If You’re Not Following These SEO Trends, You Could Be Missing Out

When it comes to SEO finding tips, there is no shortage of SEO experts online. However, the problem is, many Singapore businesses stick to these pieces of advice, even when it is no longer valid. It’s important to remember that SEO Trends are ever-changing. Search engine algorithms are always being tweaked in order to create a better experience for the users.


And this means that the tips that were relevant and worked last year may not work this year. The key to making sure that you are not using outdated strategies is to keep a close watch on the latest trends. 2018 has been an interesting year and there are several trends that Singapore business should adapt to and be on the lookout for. Let’s discuss a few.

Digital assistants and voice search

One of the biggest SEO trends has to do with digital assistants and voice search. These two elements are bound to change the way we process information and communicate online. More specifically, digital assistants are causing a change the way search queries are being performed. Also, according to Google, out of every 5 searches, at least 1 comes from voice.  


The effects of this trend:


Both the digital assistant and voice search trends mean that search queries will contain long-tail search keywords. Searches will use language that is more natural and conversational. More people are using their mobile devices to do quick searches. Also, as voice search is integrated into smart homes, it’s expected to grow even more.


And what this means for Singapore business owners is that it’s even more important that you research user intent. This trend means that companies will be able to gain access to new data, while users access s seamless experience.

Link building

Link building has always been an important part of any SEO strategy. However, what’s becoming even more important is the quality of the links. While link building used to mean getting as many links from as many sources as possible, the search engines are now starting to focus more on the authority of your backlinks. And this means if your links don’t add value, then it’s not as useful to you. This is not to say that the best backlinks are those that come from popular sites. It just means that the link you earn needs to be from a relevant website.


The effects of this trend:


This new school of thought let’s Singapore business owners know that it’s time to start thinking of link building as something that should be done for long-term effect. Instead of a competition to see how many more links you can secure than your competition, you should instead focus on building more meaningful relationships. Put your efforts towards building a solid and relevant list of contacts. Also, it’s advised that business owners don’t rely solely on guest posts for link building as this can come across as spammy. Create a strong link profile by diversifying.


User experience

This year’s trend also emphasises the importance of user experience. A great user experience has always been one of the central focuses of SEO, however, it’s taking on an even greater importance this year. Google is passionate about users experiencing smooth navigation. The more users engage with a page, the more easily search engines can figure out which pages most apply to them.


The effects of this trend:

This trend signifies to Singapore business owners that they need to keep an eye on their UX. They should monitor their site’s speed, readability, and navigation structure in order to find out how each can be improved. They should more closely monitor the users’ browsing habits to find out which pages resonate the most and least. If visitors tend to leave after just 30 seconds on one page, there’s a good chance that this page needs some changes.


As users begin to use more and more devices, the site should make sure that it accommodates all of them. Also, businesses should also consider SEO’s shift towards offering personalised experiences. There should be more of a focus on keeping users engaged.


Quick Answers and Featured snippets

Singapore businesses are starting to realise that the most coveted position in Google’s search engine if not position 1, but position 0. Position 0 is also known as the featured snippet. This section of the SERP is opening up many opportunities beyond the more traditional SEO strategies. According to research, nearly a third of Google search queries happen to show Featured Snippets. And when featured snippet and voice search are combined, this creates companies can really make a lot of progress with their rankings.


The effects of this trend:


Singapore business owners should start optimising their site in order to meet Google’s standards this particular feature. Sites should include tables, graphs, and lists. They should answer certain common industry questions in the form of a Q&A. This will make it much easier for Google to extract the content.

Another way to get to the top of the SERPs is to create content which will act as a Quick Answer. The Answer Box on Google is an enhanced version of the snippet. The goal is to answer questions in a way that is more appealing. In most cases, it’s a response to a  “how” or “what” inquiry.

Mobile-first index

Mobile-friendliness has always been important, but in 2018 it takes on a whole new meaning. Google recently announced that it has officially switched to mobile-first indexing. And this is largely due to the majority of users searching the internet on their mobile devices. In fact, research indicates that 57% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices.


The effects of this trend:


Singapore business owners are having to be more vigilant about the mobile version of their website. Mobile searches have a lot to do with context, so brands are having to provide quality answers. Also, local search is becoming even more important and brands are starting to market in local terms so that they can attract a nearby audience.

Visual search

The internet is quickly becoming more visual. And this is leading many search engines to explore just how powerful visual search is. Companies like Google, Pinterest, and Bing are investing more into their visual changes.


The effects of this trend:

Singapore businesses should take more time to consider how users consume content visually. If brands would like to compete, they need to include more images in their content. Not only that, but they need to optimise this content.




Another huge change in the world of SEO is machine learning and artificial intelligence, These two factors are having a big effect on how results are ranked. Experiences are now becoming a lot more personalised. Google’s RankBrain is a major player in this change.

The effects of this trend:


There’s no way to optimise for programs like RankBrain. However, there are a few search practices that can help the user to discover you. Google is passionate about making the user’s experience as personalised and intuitive as possible.



2018 is a revolutionary year in SEO. There are a lot of major changes taking place that you or your SEO agency need to keep in mind when optimising your site. They key is to make sure that you are providing an excellent user experience. The more personalised your website is, the more engaged your users will be. And the higher your rankings.