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Ways To Improve Facebook Page Engagement In Singapore

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Looking for a way to improve Facebook page engagement? The targeting capability and reach is what has set it apart from other social media platforms concerning marketing services and products.

Facebook can instil loyalty and commitment to customers with unprecedented success. And these are the two most important factors that drive any branding process.In this article, we will look at ways of improving your Facebook page engagement to garner more visibility for your brand.

Ask questions

Questions draw people’s attention. Therefore, it is an ideal way to begin engaging with your fans. The questions should be comprehensive and able to resonate with the needs and interests of Facebook users. For example, you can start a post with an edgy phrase like, do you think…? Or a concise phrase like why do you think…? For posts offering tips, begin with a statement like how to do you…? This kinds of ways of beginning a dialogue with your followers draw their attention to an extent they will want to engage with your content.

Give your fans an opportunity to make choices

Facebook is a place to interact and share ideas. So, to make your page very engaging, publish posts that will require your followers to choose between two alternatives. For example, you can ask post a question asking between outdoor and indoor dating venues, which one is the best option for a date. There will be diverging views which can spur conversations in your comment box.

These debates are healthy for boosting your Facebook page engagement capabilities. However, it is important to keep an eye out for trolls as they may cost you your fans.

Time your posts

Not all your fans can be present online when your post your content. Hence, you should find ways of ensuring your fans find your content and engage with them when they come online.

The first one is Facebook Insights. It furnishes with data showing the peak and off-peak periods to engage with your fans. These are the times of day when your fans are mostly on Facebook. To find Facebook Insight, tap on the Insights tab then the Posts tab. Automatically the dashboard will display the time of day when your fans are most active.

Try to publish your posts at an irregular interval with no specific times of choice. It will help you know what is best for you and your brand.

Post relevant images

The saying a picture says a thousand cannot come at the wrong time here. Whenever you post your content on Facebook, be keen to ensure it is accompanied by a striking image. A captivating picture will make a Facebook fan to stop and engage with your content. If your content impresses the user, they can share it with their friends, relatives and colleagues. This helps boost the engagement capability of your Facebook page.

improve Facebook page engagement

Work with other brands

The social space is full of great content. Hence, do not cover yourself in your cocoon thinking you are the only generator great content. You can post your material on other people’s pages. It gives you visibility to a new audience you were not exposed to in the past.

However, it is important to ensure your content is overboard regarding quality because both the page owner and the followers are aware of what you are trying to do.

You can agree with another page owner to post each other’s content. This way you can both boost your organic capabilities on SERPs because you enjoy huge following on Facebook.

Crowdsource Feedbacks

Feedbacks are the way you can get a personalised response from your fans concerning you’re the content you post. Since fans like offering feedbacks, you can take advantage of this and know what fans think and where in your content you require improvements.

The adjustments you will be able to make from the feedbacks will go a long way to enhance customer loyalty and commitment to your brand. This method also helps you respond to fan’s feedbacks fast.

Add a Call to Action

The norm in marketing is you tell your customers what you want them to do. It is for this reason that Call to Actions are advised to be included each post you publish on Facebook. The Call to Action can include an RSVP, like, share.

This Call to Actions will spur the required action you want from your fans. Telling them what to will improve engagements.

Enhance your best posts

It is possible to post a web content you have and has enjoyed traffic on your Facebook page to increase page engagement. You only need to boost the post. The is no need to spend a lot of money to increase the post’s visibility. A boosted post does not guarantee an overnight increase in reposts and shares. However, it exposes your best content to your target users and spur engagements on your page.

The data on your most popular content is found on Google Analytics. It provides you with a list of posts to be boosted.

Share hot topics and industry news

Everyone likes that harmless gossip to keep their day spiced. Hence, you should share hot topics and big news regarding your industry. It gives your fans an impression that you are not only focused on your business but also their need to be informed on current topics.

Make this news interesting so that they can catch the attention of your followers. Ask your fans regarding the news or the topics. It will help spur engagements on your page.

Adjust your posting rate

Over-posting and under-posting can both hurt your page engagement capability. Overposting can lead to your fans missing some of your content because you are competing for a space in their feeds with others. Under-posting will make your fans to forget about you because you will not be relevant.

Balance between these acts to find what best works for you. Post strategically at the time of day your followers are mostly online.

Make your fans laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. And to your Facebook page engagement, this expression cannot be further from the truth. Liven your Singapore business Facebook page by cracking a joke that is relevant to your audience. Make the jokes simple just for livening the mood. It shows your fans you have their interest in mind. The humour you generate on your page can improve your page engagement and referrals.

Respond to all your fans

Responding to all your fan’s even however negative is a way of creating commitment and loyalty. Therefore, when you respond, it shows acknowledgement and respects. The continuous process of responding help people feel valued.

The sense of worth you instil on your fans will make them continue engaging with you and your post.

Encourage fans to share content

Make your page interactive. An interactive page is a good way of boosting page engagement. Urge your fans to share short videos or images when using your product or service. This is an interesting of inducing engagement on your page. Offer incentives to those who post images. You will realise that as the engagement increases, the frequency of posting images from fans will be high.

Share contents from other platforms

As a page owner, you must be having content from other social media platforms or other digital platforms that your followers have shown to your followers. Get them out of lock and keys and post them on Facebook. It is a good way of reducing the gap in your posting routine.

Do behind the scene videos

Fans like to get to know the people or the brains behind what they consume online. It shows them the content is generated with human beings and not aliens from other planets. Make human connections with your fans during these video sessions to inculcate loyalty.

To air a video, access your Facebook page. In the status field, tap on the option Goes Live. Enable the camera and microphone and define the video and tap on start.

Make the connections with your fans emotional

Emotions stir even the deepest of feelings. Therefore, the ability to be able with your fans on an emotional level can be very beneficial. Make your content emotional so that it can solicit fear, emotions, interests and dislikes alike. Brand loyalty is not from a product. However, it comes from the shared feelings your fans can be able to experience from your contents. Emotions are the key to engagement and loyalty.

Offer value

With every post you publish, it should be able to have a takeaway. It should have a message or it at least achieving something even if it’s a simple laugh. Your content should be able to inspire people or someone to do something different as opposed to the way they were doing it before.

