The Latest Trends in Web Design in Singapore

Your website is the online representation of your brand. Web design speaks volume about how good your brand is, and the quality of products or services you offer. Therefore, you should always make sure the design of your website is up to date. Some of the latest trends that you should consider in your next web redesign include:

Virtual reality and 360-degree video

360-degree videos give a clear view of every direction. These videos are shot using an omnidirectional camera or multiple cameras. Businesses can use these videos on their websites to give customers a tour of their premises.

Virtual reality technology is becoming more popular, and it will make sense to see VR-enabled sites in the near future. VR will change how users consume video content on the internet, and its application will be revolutionary, especially for e-commerce Singapore sites.

Ultra minimalism

Minimalism is the web design philosophy of removing all non-essential elements in a website. By doing that, potential customers who come to the site are able concentrate fully on the content. In other words, the web content is the focal point in minimalism. Minimalism has evolved to become ultra-minimalism, where designers use the least amount of website elements, including text.

Modular web design

Modular website design resembles the card layout design in websites such as Pinterest. The difference is that modular design uses different sizes of blocks arranged in a somehow random pattern. Also, each block has different text, and sometimes different color and image. The design creates easy navigation, as the site is visually appealing and more organized. Native Shoes uses this design on its website.

Hiring the best web design Singapore company and SEO agency for website redesign is a step in the right direction. Such an agency is well-versed on these and other latest trends, which can improve the user experience of a website.