this list of the top SEO agencies in Singapore.

However, we have not listed them in any chronological orders so you will also need to look at their portfolio, the work they have done for their previous clients, among other factors to see if their SEO services match your needs. Before we look into the top SEO agencies in Singapore lets us take a brief overview of how to choose an SEO expert based in Singapore.

The right expert ought to:

  • Engage you to understand your needs
  • Have a properly optimised website that ranks for SEO services Singapore keywords
  • Have a good working relationship with clients
  • They must know local SEO
  • They must know the right keywords to use with your SEO campaigns

On top of this, increased competition in SEO Singapore means that you enjoy complementary services at discounted rates.

 Top 14 SEO Agencies in Singapore

After much research, we have come up with this list of the best SEO agencies in Singapore. Be sure to contact them and compare their services and rates.

Number 1: MediaOne

seo agencies in Singapore

If you are a keen follower of digital marketing trends, then you must have come across MediaOne. The agency specializes in SEO, social media marketing (SMM), Search engine marketing (SEM), and online reputation management (ORM).

A search for SEO services pricing Singapore will bring back MediaOne in the first page.

Besides this, they also have digital marketing courses if you want to learn how to plan and execute digital marketing campaigns. This is not only helpful to businesses, but also for individuals looking to enter the fast-paced online marketing sphere.

MediaOne also has a competitively priced SME Pro package where they offer services such as web development, keyword consultation, and SEO among other services. If you are looking for the absolute best SEO experts in Singapore, then MediaOne is the way to go. Their office is at 40B Tras Street Singapore 078979 but you can also call them via +65 6789 9852 to get your free SEO audit.

Number 2: First Page Digital

First Page Digital is also one of the top SEO agencies in Singapore that is quickly gaining recognition in the digital marketing sphere for its exemplary SEM, SEO, SMM, and pay-per-click management services. It not only has offices in Singapore, but also in Australia, Thailand, the USA, Hong Kong, and Dubai. First Page Digital also offers affiliate marketing, online reputation management, and email marketing services.

Since 2011, the company has accumulated a team of over 250 experts and serves over 500 customers. If you already have a website, they will do a free SEO audit of your site. First Page also promises to deliver results in 90 days, or they will work free. Visit them on location at 144 Robinson Rd, #20-01 Robinson Square Singapore 068908 or call them on +65 6270 2193.

Number 3: Osmium Digital

Osmium Digital is another top SEO agency in Singapore that specialise in helping small businesses establish their territories on the digital landscape. The Osmium Digital team consists of experienced thinkers and strategists who are dedicated to developing unique and profitable SEO services.

Their services include video production, web design and development, SEO, social media management, brand strategy, and consulting, and more. Some of their clients include Property Kakis, Indian House, Singapore Life, Orange Tee, Yishion, Ashleigh Ivory, Fuji Xerox, Proteger, Chill WHR, Neels, and more.

You can contact them on +65 9389 2121. You can also visit their offices at 22 Sin Ming Ln, #05-84, Singapore 573969 for a free consultation and quote.

Number 4: SEO Agency Singapore

These SEO experts have been in the Singapore digital marketing circles since 2011, and they have proven their worth by helping hundreds of customers get the proper online exposure. They specialise in SEO services Singapore such as link building, restaurant SEO, and e-commerce SEO. Besides this, they also have a plethora of digital marketing services, marketing management, and the development of marketing software.

SEO Agency Singapore also offers professional training to both individuals and businesses that are looking to understand how to manage and streamline their digital marketing campaigns. They have competitively priced services, and you will get an SEO expert who will do all that pertains to help you with your SEO and other digital marketing services you might want. Visit them at #03-05A EPL Building, 1100 Lower Delta Road, Singapore 169206.

Number 5: Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing an online advertising and digital marketing agency that ranks high for SEO marketing Singapore and gained the Google Partner status in 2014. Besides this, WSQ and SkillsFuture also approve of their services. Their services include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing and more that are aimed at maximizing traffic to your site and lead generation.

Impossible Marketing also offers digital marketing training programs with a hands-on approach to businesses as well as individuals looking to manage their marketing strategies and campaigns. Besides this, they have award-winning SEO experts in their ranks. Call or text them for an SEO audit and other services using +65 9374 0111, or visit their offices at 14 Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266.

Number 6: iClick Media

iClick Media is one of the top SEO agencies in Singapore and it is a verified digital marketing agency with SEO experts  providing tailored solutions for your SEO and digital marketing needs. They have a wide range of services including SEO such as link building. However, you also get complimentary services such as PPC remarketing, social media marketing, content marketing, social media management, PPC bid management, and more.

iClick Media also doubles in link building and lead generation software as well as providing professional training in SEO and SMO. They have their office at 246 MacPherson Road, #02-01, Betime Building, Singapore 348578.

Number 7: PurpleClick Media

PurpleClick Media has been around since 2006, and it makes it to this list of the top SEO agencies in Singapore for providing unbiased SEO recommendations for data-driven and cost-effective digital marketing strategies. They have also partnered with tech giants such as Facebook and Google to help businesses and individuals alike meet their online objectives.