Dive into the trending topic world

New trends are constantly appearing around us with every passing moment. Therefore, offering this trending topic to your Facebook fans is a good way of enhancing visibility in social space. Add hashtag of the trending topics on your post.

Facebook allows its users to see what is trending on the basis discussions and posts.

Get creative to find engagement opportunities in trends.

Recycle valuable posts

Facebook does not restrict people from publishing new posts. It is good to go back to your archive and find a post that generated a high frequency of engagements. Boost it a little to make it fresh. It helps you focus on creating material that a group of your fans might not have seen when it was first posted.

Upload Native video

YouTube enjoys huge following it is no secret. However, if you have been posting your Facebook videos on Facebook, it is time to make changes. Videos on Facebook receive more views, likes, comments and shares. The Facebook algorithm is also favourable to you. Native videos on your Facebook page will help you boost views and engagement.

improve Facebook page engagement

Commemorate holidays

Holidays are events that bring us together more. So, mark every holiday with your fans. Engage them in live video chats and giving them heads up where best holiday discounts are. Take advantage of established events to promote and engage with your fans.

Publish high-value curated content

When you over-promote your business, your fans will get bored with your page, and it will decrease engagements. Diversify your content by borrowing related content from trusted and authoritative sources to keep your content fresh and informative.

Quuu is a great tool to curate your material to a particular audience.

Add a Poll or Quiz

Polls and quizzes provide fewer formal engagements, unlike surveys. Capitalise on developments or topics that are of significance to your fans. It generates quality engagement in the event it can produce tailored results that can be shared with fans.

Post polls on your Facebook page to boost engagements. Qzzr is a free tool that helps you generate personalised and engaging polls.

Reconsider the use of hashtags

Many people use hashtags to no success. It is a myth that the use of many hashtags will generate for your visibility. However, according to BuzzSumo, post with hashtags do not enjoy high engagement capabilities as compared to those without. Hashtags should be used for trending topics.

Audience targeting is recommended for organic posts

It is possible to create a custom audience for your Facebook posts like you do with your ads.

It is free, and it ensures your posts are placed in front of those you wanted it to be placed before.

In some pages, this option is not always enabled if this is the case, on your page tap on the Setting icon. On the General Settings, you will see Audience Optimisation for Posts. Tap on Edit to turn on the feature.

This option will be available any time you update your status.

Hold giveaways and contest

People require incentives to have them to do what we want. On increasing Facebook page engagement, this is no different. Posts with giveaways always seem to boost Facebook page engagements. The grander the value of the giveaway, the higher the engagement rates and the ability to reach the intended audience. The best thing with these competitions is that they cost less while giving you giving you more. You can partner with other brands to sponsor the giveaways you will award the winners of the competition. People love free goodies, and those prizes can encourage those who have never engaged to engage.

Ensure you follow the laws of the state and federal government and Facebook’s guidelines when you are planning to hold a giveaway or contest.

Applications like Rafflecopter and Woobox will help you manage events by capturing email addresses for a continued engagement and marketing initiatives.


Page engagement can be a very tricky issue to handle. When handled well, you can boost your page engagement capabilities. However, if mishandled, everything from the beginning is doomed to go wrong. Do not fall a victim of this self-inflicted wound as this list has provided comprehensive strategies of boosting Facebook page engagement

Contact us today at +65 6789 9852 for more insider tips on how to improve Facebook engagement. We also offer custom social media marketing services in Singapore. 

5 Steps To Conduct Retargeting Campaign On Facebook

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Facebook must be one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Facebook has an approximate of 1 billion users, and this has not taken into account the other almost billion dormant accounts that only get used intermittently. In total, Facebook has an unprecedented 2 billion accounts nearly the same number of the world population. Facebook is a platform that enjoys high user traffic due to its user-friendly and functional abilities allowing its unprecedented user capabilities. According to research, 51% of online shoppers allude to being influenced in their shopping choices by social media platforms with Facebook accounting for 47% of conversion of prospects to leads. Its reach is continuously expanding to all demographics of the society meaning its importance will only increase with time. Its unmatched success rate for businesses makes it an essential tool for the Singapore market.

Singapore’s mortar and brick business establishments are facing an uphill task keeping up with online shopping trend. Singapore’s internet penetration to almost all households has helped people shop at their convenience. Computers and other internet devices are becoming the go-to method of accessing relevant products and services require. The ability to carry out businesses on the internet has enabled people to focus on other duties. Social media becomes the best platform to target your customers due to the guarantee that you will access them most times you want to communicate aspects of your products. Retargeting on Facebook allows businesses to convert prospects who visit your website to leads. This article will explore steps for carrying out a retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Steps for Designing a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Creating a Facebook retargeting campaign can be very tedious to inexperienced people on matters of digital marketing. Therefore, you do not have to use a lot of money contracting services of a professional marketer to re-engage with prospects. These simple steps help you bring on board and maintain new leads. The steps take into account that your business is registered on Facebook business ads.

  1. Open Facebook Advertisement Manager and Click on Audiences

When you click on the business manager located on the top left side of the display, the Audience icon appears. The audience is the target you intend on reaching with your campaign. The audience icon gives you the opportunity to interact with people who had visited your website but did not buy any product.

  1. Click on Custom Audiences on The Facebook Ads Manager

The Custom Audience icon is visible on the left-hand corner of your ads’ manager. It provides you with the ability to personalise your campaign by offering you the opportunity to target existing and new customers who might have come into contact with your website on either the parent Facebook platform or other social media platforms. The website traffic option eases this by giving you a comprehensive look at the customers you seek to retarget. The people who visited a Specific Webpage icon allows a business owner to enter the URL of the website you try to refocus your marketing campaign. It is paramount to filter those who have purchased your products because your marketing campaign is not focusing on them. The retargeting campaign is meant for marketing to people who might have visited your website and did not buy any product. Therefore, the excluded icon allows you to distinguish your traffic to know who to target and who not to be targeted.

  1. Identify Website Traffic

The purpose of the Facebook retargeting campaign is to convert prospects to customers. Thus, the Website Traffic option on the Audience icon allows you to capture those who have visited your website and bought your products and those who have not purchased. The prime focus is selling to those have not completed purchasing, the website traffic is the best option among the multiple options provided on the Audience icon.

