Mobile App Marketing in Hong Kong: A Complete Guide

mobile app marketing in Hong Kong guide

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing in Hong Kong has grown exponentially in the last few years. According to Statista, there were 5.84 million smartphone users in Hong Kong, with the numbers expected to rise beyond the 6 million mark by 2022.

Moreover, several sources have come in support of the fact that there are now more mobile users use mobile apps to browse the internet, shop, research, communicate, among other activities compared to using browsers. In fact, mobile app use has grown beyond web consumption by 94 minutes daily.

If you are thinking of building an app or you already have an app, you should be already marketing it to target the vast number of smartphone users.

However, mobile app promotion is easier said than done. There are approximately over 5 million apps on both the Apple and Google app stores. However, when developing your app, you need to know which mobile OS your target audience in Hong Kong prefer.

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What if there are already thousands of apps in your niche, can you still be able to get your target audience to download the app? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, close to 700,000 of them are considered dead, which more than 50% of the available apps. These are apps that have no reviews or do not receive updates.

For this reason, you need to be relentless in your mobile app promotion campaigns. This is a major reason why most developers leave mobile app marketing in Hong Kong to the professionals. We can help you with mobile app marketing in Hong Kong by sweating the small stuff and ensuring that you excel and meet your quarterly or yearly app marketing goals.

In this article, we give you a complete guide in mobile app marketing in Hong Kong. You will learn how to market your app and get your target audience to download it.

Concisely, mobile app marketing revolves around interacting with your users from the first time they hear about your app, to when they download and become regular and loyal users. To do this effectively, you need to figure out who is your ideal user, where to find them, how to market to them, and what they want from you.

Mobile app marketing involves the incentives offered to the user to prompt engagement and the overall visibility of your app in the app store.

Mobile Marketing vs. Mobile App Marketing in Hong Kong

There is a lot of confusion with these two terms, and some experts use them interchangeably. However, there are stark differences, and knowing them will help you in implementing the proper marketing goals and activities.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing refers to any marketing activity that occurs on mobile devices. This includes everything from responsive web design, mobile advertising, A/B testing on mobile checkout pages, as well as email marketing.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing, on the other hand, is all about creating marketing campaigns that engage app users throughout their entire app experience. This includes:

  • Discovering your app on the app market
  • Downloading the app
  • Completing the onboarding process
  • Staying engaged

Trends Shaping Mobile App Marketing in Hong Kong

Before we look at the basics of mobile app marketing in Hong Kong, let us first look at the trends shaping the industry. This section will help you start a mobile app promotion campaign on the proper footing. Here are trends you should know of:

Voice Search

Voice search has grown tremendously with the emergence of voice search devices and apps such as Siri, Alexa, among others. Moreover, mobile advertising experts believe that voice search queries will make up at least 50% of the total search user requests by 2021.

This number is bound to go higher as we see the demand for voice-activated devices increase. There is no doubt that voice search queries will be implemented on app markets, and you need to optimise your titles and keywords in readiness for this wave.


Users today are more attracted to personalised experiences everywhere they turn, and this includes the apps they download and use. Brands today should focus on app marketing strategies that are coordinated with their target user base and app objectives.

Focusing on personalisation will attract rave reviews, high retention rates, and increased session times, among other metrics. This will help in creating value and long-term relationships with users.

Programmatic Mobile Advertising

Ad fraud not only threatens to search and display ads, but it also affects app marketing ads. Nearly every mobile advertising conference has had talks and tabled reports on the issue, and significant strides are being made to address the issue.

Programmatic mobile advertising is being viewed as the answer to ad fraud. Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. More professionals dealing with mobile app marketing in Hong Kong are making the transition to programmatic advertising for their in-app bidding.

Moreover, it will allow for full transparency of the app or site where mobile app promotion ads are placed. This will also go a long way in curbing ad fraud, which depletes app marketing budgets very fast.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Mobile app marketing in Hong Kong could use with conversational marketing. However, conversations take time, primarily when done exclusively by humans. However, thanks to AI technology and machine learning, users can get instant feedback from chatbots.