PurpleClick Media has bagged several awards over their years for their SEO services including the Search Marketing Agency of 2017 in Singapore. For more of their services, you can visit them at their office in 61 Science Park Road, The Galen #05-19 Singapore 117525, or visit their website.

Number 8: SerpShake

SerpShake agency has worked its way to the top since they started as a content creation agency then rose up the ranks to do lead generation, and SEO conversions, and today, they are some of the most acclaimed SEO experts in Singapore. SerpShake is also one of the renowned SEO agencies in Singapore, and they customise their services according to your needs.

SerpShake has over ten years’ experience in the business, and they have registered an impressive 98% success rate. You can call them on +65 315 90631, or visit their office at 14 Robinson Road, Singapore, 048545.

Number 9: Notion Age

Notion Age is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in email marketing, SEO, CMS automation, web design, SMM, SEM, interactive flash microsite development, and the creation of online marketing strategies. They have experience in a wide range of industries including law, finance, healthcare, and insurance, among others. Since January 2001, Notion Age has continued to offer customised solutions to each client that walks through their doors.

If you are looking for an experienced SEO expert that understands how the Singaporean market works, Notion Age is the place to go for an in-depth chat with a professional SEO expert. Visit their office at 331B Beach Road, Singapore, 199562, or call them on +65 6438 8303 to schedule a free consultation.

Number 10: Clickr Media

Clickr Media specialises in SEO services that fuse the power of technology, the depth of big data, and the reach of digital media to execute SEO campaigns that convert.

You will get a professional SEO specialist who will help you in strategizing, execution, understanding the numbers, and finally optimise your site for success.  Clickr Media offers a diverse range of services including SEO, SEM, online display advertising, social media monitoring, blog marketing, mobile marketing, online market research, email marketing, web design and development and more.

Clickr Media also has a digital marketing course that  professionals will find helpful in the management and development of their SEO campaigns. You can visit their offices at 2 Alexandra Road, #06-04 Delta House, Singapore 159919, or call them +65 6566 9556 to book an appointment and a free consultation with one of the top SEO agencies in Singapore.

Number 11: Night Owl Singapore

Night Owl Singapore has a specialised team of SEO experts that has a combined experience of over 10 years. Night Owl starts their client journey with a 1-hour pre-project consolation, where you and the SEO experts discuss the objectives, strategies among other aspects of your SEO campaign.

Their services include keyword and search volume Analysis, SEO competition analysis, on-site optimisation, and external link building. On top of this, they offer monthly reports of what gets managed and measured.

Their clients include EZB Pte Ltd, Dream Wedding Singapore, among others. Their campaigns have achieved top five ranking status for a variety of industries including vending machine Singapore, Astrology Singapore, music lessons Singapore, cupcakes Singapore and more.

You can contact Night Owl Singapore via email using or visit their offices on 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange #15-06 Singapore 608526.

Number 12: E-Alchemists

Like the top SEO agencies in Singapore, E-Alchemists focuses on creating a tailor-made solution for you. They start with a consultation where they seek to understand your business and the envisioned goals. With that said, their SEO services include website optimization, link building, keyword research, mobile phone SEO, local SEO, PPC management, SEO copywriting, market analysis, landing page optimisation, and so much more.

E-Alchemists also offers web development and design, at competitive prices. However, if you have a website already, one of the SEO experts will conduct a free website review and guide you on how to make the best SEO and digital marketing decisions to improve the reach of your online activities. Contact E-Alchemists on +65 67171946 or walk right into their office situated at 55 Market Street #10-00 Singapore 048941.

Number 13: Novatise Pte Ltd

This is another of the top SEO agencies in Singapore with experienced experts and a certified Google Partner. Novatise Pte Ltd has worked on over 100 SEO campaigns, and this makes them eligible to be on this list. This agency offers its clients six months of commitments and promises not only rankings but also organic traffic.

They have a variety of services, including competitor research, content bookmarks, heat maps, website analysis, content strategy, social media engagement, B2B lead generation, copywriting, Facebook marketing, and more.

Some of their clients include Kee Yong Auto, Handyman Services Singapore, ISO Home Care, Red White Mobile, Jex Brows, and more. You can request for a consultation, consultation, their offices at Crasco Building 11 Beach Road and unit 03-02 Singapore 189675.  

Number 14: Swift Turn Marketing

This another of the top  SEO agencies in Singapore that focuses on ensuring that each client has an infinite amount of lead flow for increased conversions. Swift Turn Marketing takes on the job of creating and managing your SEO campaigns, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting the value in your service or product.

Their services include SEO, branding, copywriting, social media marketing, local SEO, PPC ads, brand consulting, and website design. They also offer a course on SEO and more so, you get a 90-minute consultation session available via a phone call, Skype call, or in person meetings.

You can contact Swift Turn Marketing on 9231Marketincanan visit their offices at 7 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower One #12-07, Singapore 038987.


While compiling this list of the top SEO agencies in Singapore, we looked at not only the quality of their SEO services, but also the customer support as well as the complimentary services and their ranking for SEO Singapore. Either of these agencies will provide you with wholesome digital marketing solutions, with SEO being at the centre of it all.

Contact us today for professional SEO services in Singapore. Our support team will help you book an appointment with our top SEO experts.