How Can I know if My Website Design is Responsive?

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, and almost all households have access to a fast internet connection. Therefore, conducting an online marketing campaign will help you connect with millions of potential customers. The success of your campaign should be complemented with a Responsive Website Design, which website design consultants can help you out with.

However, how do you tell if your Website Design is responsive? A responsive website is a site whose design responds to the device used to view it. That is, if you access a site on your tablet in a landscape mode, it will or should appear different on a smartphone whose browser is in portrait mode. The manner in which the pages and other elements of the site are displayed is dependent on the screen size and resolution.

For example, squeezing a menu into the portrait orientation of a smartphone would compromise the manner in which mobile users access the site. To avoid that, an icon that represents the menu is displayed instead of the whole navigation bar. Clicking on the icon reveals a hidden menu with all the tabs.

One of the simplest techniques of checking if a site is responsive is by using multiple devices to access it. Check how the various pages are displayed on each of the devices. If you cannot access it on the mobile devices, then it is not responsive.

Here is a list of tools that you can use to test the responsiveness of your website.

Indeed, having a responsive Singapore digital marketing site will help your business to scale up. Make sure that you also hire a professional Singapore SEO agency to optimise the content and the pages to rank high on search engines and engage with the target audience better.