The chatbots are pre-programmed with appropriate answers as per the FAQs. They act as virtual assistants for mobile apps that are available 24/7.

Stages of Mobile App Marketing in Hong Kong

With over a million apps on both the Apple app store and Google Play store, it is tough for potential users to find your app. To rise beyond the chaff, you need proper app marketing campaigns to make a difference when build up an audience and community around your app.

Moreover, you will need a robust mobile app promotion campaign to help in user acquisition on your preferred app market. In this section, we will look at the three stages of mobile app promotion strategies and the KPIs to measure to ensure long-term success.

Pre-Launch Stage or Awareness

This stage occurs before the launch of the app. At this stage, you should be focused on creating brand awareness and product visibility. You will need a strategy that will push users into discovering your app on the app market.

However, before you begin the awareness stage, you need to have a thorough understanding of your brand messaging and positioning. This requires you to have a clear understanding of your values and purpose of the app, to ensure that users resonate with your brand.

With that said, defining a brand goes beyond individual app features, and the end game should be to entice the users connect with your app at a deeper level. Here is a list of steps and strategies you need to follow to excel in this stage.

1. Have a Determined Release Date

Apple has a strict review process compared to Google, and this process may delay your release date. Moreover, the Apple review process might give rise to a setback you had not anticipated. For this reason, planning will provide you with adequate time to prepare for your app’s hard launch.

At the same time, it will allow you to foresee the contingencies that might occur. Other than the inconvenience caused by the review process, you need to look at the events in your space that might overshadow your app launch.

2. Carry out Market Research

One of the most common pre-launch mistakes is failing to carry out comprehensive market research. The market research needs to be done before you even start any app development work. This is to ensure that you understand the app’s potential users and the key players in your specific app category.

Irrespective of how good your mobile app promotion is, you will not succeed if your app does not address user pain points created by apps that are already in the market. Fortunately, some apps and tools will provide you with useful app market data. Moreover, you need to research on how much your competitors are spending to know how much you should set aside as your budget for mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

mobile ad spending in Hong KongSource:

Pro tip: Identify and research the most influential blogs, forums, groups, and websites where your target audience frequents. You also need to look into the influencers that your target audience follows on social media and engage them to help you reach and acquire users.

3. Create User Personas

The core objective of the awareness stage is to identify potential app users, their values, and pain points. When done right, you will discover multiple user groups for your app, and each persona will have a unique user journey.

A user persona is a depiction of the ideal user, and it includes everything about the user right from their background, demographics, interests, mobile preferences, among other unique identifiers. The user persona should also address the user’s central goals and the challenges they are currently facing.

At this stage, the goal of mobile app marketing in Hong Kong should be to create in-depth user personas, which will be the foundation of user journey design. It will also help you to customise every aspect of your mobile app to user preferences. Every aspect of the app, right from UI design, in-app content, features, functionality, monetization strategy, and choice of platform, should resonate with the users.

When creating the user personas, you need to provide answers to these questions:

  • What is the main pain point does the users’ experience?
  • What mobile operating system does your audience use, Android or iOS?
  • What type of content does your audience engage with online?
  • What content style, voice, and tone does your audience prefer?
  • Does your audience show preference for specific branding patterns?
  • Do your potential users follow any reputable users in your niche on social media?
  • What platforms are the best for paid advertising?
  • Is the target audience willing to make in-app purchases or pay for apps?

By employing user personas to answer these questions, you will be able to cordite business, and app marketing decisions to attract the ideal users. The bottom line is to research your audience extensively; otherwise, you will not be able to deliver a product that is relevant to their needs.

4. Carry out a Competitor Analysis

The chances are that you are not a pioneer in your industry. Before you start embarking on mobile app marketing in Hong Kong, make a list of the top 5 competitors and outline their monetisation model, current price, user experience pros and cons, app market ranking, as well as the notable reviews.