It is essential to include search considerations such as age, location and gender of the target population. The parameters allow easy advertising to the intended demographic. The search parameters enabled by Facebook retargeting campaigns expedites the speed which you use to determine the group of customers you are yet to convert to clients.

  1. Choose A Target Market on The Drop-Down Dashboard

The best feature of using Facebook to market your product, is that it can furnish you and your business with different options to fit your variety of clients. The platform allows you to target clients with these attributes:

  • Every person who login into the website
  • Individuals who use particular pages
  • Users who have not logged in for some time
  • Customisation of all these attributes

The fields provided enable you to automatically retarget this cadre of leads saving on time you would have manually used to capture all these types of your prospective clients. The fields are also elaborate providing a field that allows you to enter the timeframe within which you want ads to be displayed to a customer.

The fields for selecting your target customers are simple and easy to use making the platform very easy to use for any business. It is, therefore, a useful marketing tool for up and coming businesses that do not have a big marketing budget to pay professional marketers.

  1. Obtain Your Pixel Code and Put It On Your Website

Facebook Pixel is a code you attach to your website that allowing you keep tabs on visitors of your website. It enables you trace individuals who have visited a site. The Facebook Pixel makes retargeting of customers for marketing purposes very easy. The unique markers placed on the web pages by Facebook Pixel captures all the credentials so that when a prospective client enters fields similar to those set on a website by Facebook Pixel, they are targeted. Thus, Facebook pixel gives you the power to monitor all visitors of your site and allows you to see their activities while logged into your site. This feature is what informs a website owner decision on whether or not to target a customer.

To get the Pixel code, locate the ads manager icon to where a retargeting campaign popup will appear. Click on it. Actions and View Panel will manifest to show you your pixel code to attach to all your pages.

In conclusion, a retargeting campaign on Facebook is only as effective as the plans put in place for executing your online marketing strategy. It is vital to accompany your retargeting campaign with incentives to your prospective customers. The incentives complement your marketing strategies to make your business stand out.

How To Optimise Your Facebook For Singapore Marketer

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When it comes to social media marketing, there is no more popular platform than Facebook. It’s one of the best places to promote your brand, share valuable content, and offer customer support. So this makes it one of the ideal location to reach your existing and potential customers. Another great thing about Facebook is that Featured Images, Pages, Messenger and Boost give you the ability to optimise your page. However, there are ways in which you can optimize it even further in Singapore Marketer.

Facebook Basics

You should never neglect your own site in favour of solely using a social media platform. Facebook is not a substitute for your site, but a complimentary supplement. You should look at it as a micro-site.

With that being said, Facebook Pages offer several key benefits. It can give users a glimpse into your brand. It can help to make your brand name more visible. It can also give you a boost in the search engine result pages, or SERPs. In fact, in many cases, if you perform a search for a certain site, one of the first things you will see is their Facebook location Page.

What’s important to keep in mind is your search engine optimisation, or SEO. Even though Facebook is not your primary website, you should still use a few techniques to optimise it. This includes adding important long-tail keywords, both branded and non-branded, throughout the page and your posts.

Creating Your Page

When you create a Facebook page, you have several options to choose from. You can select Local Business or Place, Brand or Product, Company, Entertainment, Public Figure, or Cause or Community, create a facebook page. Only select Local Business or Place if you have one location.

This is a very important step in the process. So pay close attention. By taking the time to set up your page correctly on the front end, you’ll be able to better communicate your message in the long run. Once you have selected your desired page type, visit and begin.

Location Pages

If your business only has one location, then start with a location page. But keep in mind that if you ever expand your number of locations, then there are several things you need to take care of on Facebook. In previous years, Facebook would require its users to request a location Page. This isn’t the case anymore, but when first signing up for another page, you’ll receive a warning message because of your multiple locations.

In the case of multiple pages, you need to consider your primary Facebook Page to be your main or “parent” page. The child pages are the location pages. Once you have been given access to the location pages tab, make sure you fill out each location out with the correct name, phone number, address, category, username, web address, email and about. Also, make sure that you use relevant keywords that you’re interested in ranking for.

Location pages also give you the option of implementing reviews and ratings. You could always hide these, but it’s a good idea to show your reviews because they can play a huge role in your digital marketing. Just make sure that you’re ready to respond to these reviews.

Keep Accurate Business Hours

Another important part of optimising your Facebook page is to make sure that your business hours are always up to date. Whenever your hours change, don’t forget to visit your Facebook account and make sure that the change is reflected there. Unlike Google My Business, Facebook doesn’t give you the ability to create custom hours for holidays and other special occasions events, so you should make these types of announcements on your posts or through advertisements.

Custom Username

Facebook provides you with a default domain that includes various numbers. Unfortunately, this is not very user-friendly. If you want to make sure that your customers can easily find your Facebook page as well as message you, you need to create a custom username. The key to ensuring that your Facebook Page is optimised is to use your brand name plus your location.

Just keep in mind that you can’t use spaces or underscores but you are allowed to use periods in order to separate the words. If you want to increase readability, then capitalise the words. Your username can be 5 to 50 characters long. Also, in order to create a username, you must be an admin.

Profile and Featured Images

The great thing about starting your own Facebook Page is that it allows you to show off your brand. Specifically, you can upload a profile/avatar, a photo in the featured image section, a video, or slideshow. You can take this opportunity to promote your testimonials or spotlight your team.

CTA Button

If you would like to encourage your visitors to interact with you and learn more about your brand, you can add a call-to-action, or CTA, button. This button is positioned immediately below your cover photo. Your CTA will depend on the specific action that you want your visitors to take.

For example, if you want your visitors to download your latest ebook, then your CTA would read, “Download Now.” If you would like them to call your store to learn more about a special offer your CTA would be, “Call Now.” You can change your CTA by clicking on the blue button just below your featured post.

Managing Comments and Reviews

Facebook is known for its ability to create interaction between brands and customers. It gives you a place to respond to comments and offer extra customer service if needed. However, Facebook can also help you learn more about your business.

Its review feature gives customers the ability to rate your products and services. In this way, you can learn more about what you customers appreciate about your brand and what you could change. It also helps to build your company’s credibility. You can enable this feature by selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reviews.’ You can always disable the feature if needed.


