How does SEO work?

Much like an answering machine, the prominent function of a search engine is to provide the most instantaneous possible service to its users who, most often than not, are seeking solutions or discovering content on the internet. For every query typed into a search engine, it will crawl and construct an index to display a ranked list of websites relating to that topic or keyword.

More specifically, this index is sorted out according to a website’s level of popularity, relevancy and usefulness based on a specific algorithm. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving one’s website with regards to its design and content so that it will have a higher chance of being displayed as a top result on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and eventually attract more organic, or unpaid, traffic.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not as simple as having the right keywords on your web page—although this might have been the case when search engine platforms were in infancy. Today, more than ever, search engine algorithms tend to seek a better understanding of user intent and the context of the term that is being searched. Thus, providing more high quality and engaging content on your website will most certainly be helpful to you as well as your potential customers.

MediaOne is a Asia‘s SEO expert that can guide you along your SEO journey so you won’t feel intimidated by the complications. By reassessing your current website design and marketing efforts, we can find out what are the factors that require improvement and recommend new pathways that will be beneficial to your business. Together, we can boost your search engine visibility and push you further towards the pinnacle of your online success.

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Which Search Engines are there?

Apart from the titan of search engines a.k.a Google which most internet surfers favour, others like Bing and Yahoo are also sustaining although they are known to be less algorithmically complex. As it stands, Google is currently the most established search engine that has immensely disrupted business-to-customer relations and how society utilises information on the internet. This is why at MediaOne, our SEO services are fully optimised to maximise your consumer reach on Google without eliminating any over-reliance on one single source or channel for all of your traffic.

What Are The Main SEO Terms To Be Familiar With?


The coded element of your website that is read by search engines. We keep this as clean and concise as possible so your website can read by search engines with greater ease. 

Title Tag

This is the title of your web page which appears at the top of a browser to give a rough insight into the content of your website. Together with the meta description, the title tag is often used by search engine users to judge if your website is potentially relevant to their query.

Link Building

One of the many tactics used in SEO, the main objective of link building is to generate more opportunities for traffic into your website by having other websites link to your page.


Quite possibly the most used term in SEO, keywords make up the heart of SEO. They are specific words that your brand or service can identify with and they are capable of increasing your visibility and performance on SERPs when utilised effectively in your title tags and meta description.


Links have always been the building block of SEO. Internal links are links that are found on your website such as the links found on your header or navigation bar which should be organised for user convenience. External links, on the other hand, are links coming into your website from another source and is viewed as more authoritative.

Meta Description

A short and brief description of the contents of your webpage. Although they do not have a direct effect on your web page ranking, the meta description is usually placed underneath the title tag and is uniquely written to attract the attention of search engine users so they will click on your website.

How Do I Get My Website To Rank On Google Asia?

Due to its severe complexity, SEO services almost never fit into a single template because it constantly changes and evolves over time. Furthermore, user bases vary among different industries so there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to clinching coveted rankings on Google. However, these powerful strategies that MediaOne adheres to have been proven to endure over time:


Evaluating link quality

Increasing your website authority requires building quality links as they are a prime factor in determining how you will fair in search engine results. It’s a known fact that web pages with more quality backlinks will secure higher rankings on SERPs. Albeit time-consuming, the method of earning links naturally and organically will ultimately make your website more viable in the long run.

Diversifying links

Quantity is no longer the only thing that matters. We will make sure that you possess a diverse link profile by building backlinks from a variety of sources on top of just relying on a varied anchor text.

Creating unique descriptions and titles

Unique title tags and meaningful meta descriptions will go a long way in optimising your website. That is why we keep every title tag as distinct and descriptive as possible without reusing the same words and phrases. We also avoid any sort of keyword spamming in your meta descriptions at all costs so as to not put your website at the risk of being cannibalised in search results.

Conducting keyword research

Whichever your industry may be, our job will be to scour keywords and phrases (relating to your field of expertise) that are being constantly typed on search engines. Uncovering the intent behind these keywords will let us know where you currently stand, and subsequently assist us in aligning your website content to the solutions that the users seek.

Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly

Running your website through this quick test will tell you if your current website is optimised for mobile or not. Statistics have shown that a growing majority of online searches today are done on a mobile device and non-responsive website tend to fall behind on SERPs. Hence, keeping in check that your website remains fully functional across mobile devices is a priority on our to-do list.
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What are kind of SEO Services there in Asia?

Several SEO services in Asia choose to hide their cheap, sub-par services behind flashy presentations and gimmicks only to end up pulling their clients into the same sinking boat. In the domain of SEO, “secret sauces” are non-existent; there are only concrete strategies backed by years of experience and a validated track record of success. It is, therefore, crucial to conduct an in-depth and extensive research on your options before you decide on an SEO partner. In the context of SEO services in Asia, many digital agencies also tend to fall to the corrupt approach of black hat SEO services, which refers to unethical practices of trying to override the system of search engine algorithms.

Such companies possess a very short-term forecast with regards to content ranking and are only concerned about making quick profits by using shady techniques such as keyword stuffing, paid links and cloaking. Although black hat SEO services can help to rank your website more quickly, they are also non-sustainable in the long run and may cause your website to be banned from a search engine entirely. Essentially, they do more harm than good for you. Signs that an agency might be partaking in such malicious tactics include:

  • Highly secretive about methods of SEO used.
  • Guarantees traffic and turnaround in a week or a matter of days.

What stands MediaOne apart from the range of other Asia SEO services is that we champion the approach of white hat SEO, which has proven to be the most effective means of optimising your website. Focusing more on user experience than trickery, we have absolutely nothing to hide. We use elements of keyword research, quality content and link building, among others, and provide realistic outcomes for your website without having to violate search engine guidelines so you will never be at risk again.

What should you ask your SEO Agency to make sure that they can do the job?

The most reliable SEO services will remain transparent in all their undertakings, which is why when it comes to choosing the right SEO services in Asia, it is crucial for you to examine all of a company’s testimonials or reviews of any kind. Depending on your field of work or industry, it will also be greatly advantageous to you if they have proven success in your specific area of expertise. After all, varying industries call for different requirements and expectations in the realm of digital marketing and SEO.

Be aware of all your rights. Never forget to review as many aspects of your contract as possible when sealing an agreement with your SEO supplier. Several questions that you should pose to a SEO company are as follows:

  • Is there a minimum contract period for the SEO services offered?
  • How often will both parties communicate throughout the entire process?
  • How much access do I have to the SEO progress reports of my website?
  • Do you guarantee to deliver results?
  • Are there ROI-friendly price plans to meet my internal budget?

At MediaOne, our scalable, non-cookie cutter SEO services are designed to accommodate to individual goals and capabilities so you will be more than ready to thrive against today’s competitive landscape. Our portfolio of clients spans across a wide range of industries from print to telecommunications so you can rest assured that we will present you with relevant solutions and insight into your operations rather than generate more confusion for you.

What KPIs To Set Your SEO Service?

As a Asia SEO specialist, our result-driven ethos means that our main priority at MediaOne is to demonstrate value by linking the outcome of our efforts to your business goals. To ensure that we are moving the dial for you, we adopt several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help you accurately map out each and every step that needs to be taken to achieve your targeted objectives. Remember this: a strategy that works for another company may not necessarily work for you. Hence, through close observation of these indicators, our job is to then efficiently scale all of your marketing efforts and deliver the results that you desire. These KPIs include, but are not limited to:

• higher rankings on SERPs,
• your organic search performance,
• your page loading speed,
• the conversion rate of your page landings.

We believe that these KPIs, albeit the most common, are crucial to track the progress of your website’s performance over time.

With every change being implemented along the way, our KPI system also helps to identify any potential issues much earlier in your SEO journey so you can deploy a more appropriate strategy that is suited to your business if necessary. By laying out all the key information and data you need to know, all your spends will be validated in line with your marketing budget. This will also aid you in making subsequent decisions for your business and eventually lower the cost-per-lead for your engaged SEO services.

Beyond simply reporting a tangible increase in traffic or elevating your overall domain authority as most SEO services in Asia do, our aim at the end of the day is to establish a long-term relationship of trust with all our clients because MediaOne is not just a supplier of SEO services; we’re a strategic partner.

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