You could also go as far as making a competitive matrix to determine how your app compares to theirs. This is to avoid repeating the mistakes of current apps in the market.

At the end of the competitive analysis, you will have a clear understanding of how to make your app stand out. Moreover, your uniqueness should be central to your mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

5. Create a Website

Studies show that mobile websites are the best ways of enticing users to download and install apps. It has become standard practice that developers are creating pre-launch landing pages or teaser videos for their apps. You can upload the video on your website and repurpose it for social media, app market, or use it for paid ads. This is a great way to build hype around your impending app launch.

However, you should also create a website, which is an excellent way of getting started on SEO and domain authority. On the website, ensure to use a lead generator and collect emails to keep your followers updated on the launch date and new features as well as updates.

In addition, it is beneficial for you to show your app star reviews. However, you need to make sure that the reviews are authentic; otherwise, you will have a PR nightmare and risk your brand being labelled as insincere.

6. Outreach Initiatives

You can only do so much alone, and for this reason, you need to engage in outreach activities. This includes contacting bloggers, publications, and influencers to provide honest reviews and secure backlinks.

Start by making a list of all the relevant contacts in your industry or a niche that might be interested in reviewing and writing about your app. The trick here is to have a concise and convincing pitch.

7. Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms allow you to expand your web prescience and to communicate directly with your target audience. You will need to identify the social platforms that are most popular with your target audience and focus your mobile app promotion on them.

Ensure to consider the following:

  • Is it clear to your users that you have an app when they look at your social media profile?
  • Is the app’s purpose obvious?
  • Have you provided a link where they can download it?

To get potential users excited about the launch, be sure to post features and company updates. Also, create a hashtag and use it in your posts appropriately for your mobile app marketing in Hong Kong. With that said, do not make the mistake of only sticking to promotional content. Be sure to integrate entertaining content related to your app to help build a community around the app.

8. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

In addition to creating a website and a compelling landing page, be sure to start writing a blog several months before the launch. When it is time to launch the app, you will have already achieved authority status in your niche.

When creating a content marketing strategy, start simply by writing a launch post and boast about the app’s features, display videos, and app screenshots. The benefits of having a content marketing strategy include:

  • Drive traffic, conversions, and brand awareness with the content
  • Create a brand around your app by being an expert in your industry
  • Build trust with users through valuable content

The blog content can be used for email marketing to target and re-engage contacts on social media. When you have the pre-launch stage figured out, you are sure to have a strong foundation for designing your app and mobile app marketing in Hong Kong, leading to the launch of the app.

Acquisition Stage

There are endless possibilities that you can apply to help you win and acquire users for your app. It is crucial that you explore and employ different methods, be creative, and continually refine your mobile app promotion strategy. The aim is to get as many app downloads as possible within the first week of the launch.

With high download rates, it will be easier for your app to be ranked high in the app market. Moreover, you need to track where the audience is coming from before they get to the app market. This way, you will know where to concentrate your app marketing activities.

Here are several strategies you can use to acquire users:

1. Paid App Marketing Strategy

As soon as you launch the app, be sure to start your mobile app marketing in Hong Kong immediately. Using social media is one of the most effective strategies for user acquisition. Moreover, be sure to consider the audience demographic when choosing between the top social media platforms.

LinkedIn’s ad platform has been lauded as the best at helping businesses target their desired audience based on their location, interests, demographics, and more. However, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are giving LinkedIn a run for their money.

If you are planning to use social and mobile advertising, remember that people have short attention spans. This means that your ad copy needs to be catchy, concise, and to the point. Preferably, the purpose of the app should be clear to a user in 3 seconds or less. You should also try Google Search or Display ads as one of the ways of doing mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

2.  App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation (ASO) involves optimising your app market page to rank high in search results and to convert at a higher rate. Studies show that more than 65% of apps are discovered from a search in the app store. If your app is ranked high for specific keywords, you can be sure that it will continue to rank in a similar position for several months and this makes it more visible to potential users.