Another great way to build credibility and trust is to use Facebook Messenger. This feature can help your customers connect with you. The key to getting the most out of Facebook Messenger is to work on your response time. And that’s because people can see your average response time on your page. The more quickly you respond, the better your company looks and the more inquiries you will receive. You can enable this feature by selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Messages.’ You can then select the option that allows people to contact you privately.

Organise Page Tabs

While this may seem like common sense advice, it can be easy to overlook when you’re creating multiple location pages. In some instances, you may even want to turn certain tabs off and on. Some may have a higher priority than others. Facebook also offers templates that can take all of the guesswork out of your organisation. You can find the templates by selecting ‘Settings’ and ‘Edit Page.’

Claim Unofficial Pages

If you have ever searched for your company and found pages with the same name, then you know how frustrating this can be. Not only do they have the same name, but these pages also feature maps, ratings, and reviews. And the worst part is that you don’t have any control over or access to these pages.

The good news is that you can easily solve this issue. You see, Facebook creates pages like these so that they can act as placeholders. It gives visitors a place to check in and leave comments and reviews. The problem is Facebook sometimes does this even though businesses already exist for these locations. So you need to claim and merge these types of unofficial pages. This will ensure that you have complete control over your brand. You need to regularly check for unofficial pages.

How to claim unofficial pages

Unofficial pages can be claimed by giving verification by phone, email, business license, and tax files. The quickest way to be verified is by offering a utility bill. This is especially the case if you don’t have a physical location, then you should offer a utility bill. You can expect a response within 24 hours. When the page has been verified, visit the unofficial page and select ‘Is this your business?’ and then ‘Merge’ and then submit.


As you can see, Facebook can be an extremely useful part of your marketing plan. However, just as with your everyday website, it must be optimised. Luckily, all it takes is a little knowledge of how the platform works and you can ensure maximum visibility.

How to Create a Top-notch Web Design Team

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Developing an outstanding web design team is no easy task. It takes efforts to select the best personnel, grow, and inspire team culture. This article will share some of the best tips on how to create an award-winning web design team.


The web design industry has a large pool of talent that makes selecting the best talent a hard task for most agencies. Be on the lookout for applicants who are self-motivated and committed to providing quality web design services to your customers.

Avoid lone wolves, since success is based on the output of the team and those who like working alone more often than not do not yield good results. Lastly, use your social network to hire promising web designers.


It is recommendable that you encourage endless learning and improvement. A new employee must be able to improve their work capacity and skills as well as handle more without external motivation. It is essential to encourage junior designers to have a self-driven desire to learn and work hard.

Inspire excellence and preach the idea that hard work drives success. Encourage your developers to prioritize on quality work rather than the salary. Additionally, giving critique regularly is a tool for self-improvement and hence a tool for improving your web design team. Lastly, being a mentor provides inspiration and acts as a catalyst for innovation and creativity.

Team Culture

To develop a team culture, it is vital that you encourage a teamwork-friendly culture. An effective team is one where each member supports the other. Competition may kill the team spirit; instead, encourage your designers to share knowledge, experience, and blunders with the team. This will create an inspiration for others and enable them to learn from each other.

Encourage communication by holding roundtables and briefings often. Develop a culture where team members are not afraid of sharing their ideas and opinions even if they differ with yours. Lastly, show the team that you care by rewarding outstanding performance and not overworking the team.

Web development is not an innate ability; it takes time and effort to become a pro. Hiring the best from the vast pool of talent is the first step to achieving success. Ensure that you encourage teamwork and endless growth to develop a highly rated e-commerce website design team in Singapore.

Singapore Web Design Company: Qualities You Should Demand

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What qualities should you expect from a Singapore web design company? One of the most difficult things about launching a new website is choosing a web designer.

A website is an integral element of any business. Its design plays a key role in either converting new leads into regular clients or discouraging visitors from engaging with your brand.  This underpins the importance of choosing the right website development company in Singapore.

That said, here are the qualities you should look for before enlisting the services of a Singapore web design company.

Experience in your Industry

The first consideration factor when choosing a web designer in Singapore is checking their experience. If they have worked with similar businesses in the past, it means that they are conversant with the requirements of that particular niche. The level of experience will obviously vary, but if the company is familiar with your industry, it gives them the edge over other web designers.

Alternatively, you can opt for a generic website designer in Singapore. The problem, however, is that the process will be lengthy and there is no guarantee of getting the desired results.


What is the cost of web design in Singapore? Well, this is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the type of website you want, the location of the web development company and many others.

Before you start looking for a Singapore web design company, make sure that you have a designated budget for your project. Having a defined budget allows you to narrow down on companies that are affordable to you. Still, the service provider must prove their worth before you allow them to take over your project.

You should also avoid designers who are startlingly cheap. Such designers often use underhand methods to cut down the costs of website development, meaning that you are likely to end up with a sub-par website.

Singapore Web Design Company  

Extensive Portfolio

Sometimes, having industry experience isn’t enough when searching for a company to conduct web development in Singapore. You have to go a step further and examine their portfolio. This allows you to have a first-hand experience of what the designer can produce. Moreover, looking at a variety of samples can help you in identifying a preferred theme for your website.

When assessing the portfolio, ensure that you get links to live websites, rather than settling for screenshots. This allows you to ask the designer the reasons behind a specific website’s design, or their objective when they chose a particular style. Simply put, a portfolio is vital if you want to get further insights into a web developer.

Communication Skills

A good web designer keeps in touch with the client at every step of the project. You might be unfamiliar with the jargon used in website design in Singapore, and it’s the role of your service provider to explain the terminologies in a way you can understand. If they are unable to explain their area of expertise to you, they certainly can’t communicate your business’s message through the website.

Another vital aspect of communication is your web designer’s listening skills. If the web development company ignores your ideas, you are certain of getting an unwanted project.  Remember, you have the final say over what goes into your site; this must be known to your website designer.

While it is easier to work with a listening web developer, you also need someone who will provide useful recommendations. This is because online marketing has different requirements for your business.  Ideally, the designer should combine your ideas in business with their expertise to come up with an effective website for your business.

Reasonable Contract

Similar to other business transactions, a website development project begins with the development of a contract. Make sure that you have carefully read the entire document before signing the agreement.

The contract usually outlines several aspects of the transaction, including the fees, the expected delivery period, contingencies in case of unexpected challenges, and refunds and so on.  For this reason, it is advisable to sign the document in the presence of your lawyer so that you can easily file a complaint if the web designer produces an undesired product.

