How Visual Website Design Affects Sales and Marketing

Looking for answers on how visual website design affect sales and marketing? The role of graphic designers here in Singapore is to create the company’s brand awareness across its consumers. They do this by using stationery designs, banners, logos, mascots, and brochures. A good designer must understand what persuades customers to purchase a product. This requires a good understanding of how sales messages should be crafted.

While most people focus on immediate sales when creating designs, it’s important to create a lasting strategy that will bring value and higher cumulative returns. Visual website designs should be used to forge trust in the relationship between the brand and the customer. Always remember that people buy products from brands that have built a good reputation.

It takes time to learn how to market your designs effectively. Good website design, if done right, can help you make more sales in the long run.

When creating a design that stands out, designers consider several things. Components such as color, content, schematics, typography, patterns, and repetition must be considered. These design elements will help you create harmonious content that guides the viewer through the information.

Customers should not at any moment misunderstand the information you present to them; a good designer should always have that in mind.

Content marketing mostly involves the use of visual media such as images, infographics, and videos. Images and videos attract more attention. They are shared more on social media compared to content with fewer images.

How Visuals Affected Digital Marketing in 2018

It’s interesting how visuals can do wonders when promoting business. Here are some statistics to show how effective they can be:

  1. About 90% of online marketers agree that they used about 50% visuals for promoting their products. They found out that original imagery and graphics, that make up the visual website design tend to draw people’s attention.
  2. Most marketers (70%) agreed that they spent only five hours a week creating their visuals, either through an in-house designer or by hiring a freelance designer online. However, some of them (36%) claim they didn’t manage to create engaging visuals most of the time.
  3. All agree that visuals are significant in creating an impact for their brand.

Elements of Good Web Design

Visual content on websites helps guide the reader’s eye. It keeps visitors engaged and moves them through the buying process. Your readers make split-second decisions on whether or not they’ll take action on your post. If you don’t’ create content that appeals to them, they are likely to move on to other websites. You don’t need plenty of words to explain a concept – visual elements work too.

visual website design in Singapore

Here are some tips you might find useful for creating designs that convert to more sales on your website:

Use of Larger Product Images

Nowadays, most B2B websites have started to display giant product images on their sites. This helps highlight the unique features of their product or different parts of their product. The images have to be responsive to ensure users from different devices have an optimized experience. A good example is the HubSpot website platform.

This approach provides an opportunity to highlight the most important features, by conveying them through images instead of words.

Using Cards

With the rise of Pinterest, cards have become quite a fad. Especially with designers and marketers. They are simple because they help distribute information in a visual way. They help customers consumer small pieces of content without overwhelming them. It’s easy for users to pick and choose what they want to explore further from an array of cards.

This works very well for e-commerce sites. You can use them to help highlight multiple solutions or products side by side. Besides that, they also give the homepage a clean organized look.

A well-designed webpage, can deliver good results that can be highly impactful for your brand. If you want to increase traffic and reduce your bounce rate, an engaging web page is a must. The bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who leave your website after only accessing one page. It’s important to ensure a participant is happy with your visual website design. This encourages them to explore more sections of your website.

Modern technology has made it possible for us to use real-time data to gauge what brings more traffic to our sites. Through A/B Testing, we can even compare different variants of a page to see which performs better.  We can now get more data on different posts such as the number of likes and the reach.

Final Say

To wrap up, we have compiled a list of 6 content marketing strategies that work. Designers will find this information useful. Data gathered last year shows that businesses are appreciating the significance of visual website design, and how it can help them improve sales.

  1. Approximately 32% of online marketers agree that the power of visual content should not be underestimated. Blogging comes second.
  2. 11% of B2B marketers recommend that visual content should always come first in online marketing.
  3. Images capture the attention of the human eye more than any other graphics. Especially if the image has a story element that makes the user want to know more. When this is combined with a good caption, it’s bound to create last impact.
  4. Infographics also have a significant impact. They can increase web traffic to up to 11%.
  5. On social media such as Facebook and Twitter, posts with images attract more engagement than those with none.
  6. Facebook still stands out as the number one marketing platform.

Visual website design matters. Whether for business or for creative expression it’s an important factor for digital marketing. Designers have to keep up with the rate at which technology is changing. They have to keep experimenting to understand what works with different demographics and what doesn’t.  Good design should successfully convey the idea and keep the user engaged.

We hope that this article will help you create a better digital marketing strategy in Singapore. Always remember that good visual website design is the key to converting more customers to your site. The statistics above should encourage you to learn more and understand the power of imagery in Singapore web design.

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