Singapore SEO: 10 Extremely Useful Tips for Beginners

Over the last few years, there have been quite a few changes on the SEO front. For instance, while keywords are still very important, they are no longer the sole factor for getting higher rankings in the search engines. Instead, most of their value is in finding out what Singapore SEO users need and want.

This has left many Singapore business owners to wonder about the state of SEO and how it can help them to rank organically. More importantly, many newcomers are wondering which strategies are the most effective. Let’s talk about 10 SEO techniques that beginners should focus on if you want to generate more organic traffic.


1. Get Rid of Things That Slow Your Page Down

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important factors is page speed. In 2010, Google deemed it as one of its top ranking factors. And consumer behaviour further validates Google’s stance on this.

Research shows that even a 1-second delay can have a huge impact on your conversion rate. And this is because Singapore consumers tend to assume that slow sites are untrustworthy. In fact, eConsultancy suggests that when a website takes more than 3 seconds to lead, almost half of the users abandon the site. Not only is speed good in terms of user experience and optimisation, but also for reducing overall costs of operations.

The best way to speed up your website is to get rid of all of the unnecessary elements. This means you should reconsider certain WordPress plugins that are sitting dormant and that you should get rid of all of your sidebar clutter


2. Only Link To Relevant Content

If you want to ensure that your blog grows, then you have to link out to other blogs. Many Singapore business owners make the mistake of not linking out because they don’t want people to leave their page, however, they fail to realise that this actually adds value to their website. That’s why link building is such a big part of SEO strategy.

If you want to become an authority in the community, then you must express interest in other brands’ content. In other words, if you want other brands to link to your content, then you must show a willingness to link to theirs and other like it. Whenever you link to a piece of content, let the influencer know and they will possibly share your post. Just make sure that the content that you link out to contains a lot of value. The key is quality over quantity.


3. Prioritise Humans Over Search Engines

Sure, search engines matter. However, people matter more. This is especially when it comes to writing content for your website. While most people understand the importance of writing for humans, some Singapore business owners are still putting the use of keywords over the quality of the text.

They’re so busy capitalising on long-tail keywords and manipulating the search engines that they forget to offer value. They forget that it is the human who has to read the content and has the ability to purchase the product. These are the people who will eventually engage your brand and become loyal customers.

The secret to writing for humans is to completely forget about Google and all other search engines. Make helping people your highest priority. When you do this search, you’ll naturally be rewarded by the search engines, because the search engines respond to user behaviour, not the other way around.


4. Encourage Trustworthy Backlinks

Another very important element of search engine rankings is inbound links. Not only should you create content that is of the highest quality, but it should also engage your audience. This is what inspires people to link to and share the content you create. The number of resources, time and money that you put into your content will likely be directly proportionate to the success that comes from it. This combined with your linking out to other authoritative posts will cause people to link to you naturally.


5. Use Analytics from the Very Beginning

Once you have defined your SEO goals, you should acquire software to help you track your progress. In this way, you will learn exactly what working and what isn’t. For instance, many Singapore business owners use Google Search Console and Google Analytics on a daily basis. Ideally, these should be in place before the first user visits your website.



6. Craft Relevant and Unique Meta Descriptions for Each Page

For some reason, there are a lot of website owners who overlook their meta description. And this unfortunate, as it is the first section that users will see when they search through Google’s listings. Google prefers that meta description be unique.

Sure, there may be times in which you need to cite information from other sites, however, don’t make this a habit because it could result in your being penalised. Make sure that the description is relevant to your topic. WordPress users can fix their description by using plugins like Yoast.



7. Craft Readable URLs

When creating URLs, its best to ensure that they are easy for people to read. Avoid long strings of numbers and instead opt for words and dashes to separate them. If people can’t read your URLs then it’s likely that Google bots won’t be able to either. Make sure its memorable and easy to type.


8. Give Yourself a Boost With Social Signals

Though social signals are not considered to be an official ranking factor for Google, they can have an effect on your rankings. This means that it’s crucial that you spend some time increasing your shares, likes, pins and tweets. The easiest way to do this is to create content that is worth sharing, add prominent share buttons to the post, ask people to share the post, create a contest that requires people to share, and notify influencers that you mentioned in and linked to your post.



9. Associate Relevant Keywords With Your Images

If you want to get the most out of your SEO, then you need to consider how well-optimised your images are. How important is this? Well, Google’s search engine has an entire section that is dedicated to images. And users use keywords when they are searching for these images. That’s why you should always use the proper keywords and captions. You should never keyword stuff, but definitely keep relevance in mind when labeling images.


10. Improve Rankings With Uniqueness and Consistency

One of the most challenging parts of owning a website is coming up with content that is fresh. There is a metric that is referred to as the fresh factor. And your freshness score can have a fundamental impact on your search engine rankings for a particular page. The only trick to creating fresh content is consistency.


Bonus Tips:

If you want to get the most out of your SEO strategy, then it’s important that you stick with your domain name. Unless you have a very good reason to change it, then you shouldn’t. Also, update old content if it’s no longer relevant, build content around search phrases that are long-tail, and make sure your site is mobile friendly.


The Takeaway

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, however, that does not mean that Singapore business owners can’t learn the most fundamental principles. The above tips give you an idea of how to execute the ideal SEO campaign. You’ll find that you’re able to drive more organic traffic, attract more leads and increase revenue.