Supplementary Services

There is more to a website than its design.  Nowadays, the majority of web design companies in Singapore offer other related services such as content creation, SEO optimization, digital marketing campaigns and so forth. Even better, some of these companies offer such services as a package.

The most significant benefit of buying the package mentioned above from a Singapore web service company is convenience. You will save the time and resources that would have otherwise been used in seeking additional services. It also means that you can launch your website immediately after its completion. In some instances, purchasing these services as a package might be more cost-effective than enlisting different companies to perform a specific role.

Website Maintenance

As your business grows, much more will be required of your website. For instance, if you run an e-commerce platform, more users will mean that you have to expand your database. That said, you still have to perform maintenance routine even if your business remains stagnated.

Some web design companies in Singapore include website maintenance in their services, albeit at an extra cost. In most cases, you are responsible for maintaining your website and ensuring it functions properly. Either way, it is important to be aware of what to expect once your website goes live.

Responsive Design

At least 86% of internet traffic in Singapore comes from mobile devices. This figure will inevitably increase as smartphones continue to gain more popularity because of their advanced features. If you design a website that isn’t responsive to mobile devices, you will lose loads of traffic and potential leads. It is worth noting that a non-responsive site can still work on mobiles, but the pages will not display properly.

A responsive website, on the other hand, has several advantages. The biggest of them of all is the fact that your site will attract more traffic. This is because the site will automatically adjust its webpages according to the device being used to access it. Additionally, responsive web design is cost-effective because it eliminates the need for designing two versions of your site – one for desktop and another for mobile devices. Lastly, Google’s ranking algorithm favors sites with mobile-friendly pages, meaning that you get more visibility from organic search results.

Knowledge, Methods, and Strategies

Every web designer should have their own techniques and strategies for creating client websites. During the interviewing process, the website developer should explain the approach they intend to use in accomplishing your project. If they are unable to clearly explain themselves, they are not worth your time (and money).

Contrariwise, if they are comfortable in outlining their techniques and strategies, it shows that they are proficient at their job. Web designers that can share their expertise, how they work and the approach they use to handle different projects are likelier to implement strategies that will grow your website.

Familiarity with the Internet and Various Web Technologies

As trivial as it sounds, a website designer must be acquainted with various web development technologies and standards. Just like any other technology, the internet and the web are constantly evolving, with new standards being rolled out on a regular basis. The professionals can further their knowledge and learn from colleagues by actively participating in seminars, websites, online forums and so forth.


There are several programming languages used to design webpages. In the past, websites could be entirely built using a single programming language. This is no longer the case. Modern websites are more demanding, and may, therefore, require a combination of two or more coding languages to develop.  When looking for a web development company in Singapore, check if they are comfortable with multiple languages. Flexibility also encompasses the ability to adapt differently to the very project submitted by a client.

Ability to Meet Deadlines

Time-consciousness is crucial to every business. At the beginning of every website development process, the designer should tell you the time needed to complete the task.  It is also their role to ensure that they adhere to such deadlines.

If the project takes longer than indicated to complete, everybody becomes upset. The web designer should regularly update you on the progress of the project such that you are aware of any issues that might lead to delayed completion. The best way of checking whether a certain company adheres to deadlines is by reading the reviews from previous clients.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Your website might have an impeccable outlook, but it is absolutely useless if you are unable to update it on your own. Of course, you can rely on the support of your website development company to the updates, but this is costly and inconvenient. The solution to this problem is hiring a website designer who integrates a content management system on your site.

The most popular CMS in Singapore is WordPress. If your site is built on a CMS, it is much easier to update, as well as install add-ons and plugins.

Website Optimization

The primary objective of any website is to drive search engine traffic to your online platform, with the aim of converting them into regular customers. In addition to making your website look good, the website designer should also optimize it for conversion.

Singapore Web Design

The key elements of website optimization that any website developer in Singapore should integrate include;

  • Meta descriptions and Meta tags – a website with relevant tags and descriptions embedded within its code are likelier to rank higher on search engine result pages.
  • Easy navigation – sites that are easily accessible attract more organic web traffic that those with a complicated layout. This, in turn, translates to a higher ranking on Google and other top search engines.
  • Images – a picture is worth a thousand words. Images convey information faster than large chunks of text. To increase the effectiveness of your website design, the developer should subtly incorporate images and other powerful visuals, such as charts and infographics. Remember, the images must have a high resolution.
  • Consistency – one of the most effective methods of retaining visitors to your website is using a consistent design. To achieve consistency, your website must have the same color scheme and typography across all webpages. The navigation bar’s outlook should also remain constant throughout the webpages.
  • Page loading speeds – if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, visitors are likely to abandon it and try out a competing site. Ensure that your preferred website development company uses reliable servers to guarantee fast loading of webpages. The designers should also make the webpages cacheable.
  • Conventionalism – as much as uniqueness is good for making your brand recognizable, overemphasizing can have adverse impacts. Most internet users are already accustomed to some conventions – for instance, navigation bars are often on top of the page, as well as the company logo. The contact information is often placed in the footer section of the website’s pages. Changing this norm might reduce the effectiveness of your website.
  • Flow – most people read web pages from the upper left corner and finish with the bottom right corner. This means that the most important information should be placed on the top left corner, while the least important bit should be at the bottom right since it is likelier to get ignored.


Well, you are now familiar with the qualities you should seek when hiring a Singapore web design company. The rule of the thumb is ensuring that your chosen web developer is able to meet the objectives you want your website to attain.

Finally, you should not rush the process. Nobody understands your business as you do. After carefully assessing the qualities of each potential candidate, check whether you are confident in their abilities. If you believe they are capable, hire them. Otherwise, it is better to continue searching until you find a website developer that you can trust with such an important project.

Cut the chase and save money by hiring us for your next website design Singapore project.

How Visual Website Design Affects Sales and Marketing

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Looking for answers on how visual website design affect sales and marketing? The role of graphic designers here in Singapore is to create the company’s brand awareness across its consumers. They do this by using stationery designs, banners, logos, mascots, and brochures. A good designer must understand what persuades customers to purchase a product. This requires a good understanding of how sales messages should be crafted.