Good app store optimisation is dependent on a variety of factors, including the choice of keywords and the app’s title. Be sure to choose a catchy title that will make the users want to discover more about the app. Preferable, you should strategically include a keyword in the title and throughout your listing to ensure that your app shows up whenever users search for that keyword.

You should also include the features and benefits of the app in the listing. For added value, include videos and screenshots. Finally, be sure to localise your app to remove the language barrier.

3.  Pitch to the Apple and Google Editorial Teams

When doing mobile app marketing in Hong Kong, being featured on the app market might be the thing you need to increase your acquisitions. Securing a feature from the editorial team will give you the much needed visibility and trust in the app market, which leads to more downloads.

Moreover, it leads to lower acquisition costs, increased revenue, and more engaged users. Since the iOS Appstore and Android playstore receive hundreds if not thousands of pitches from app developers, you will need a persuasive and convincing pitch. The pitch should outline what your app does and how it is unique compared to your competitors.

Retention Stage

To make your mobile app marketing in Hong Kong worthwhile, you need to ensure that the users are using the app after downloading. After acquiring the users, your next move should be to develop a user retention plan.

However, the success rate of apps today is 1 in every 100,000. This means that most users will download the app, use it once, and never use it again, while some go to the extent of deleting it. You will need strategies that will help you convert new customers into lifelong users.

Here are strategies to consider:

1.  Establish 2-Way Communication

A user will continue using the app if it addresses their needs and is aligned to their preferences. Brands that leverage in-app messaging to communicate with the users typically see user retention grow by between 61% and 74% within 28 days of receiving the message.

In-app messages are notifications that do not require immediate action from the user but are nonetheless essential notifications to send the user. The messages can include everything from warning about app usage, version upgrades, payment failures, bug fixes, and more.

With that said, not every message you send will be relevant to every user. For this reason, you need to segment your audience to ensure that they receive the messages that are valuable to them. Foregoing user segmentation could derail all the success gained from your mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

2.  Push Notifications

Push notifications can improve user retention by between 56% and 180%. Moreover, users who have opted in to receiving push notifications show 88% higher app engagement than those who have not. It also goes to show that the higher the retention rate, the better the ranking you will get on the app market.

Other than push notifications, giving your users an incentive to use will go along way into retaining them. You should consider coupons, specialised content access, mobile-specific rewards, and special promotions, among other offers, will help drive app conversions as well as encourage engagement.

Mobile App Promotion Metrics to Focus On

The only way that you can measure the success of your mobile app marketing Hong Kong is by monitoring specific KPIs. Some of the metrics to consider include:

1.  Number of Active Users

You need to take note of the average number of people using your app daily, weekly, and monthly. You should be tracking the number of users who take deliberate actions to increase value for your business. On the other hand, only taking count of the overall daily/weekly/monthly users will skew your perception of how your app is performing.

2.  App Session Length

An app session length is the time (in seconds) a user actively engages with your app right from login to close. The kind of app you have will determine whether you need to improve on the session length or not.

For example, if your app is a complex mobile game, then an app session of 100 seconds is disastrous. On the other hand, if your app tracks daily calorie intake, then 120 seconds is standard.

3.  Acquisitions Differentiated by Referral Source

It is possible to track the source of your acquisitions that drive the most conversions. This way, you will know where to invest your app marketing money.

For example, if Reddit ads are generating 300 app downloads a month for say HKD 7.60 per conversion and Google search ads bring in the same for twice the cost, then it is better if you increase your app marketing campaigns on Reddit than on Google.

Other metrics that you should track include screen flow, which is the path users take through your app and lifetime value (LTV), which is the kind of value your users represent throughout the time they are using the app.

Overview of the Mobile App Marketing Packages in Hong Kong

Mobile advertising and app marketing can be overwhelming for inexperienced developers. Moreover, developers hardly have the time to engage in mobile app marketing in Hong Kong. For this reason, many people turn to agencies and freelancers to help with their mobile app promotion.

