How to Combine PR with SEO for Biggest Success in Search Engine Marketing

A decade ago, most marketers in Singapore considered PR and SEO as two different entities that should never overlap. That myth has been debunked completely as evident from a large number of companies who use both to get succeed in search engine marketing. By PR we are not referring to the old-school offline techniques, but digital strategies that are used by search engines to rank websites.

For example, one of the factors that Google uses to rank sites is backlinks. You can get more links from authority sites and blogs by applying the best PR strategies.

Here are four strategies on how to combine SEO and PR in the current digital world of business.

Create an Overarching Persona

You need to have the right persona to succeed in the Singapore online marketing world. Personas are fundamental in customer segmentation as well as useful in getting marketing content in front of the right prospects or leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you get a clear understanding of your audience and segment them accordingly. On the other hand, PR entails extensive media research to know the outlets your brand should use to connect with the target audience. Wittily combining the two will enable you to create an overarching persona that encompasses your entire audience.

List down the Keywords you want to Target

Back in the day; maintain the right keyword density in all your content would guarantee your site a spot on the first page of Google. Nowadays, keywords are still important, but other factors are also put into consideration when ranking sites.

Listing down all the keywords you are targeting will greatly help you to combine PR with SEO as you strive to enhance your search engine marketing strategies. Use variations of the keywords in press releases, interview publications, guest posts, industry publications, social media bios, brand mentions, and executive bios. Doing so will make the keywords synonymous with your brand.

Properly Package your Message

Your overall brand message needs to be consistent and properly packaged for the audience. If you plan to outsource the content creating process to a Singapore search engine optimization company, make sure that you brief them about your business core objectives and images to ensure that the correct message is relayed to prospects.

Research Potential Offline and Online Channels

So far, you have created an overarching persona, a list of ideal keywords, and properly packaged your message. The next step that you need to take is identifying potential offline and online channels that you can use for your PR & SEO campaign.

Using different channels will ensure that you reach out to the largest possible demographic and maintain an excellent niche balance. However, make sure that you do not use too many channels as that will make it difficult for you to manage them well properly. Note that you can always add more channels to the list depending on the success you will get from the current ones.

Start applying these tactics as soon as possible to take full advantage of your combined PR and SEO campaign. Also, consider hiring a Singapore SEO expert to monitor the success achieved at different stages to be sure that you are headed in the right direction.