While most people focus on immediate sales when creating designs, it’s important to create a lasting strategy that will bring value and higher cumulative returns. Visual website designs should be used to forge trust in the relationship between the brand and the customer. Always remember that people buy products from brands that have built a good reputation.

It takes time to learn how to market your designs effectively. Good website design, if done right, can help you make more sales in the long run.

When creating a design that stands out, designers consider several things. Components such as color, content, schematics, typography, patterns, and repetition must be considered. These design elements will help you create harmonious content that guides the viewer through the information.

Customers should not at any moment misunderstand the information you present to them; a good designer should always have that in mind.

Content marketing mostly involves the use of visual media such as images, infographics, and videos. Images and videos attract more attention. They are shared more on social media compared to content with fewer images.

How Visuals Affected Digital Marketing in 2018

It’s interesting how visuals can do wonders when promoting business. Here are some statistics to show how effective they can be:

  1. About 90% of online marketers agree that they used about 50% visuals for promoting their products. They found out that original imagery and graphics, that make up the visual website design tend to draw people’s attention.
  2. Most marketers (70%) agreed that they spent only five hours a week creating their visuals, either through an in-house designer or by hiring a freelance designer online. However, some of them (36%) claim they didn’t manage to create engaging visuals most of the time.
  3. All agree that visuals are significant in creating an impact for their brand.

Elements of Good Web Design

Visual content on websites helps guide the reader’s eye. It keeps visitors engaged and moves them through the buying process. Your readers make split-second decisions on whether or not they’ll take action on your post. If you don’t’ create content that appeals to them, they are likely to move on to other websites. You don’t need plenty of words to explain a concept – visual elements work too.

visual website design in Singapore

Here are some tips you might find useful for creating designs that convert to more sales on your website:

Use of Larger Product Images

Nowadays, most B2B websites have started to display giant product images on their sites. This helps highlight the unique features of their product or different parts of their product. The images have to be responsive to ensure users from different devices have an optimized experience. A good example is the HubSpot website platform.

This approach provides an opportunity to highlight the most important features, by conveying them through images instead of words.

Using Cards

With the rise of Pinterest, cards have become quite a fad. Especially with designers and marketers. They are simple because they help distribute information in a visual way. They help customers consumer small pieces of content without overwhelming them. It’s easy for users to pick and choose what they want to explore further from an array of cards.

This works very well for e-commerce sites. You can use them to help highlight multiple solutions or products side by side. Besides that, they also give the homepage a clean organized look.

A well-designed webpage, can deliver good results that can be highly impactful for your brand. If you want to increase traffic and reduce your bounce rate, an engaging web page is a must. The bounce rate is the percentage of viewers who leave your website after only accessing one page. It’s important to ensure a participant is happy with your visual website design. This encourages them to explore more sections of your website.

Modern technology has made it possible for us to use real-time data to gauge what brings more traffic to our sites. Through A/B Testing, we can even compare different variants of a page to see which performs better.  We can now get more data on different posts such as the number of likes and the reach.

Final Say

To wrap up, we have compiled a list of 6 content marketing strategies that work. Designers will find this information useful. Data gathered last year shows that businesses are appreciating the significance of visual website design, and how it can help them improve sales.

  1. Approximately 32% of online marketers agree that the power of visual content should not be underestimated. Blogging comes second.
  2. 11% of B2B marketers recommend that visual content should always come first in online marketing.
  3. Images capture the attention of the human eye more than any other graphics. Especially if the image has a story element that makes the user want to know more. When this is combined with a good caption, it’s bound to create last impact.
  4. Infographics also have a significant impact. They can increase web traffic to up to 11%.
  5. On social media such as Facebook and Twitter, posts with images attract more engagement than those with none.
  6. Facebook still stands out as the number one marketing platform.

Visual website design matters. Whether for business or for creative expression it’s an important factor for digital marketing. Designers have to keep up with the rate at which technology is changing. They have to keep experimenting to understand what works with different demographics and what doesn’t.  Good design should successfully convey the idea and keep the user engaged.

We hope that this article will help you create a better digital marketing strategy in Singapore. Always remember that good visual website design is the key to converting more customers to your site. The statistics above should encourage you to learn more and understand the power of imagery in Singapore web design.

Contact us today for the most robust and comprehensive website design  and digital marketing services in Singapore for your brand.

15 Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetisation

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Are you looking for the best web design tips for traffic monetisation? Once you have a created a site for your company in Singapore or elsewhere, you need to find ways of attracting projects that will help you generate revenue. Even so, you can start earning off your site before you get any projects. If you run the website strategically, you can make it a money-making machine that keeps you afloat before you land major projects.

If the site gets decent traffic, you can monetise it immediately irrespective of whether it’s relatively new or established within its niche. Several traffic monetisation tips can help you generate passive income with just your website design skills.

One of the proven ways through which you can make money from your website even if you don’t have any running projects is converting existing traffic into revenue. You may have started your site for fun, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot turn it into a money-maker.

Before you even start thinking about monetising your website, you must ensure that it is well planned and that it scores highly as far as UX, conversion, and other pertinent features are concerned. Here are some of the most useful web design tips for traffic monetisation.

Actionable Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetisation

Sell Stock Content

Rather than merely having a plain website while waiting to land projects, you should develop products to display on the site. If you are skilled in typography, iconography, graphic design, or even photography, you can create stock content for display on your website.

This is an excellent way of showcasing your skills to anyone who visits the website. Likewise, displaying your products on the site adds great value to its portfolio while bringing in some extra income in the process.

Use an Impressive Web Plugin or Theme

In case you used a website builder when creating your site, it will probably look like other websites due to standardisation. When you use a unique website theme that you created yourself, you will stand out as an expert in digital trends and web design.

A unique theme not only helps you to attract new customers but also gives you an excellent opportunity to make money since you can charge them for using it. Nonetheless, you need to understand that this method of monetising traffic on your site requires a lot of expertise since you must first create a demo site. Similarly, it is time-consuming. Even so, it’s worth the effort.

web design tips MediaOne

By coming up with a unique theme for your website, you will be creating an asset that will benefit you in the long run. This is the best option for you if coding is your forte yet you are afraid of mind-numbing work such as site building, quality assurance, and launch.

