How To Use Live Streaming To Engage Your Audience

Live streaming offers a breath of fresh air in the supersaturated digital space — where the vast majority thinks online marketing is all about pumping half-baked spin-offs of the already regurgitated content filling up the blogging eco-chamber – hence the term ‘content shock.

Online visitors have more than plenty to read, and would be more welcoming to anything new and different.

Live videos are a perfect way to kill the ennui of reading the same thing in different styles, over and over again. Or should we say the best way to deal with contradicting information, by getting first-hand clarification, straight from the horse’s mouth.

And now, with social media making it all possible, no one would be ignorant enough to turn a blind eye on the marketing benefits of live videos.

Basically, video streaming allows businesses to drop the corporate veneer, so they can begin engaging with their online customers on a personal level, together with giving their audience a chance to chime in with their contribution for enhanced customer experiences.

So how are Companies Using Video Streaming to Capture the Attention of their Audience?

Building anticipation

Online marketing is for the most part about exposing your brand to an even bigger audience. Whether you’re writing a product review, a press release or a simple product description, your content is no useful to you if you can’t get it in front of potential consumers.

You’ve probably come across marketing messages where companies are announcing about an incoming holiday offer or any other special event. Some companies simply choose to send the message via mail.

All this is done to build some anticipation and get consumers waiting. One important aspect of this is to break sales right from day one instead of waiting for the business to pick up.

Live streaming is the new way companies are boosting anticipation. It works even better when you involve some of your consumers or find a way to make it appear as if it’s a press release or celebrity endorsement.

It’s also important that you create a solid team of both marketers and followers to help you stretch out your audience. But perhaps more crucial is to make sure the live stream runs on you page or website for an easy follow up.

A good live stream is scripted and planned in advance. Instead of hoping to pull everything from thin air, you simply work out a plan. Come up with solid ways to build interest right from the start of the live stream, as you calculatedly progress towards the big announcement.

Build a Viable Community

Social live streaming makes it possible to establish an online community of loyal customers. By walking your followers through the finer details of your product, you get to make them an integral part of your brand, which can go a long way into establishing a sense of belonging in them.

You’re NOT live streaming per say, but interacting with potential customers. Your followers are allowed to chime in and offer their contribution. Also, you want your brand to grow, and one way to make it happen is when you get to convert some of your customers into active representatives of your brand.

Start a habit of interacting with your online customers on a personal level. Get in the moment and respectfully respond to all their questions. Chatting is another viable strategy you can employ.

It shouldn’t come as surprise when something spontaneous happens or when you find yourself veering off to something totally different from what you had planned. If anything, that’s the main purpose of live streaming – pulling off the corporate veil for a more casual, but professional interaction.

Don’t forget to direct the followers to your website or landing page. There’s no harm in being direct about your intention or self-promoting yourself multiple times in the middle of the interactions you’re having.

Be Grateful Where Applicable

Being grateful simply means you appreciate your customers for their time and support. One approach to take is to start by thanking them for neglecting their duties to share a moment with you.

Secondly, consider sending everyone in attendance a thank you email. A limited thank you coupon should also work, but you still have the liberty of putting your creativity into good use.

You can also use the livestream to give custom shout-outs to some of your avid followers. Thank them for trusting in your product or services, and be sure to respond to every single one of the questions they ask.

With enough creativity, you can also come up with something specifically tailored for your brand. For instance, work on your background by getting a nicely designed wall cover with your logo and colour scheme.

You could also design T-shirts and send some over as a reward to some of the followers. This could be after asking some questions, or after getting them to do something for you – like sharing the live stream on their timeline or to any given number of their friends.

Use of Latest Trends to Make Livestream Interesting and Fun

Trends can help you come up with catchy taglines centred on your brand. Getting a few celebrities to endorse your product could also come in handy.

Watch news, listen to mainstream music, or start following celebrity news, and you’ll have an easy time coming up with some nice ideas on how to integrate your live stream with some of the trends.

Consider influencer marketing. People love listening to celebrities or taking their words at face value. Influencers are also a good catch. If you can afford to get one on board, then you’d be surprised by how much leverage your live stream gives you.

Trends also help to keep your followers hooked all the way to the end. Boring isn’t fun, so as long as you avoid making your live stream appear like some really boring salesy session, then expect a good chunk of your visitors to continue hanging by for longer.

Promote Events

Social media opened the door for bigger possibilities. Your accomplishments are no longer restrained by boundaries or geographical restrictions.

With the prevalence of the internet, people have multiple channels to learn about the latest happenings even in far-off places.

Your job as a marketer is to get your customers more and more excited about your product and brand. Give them the reason to feel like they’d be missing out on something really important should they fail to attend.

You could also use the live stream to announce your next event. But most importantly, don’t forget to remind your followers to share the livestream to their friends and family.

It’s a wrap

Social livestreaming won’t be fading away any time soon. But it’s just a matter of time before it gets flooded. So take advantage of it now before it’s too late to get something tangible from it.

Stay social, but just in case you need help with getting anything done, feel free to contact MediaOne for a free SEO consultation.