Embedding YouTube Videos: A Guide For Singapore SMEs

There’s a 100% certainty that you’ll one day want to embed a YouTube video on your WordPress website. Whether it’s for marketing purposes or you simply want to start sharing insightful videos on your blog for educational purposes, there are several unique ways to get it done besides the standard YouTube embed method you already know.

Keep in mind that a third of all internet users are actually active on YouTube – one billion of the total 3 million users. With hundreds of millions of hours spent on the platform per day, YouTube boasts of generating billions of views at the end of each day.

Now take that and combine with the 27% of all internet users powered by WordPress, and you’re in for some really amazing results.

Reasons for Embedding YouTube Videos

Videos help to keep your visitors engaged, thus increasing the time they’re likely to spend on your site.

For more involvement, it’s even more important when you decide to start creating your own videos instead of pulling them off other people’s channels.

Video have been found to be super effective at catching your visitor’s attention, driving conversions, and even encouraging social shares.

But instead of running a YouTube channel in isolation, why NOT integrate it with your WordPress website?

Here are a number of reason you’d want to do that:

  • To redirect your visitors to either of the platforms — YouTube visitors get to visit your site and vice versa.
  • To add an aesthetic appeal to your website. Your site gets to look even much better after embedding it with high quality videos.
  • Embedding a YouTube video is also important in increasing your site’s traffic. That’s because it comes with lots of SEO benefits on search engines and YouTube itself.

Different Ways to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Site

The Standard Procedure

standard way of embedding youtube script

Embedding a YouTube video on your site is super simple. All you have to do is navigate to “add a new post or page,” and click on “Add a New Media.”

Next, select “insert from URL,” where you’ll be required to copy the videos URL from YouTube and paste.

Save the changes and Ta-da! You’d have successfully embedded the YouTube video. Meaning, people can directly watch the video from your website instead of heading to YouTube.

Keep in mind that you’re not restricted to embedding only the videos you’ve created, but any video on the YouTube platform so long as you find it interesting or relevant enough for your website.

Embedding Using a Dedicated YouTube Widget

Embedding Using a Dedicated YouTube Widget

The standard procedure allows you to embed a YouTube video the very basic way—no room for customizing the appearance of the video or adding more features.

But with a YouTube Widget plugin, you can upload the video and play around with the various video functions for a more unique experience.

To use the widget, start by installing the plugin. Just head to plugin on your dashboard, and click on “add new plugin.” Now search for “YouTube Widget Responsive” and install before activating.

Once done, head to appearance and then widget. Look for the “YouTube Widget Responsive” you just installed. You have the option to drag the plugin to any place you see fit.

Next, enter the title and URL of the video you want to embed and click on save. Now depending on how you want the video to appear, play around with the settings provided on the various tabs for additional features.

For instance, you can choose on whether you want the video to play automatically or to only play when clicked on. You can even decide on whether you want the video to loop or automatically move on to the next video after it finishes playing.

Most of the options therein are self-explanatory. You can play with the settings any way you see fit with no need for further instructions.

Worth noting is that this feature also allows you to embed an entire playlist. All you’re required to do is paste the playlist’s URL and save them, followed by minor tweaks on how you want the videos to play. Once one video finishes to play, the next one on the list will load automatically and chronologically so, all the way to the last one.

Embedding an Entire Channel

embed youtube channel using wordpress plugin

Now instead of embedding a single video on your channel, you can go ahead and embed your entire channel instead.

The simplest way to get this done is through the YourChannel plugin.

To use the plugin, you can start by first installing it. Once done, go to setting and click on the “Your Channel” plugin you just installed.

Next, you’ll need to find YouTube’s API key and enter it as instructed. Now use the rest of the remaining settings to play around with your videos for a more customized feel. For instance, you’re allowed to choose the number of videos you want to see play.

Click save once done. You’ll be given a short code afterwards that you can use to decide where you want the videos to appear.

For instance, if you want the video to appear in a specific page, just open it and paste the code and the videos will automatically appear.

Creating a YouTube Video Gallery

You can sort out your channel videos in galleries instead of displaying all of them in rows and columns. To get this done, just go ahead and download the “Video Gallery” plugin.

Once installed there will be a new tab called “Gallery Video” added to your dashboard. To create a new gallery, just select “New Gallery Video” and follow the steps provided to add videos.

Enter a title for the gallery and choose a layout from the options provided. You’ll also be required to enter a title for ever new entry. The next step involves selecting the “Add Video” button where’s you’ll be asked to provide the video URL.

Lastly click on save video and the videos will appear down below.

There’s no limit as to the number of videos you can add. Drag them up or down depending on how you want to see them re-ordered. You can save the changes after you’re done making all the necessary tweaks, but remember to copy the shortcode.

Lastly, copy the shortcode anywhere you wish to display the videos and you’re as good as done.

It’s a Wrap

Video marketing could be the future of internet marketing. If you only add videos to your website using the standard embed, then there’s a whole lot you’re missing out. First it’s the opportunity to capture your visitors’ attention and get them hooked right from the start.

Want to learn more about embedding YouTube videos or SEO in general, feel free to contact MediaOne today for a free SEO consultation.