Preserve the Best Content for Paying Members

This is my favorite web design tip for monetisation. If you have lots of educational content or tools including eBooks and tutorials that you wish to share with your audience, you should find ways of generating income through them. For instance, consider creating a paid membership scheme that gives paying members exclusive access to the best content.

The revenue that you will collect from paying members can even become recurring if you make an effort to update your website content regularly. By ensuring that the site is updated regularly with relevant information, you will not only retain current members, but you also stand to attract new members.

Take Advantage of Google Ads

In as much as Google Ads will rake in little money, it is a great way to monetise your website. It’s easy to get everything set up since you only need to join the Google AdSense platform before choosing ad content that is most relevant to you.

After that, you will be required to add an HTML code to your site so that Google posts its ads there. You will get paid every time website visitors click on ads displayed on the site.

Sell Actual Ad Space on Your Site

If your website traffic becomes enviably high, you are likely to be asked by other businesses to post their ads on your site. This traffic monetisation method enables you to have better control over advertising processes that happen on your site.

web design tips MediaOne

You can easily choose advertisers that you wish to work with and the place where you want their ads displayed. Similarly, you can set the price for each ad besides making the ads relevant and targeted for website visitors.

Start or Join an Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program is easy since you will only be required to recommend a product by promoting it in your posts. You will get a commission every time your visitors buy the product by following your affiliate link.

In case you feel you do not have time to devote towards creating your products, affiliate marketing will offer you the opportunity to promote other brands whose products relate to your niche. The best place to start as a budding affiliate marketer is checking out Amazon’s affiliate program.

If you had positioned yourself as a specialist in your niche, you could make money by offering advice to visitors about products that will guarantee the most value. When they buy those products, you will get a commission from the retailer.

You can also choose to start an affiliate program. If you go this route, you will be paying a small commission whenever traffic directed to your website by affiliates buy from you. By basing monetisation on sales, you will have an essential way of building revenue for your site.

Provide Online Resources

In case you possess valuable web design skills and you can teach others, you should consider setting up online classes. This highlights why your site should showcase your web design skills in the first place. If this is the case, you will effortlessly attract students who wish to learn how you did it. The extra money that you earn through online classes will sustain you in between projects.

Regardless of your niche, you can also make money by selling digital informational products such as eBooks. You can even start premium membership groups that you can furnish with online resources. This will help you diversify your revenue sources rather than relying on projects that you get through your site alone.

Guest Posting

Websites and blogs on the Internet continuously need new content. For this reason, you should take advantage of your high traffic numbers by writing paid guest posts. If your website is about healthy living, for instance, you can create a post on nutrition tips for a grocery retailing site.

Similarly, a fashion blogger can contribute project posts that will get posted in a fashion retailer’s newsletters. Typically, guest posts include links to your site as well as tagged posts on the social media accounts of the website that you will be writing for. Writing guest blogs shows that you are an expert in your industry. Similarly, it increases traffic to your site.

In-Text Ads

If you do not want ugly banners to cramp your website’s appearance, in-text ads could be your go-to option. When you sign up with in-text ad companies such as Intextual, specific words in your posts will get hyperlinked automatically to relevant websites.

Site visitors who will hover over those links will get a preview even before they click on them. Therefore, an in-text ad is a relatively non-invasive and safe advertising method. Huge ad banners won’t compromise your site’s appearance. Likewise, you can post as many ads as possible without making your site appear cramped.

Become a Consultant

If your website has a good website design, you should consider becoming a consultant. This is an excellent option if you do not want to offer online courses or become a guest writer on other websites. It is easy to use your site as a platform for advertising your consultancy services, more so if you have been posting about a subject for a while.

web design tips MediaOne

You will be considered an expert in your field, something that allows you to offer professional consulting services. If your website revolves around building WordPress sites, you can charge can charge readers who wish to create websites for personalised web design plans.

Host Live Workshops

If you offer courses and you think that attendance for your pre-recorded sessions will be low, you should consider live broadcasts. This will give you an opportunity to teach a real audience as well as interact with them and even hold question and answer sessions.

Other than hosting live workshops on your website, you can host live sessions on free platforms such as YouTube. To earn extra money, charge the audience for access. Similarly, you can charge different companies to sponsor your live broadcasts so that you market them during your webinars.

Create Great Content

Suffice to say, web content is among the most pertinent aspects of website monetisation. Great content will keep your visitors on your web pages. For you to build a revenue stream from your website, you should have an insight into your target audience as well as the type of content that they want.

In this regard, you should have both a long-term and short-term content strategy. Thereafter, post quality content that addresses what your target audience wants. Your site will look more professional and credible if it has a proper design, which is supplemented with high-quality content. It is easy to monetise a website that has high-quality content.

Boost Your Traffic

If nobody sees your content, there is a slim chance that you will monetise your website. Therefore, you should ensure that the site has steady traffic. This underlines the significance of SEO, backlinking, and other content optimisation strategies.

To boost your web traffic, you should have a robust SEO strategy in place. Likewise, learn about PPC and Google AdWords advertising. Familiarising yourself with Google Analytics can also be helpful since it will help you monitor your traffic source.

Similarly, you should consider embarking on a Facebook Advertising campaign since it will offer you incredible interest and demographic-based targeting options that can help you drive web traffic to your site. Such services can help optimise traffic to your website since they guarantee immediate results.

Write Product Reviews

You can expand your revenue source by posting product reviews on your website. If the site revolves around a specific niche, there is definitely a hardware or software product that you can write reviews about.

Reach out to companies that create or sell those products, and inform them about your intention to review the products for your audience at a fee. In case you reach out successfully to a serious company, you may even get provided with the products for free. Product reviews will not only expand your reach but also show that you are an expert in your field.

Start a Job Board

If your site possesses a booming community in the right niche, a job board can help you rake in extra cash. However, you should take note of the fact that this traffic monetisation strategy doesn’t work for every website. If your site targets budding bloggers, for instance, you can start a job board that helps them find blogging jobs.

In this case, you will charge them a certain percentage off every successful project that they land. You should only start a job board if your site has attained the so-called digital stardom level. People are likely to pay to find jobs on websites that appear credible. Therefore, you need to first establish yourself in your industry before setting up a job board on your site.


One of the easiest ways of maximising revenues with your Singapore website is by monetising traffic. There are several strategies that you can use to monetise your site. Nonetheless, you should find out which one works best for you.