The trick is to research widely since each agency has its way of computing the rates for mobile app marketing in Hong Kong. The difference in costs depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Preferred app store
  • App category
  • Target market and goals

Moreover, keep in mind that the more experienced app marketing agencies and professionals will not be cheap. In that regard, here is an overview of the mobile app promotion packages in Hong Kong.

App Marketing Packages Standard Professional Enterprise
Annual cost HKD 93268 HKD 279804 HKD 466341
Monthly cost HKD 7772 HKD23317 HKD38862
Manpower hours 120 240 480
Hourly cost HKD 388 HKD130 HKD200


The tables below show some of the critical services provided by mobile app promotion agencies in Hong Kong.

Services Standard Professional Enterprise
Market Research App market research No Yes Yes
Keyword optimization Keyword research Yes Yes Yes
Keyword targeting Yes Yes Yes


Pitching to App Stores Apple App store Yes Yes Yes
Google Play store Yes Yes Yes
Ad management Daily ad management Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Influencer marketing Yes Yes Yes
Viral marketing No Yes Yes
Contextual targeting Yes Yes Yes
PR outreach Yes Yes Yes
Topic targeting Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Advertising Ad Copywriting Yes Yes Yes
Pre-launch blogging No Yes Yes
Content marketing Yes Yes Yes


Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Performance Analysis Yes Yes Yes


Monthly report Yes Yes Yes


Questions to Ask Mobile App Promotion Agencies before Hiring

Before you settle on a particular agency for mobile app marketing in Hong Kong, it is advisable to take out several quotes. On top of this, you need to interview them to determine their level of professionalism, app marketing skills, and experience.

Here are sample questions you ought to ask:

Which Are The Best App Monetisation Methods?

If part of your goals is to generate revenue from the app, you need to ensure that the mobile advertising agency can offer some insight on how you will make money from it. There are several monetisation methods available today, ranging from advertising, creating a freemium model, affiliate marketing, and more. An app marketing agency should be able to help you pick from the many options available.

Whom Should I Be Targeting?

After presenting your app to several agencies, you need to give them time to study your market niche. After a few days, they should be in a position to help you understand whom you should be targeting and who to ignore.

Depending on what they come up with, you can then compare notes and make adjustments. Finally, you will be able to build better user personas and thus excel in mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

How Do Frequent App Updates Impact User Acquisition And Monetisation?

Ideally, your app development team should be working to improve the app and thus increase the user’s value. However, frequent app updates are a double-edged sword. A section of the users might see it as a means of the developer extending value, while some might look at it as a bother.

Your mobile advertising agency ought to know the target audience and their preferences. This way, they will be able to advice on how often you should roll out app updates.

How Would You Prepare For A Mobile App Marketing Campaign?

This is a crucial question to ask, and it will give you insight into the expertise of the agency or mobile app promotion professional. For an experienced professional, they will provide you with a straightforward and concise answer. However, beginners or unprofessional persons will beat around the bush before answering. Here are sure ways of how you can prepare for mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.

What Kind of Support Will I Get?

The launch of the app is the easy part. This means that you need extra support to help you determine whether the app is delivering on the set objectives. For instance, the agency should help you in interpreting the various KPIs, such as app session times, ROI, among others.

Moreover, the agency needs to keep on optimising the app marketing and mobile advertising campaigns to ensure that you improve your chances of attaining the app’s set objectives.

Which App Market Should I Choose, Google Play store or Apple App store?

There are two major app markets you should be looking to register your app, Apple App store and Google Playstore. These are the most popular brands today, and the choice is solely dependent on preference. However, depending on your target audience, your app marketing agency or professional should advise you on which one is better.


Mobile app marketing in Hong Kong can be a walk in the park with the right strategy. However, with a very slim chance of success, you need to take out the guesswork in mobile app promotion. The above guide will help you get a better understanding of how you should engage in app marketing activities.

However, app marketing and mobile advertisement is a complex discipline. Get in touch with us today for professional mobile app marketing in Hong Kong.