Before adopting any of the aforementioned strategies, you should work on improving your conversion skills. Likewise, ensure that you deliver value so that you not only maintain your current visitors but also grow your audience. We can help you achieve that goal by creating an awesome web design for your brand. We will also do SEO and digital marketing to ensure that you reign supreme online.

What Are The Best Website Design Practices For Singapore SMEs?

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the type of businesses whose personnel number/employees fall below certain limits. In the world, SMEs outnumber the larger companies and also offer employment to many more people, especially in the more developed countries. SMEs are very important for both their social and economic contribution to society.

In Singapore, the unemployment rate is at 2.1% and the per capital Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is nearly $53,000, making the country’s economy one of the strongest and most stable in the world. This economy is mainly fuelled and powered by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which make up to 99% of all the enterprises and offers employment to 65% of the population.

These SMEs are a very important part of the Singaporean economy; approximately 219,000 SMEs contribute S$196.8 billion in gross value added to the economy. In addition, each SME employs 10 people on average, contributes S$900,000 gross added value which translates to SMEs generating half of the country’s gross value added in just the past five years.

In a small business, a good website is a vital piece of its marketing and branding efforts. When consumers visit a website, they normally do it for a specific reason and therefore the need to ensure that they can find all the answers they may be looking for. Contrarily, the SMEs will be at the risk of losing thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Below are some of the aspects of digital marketing and best website design practices for SMEs for greater business success:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results i.e. increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic via SEO. Quality of traffic means that anyone visiting the website is genuinely interested in your products, the quantity of traffic means that the right people are clicking through from search engine results pages (SERP) and organic results are any traffic that you don’t have to pay for. SEO is one of the best and simply effective web design practices. It is used to increase the number of visitors to your website by obtaining all the high-ranking placement in the SERP.

SEO utilises keywords used in searches to access the site and display them in the search results. When creating keywords, at least 80% of the words should be low traffic and unpopular keywords that are particular to your brand or product while the rest should be high traffic keywords made up of common phrases such as Singapore. When working on a site, the SME should look for keywords that generate a high search volume, those that are unique to their site’s contents and have low competition and are unique. For SEO to work, it is determined by the content you provide to people visiting the site. It is best to create a website that provides information that addresses their requirements, one that is appealing and user-friendly and one that is linked to other quality sites that compliment it.

Mobile Friendly/Responsive Websites

Most SMEs are able to create websites that have a great look and appeal when viewed on a laptop or desktop. However, when the same website is viewed on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet, it becomes disorganised, cluttered and really hard to navigate.

This is a very sure way for any SME to lose potential leads. Studies show that using a website that is not a cell phone or tablet friendly will stop 8 out of 10 consumers from engaging with the site if its content doesn’t display correctly on their device. SMEs are now adjusting to responsive design that automatically adjusts itself to the size of the browser in use and hence, serving all devices with the same code that adjusts to screen size. This has become a popular web design practice with a projected mobile device use of 78% by the end of 2018. Also, a company should ensure that the clickable elements on their website accessible to mobile users who use fingers to click on them.

Another aspect of a responsive website is using fluid images. This is a responsive design based image stack. The stack allows an image to grow and shrink depending on the size of the device being used to view it instead of being rigid. It means that an image with the right HTML code will be adaptive to the size and shape of the viewing device without interfering with other aspects of the website.

Maintaining Design Standards

When creating a website, there are specific standards and norms in order to eliminate the chances of users getting confused while accessing the website. Although web designers can find ways to be creative and unique in the features of their website, there are certain standards that should be maintained as they determine how people interact with websites and their expectations. Deviating from these norms creates chances of confusion and negative user experience for consumers. While creating a unique website for a brand, SMEs should be thoughtful in order to create a website that still meets consumer satisfaction.

Branding and Consistency

Branding is used to inform consumers about a company’s reputation, creating trust in every product or service offered by the business. Website design that keeps branding consistent throughout the site is the best practice. SMEs should only use the predetermined features on every page of the website. This applies to images, iconography, videos and typography in order to create maximum results from this practice.

Easy Navigation

The lesser time people take to find what they are looking for in a website, the more they are likely to access it repeatedly. A good website should have less loading time and simple navigation for visitors accessing the site. Optimising the viewer experience of the site is very important for SME brands. Also, make sure that the most important pages are the most accessible for both first time and old users.

Goal-Oriented and Focused Website

A good website is one that has been designed to meet a specific purpose and one that accomplishes the target for which it’s created. Each website page should not have an overreaching goal, as each should have a very specific purpose. Focusing a website means that the web pages don’t have too much-crowded information on a single page. Having too many links, images and texts create distractions for a user which means a bad user experience. This will have an overall effect on the potential returns that a focused web page is expected to bring. In case a web page has too much information, for the good of a brand, an SME should sort the information in different pages. This will improve the user experience while increasing opportunities to optimise SEO.

The Latest Trends in Web Design in Singapore

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Your website is the online representation of your brand. Web design speaks volume about how good your brand is, and the quality of products or services you offer. Therefore, you should always make sure the design of your website is up to date. Some of the latest trends that you should consider in your next web redesign include:

Virtual reality and 360-degree video

360-degree videos give a clear view of every direction. These videos are shot using an omnidirectional camera or multiple cameras. Businesses can use these videos on their websites to give customers a tour of their premises.

Virtual reality technology is becoming more popular, and it will make sense to see VR-enabled sites in the near future. VR will change how users consume video content on the internet, and its application will be revolutionary, especially for e-commerce Singapore sites.

Ultra minimalism

Minimalism is the web design philosophy of removing all non-essential elements in a website. By doing that, potential customers who come to the site are able concentrate fully on the content. In other words, the web content is the focal point in minimalism. Minimalism has evolved to become ultra-minimalism, where designers use the least amount of website elements, including text.

Modular web design

Modular website design resembles the card layout design in websites such as Pinterest. The difference is that modular design uses different sizes of blocks arranged in a somehow random pattern. Also, each block has different text, and sometimes different color and image. The design creates easy navigation, as the site is visually appealing and more organized. Native Shoes uses this design on its website.

Hiring the best web design Singapore company and SEO agency for website redesign is a step in the right direction. Such an agency is well-versed on these and other latest trends, which can improve the user experience of a website.

Top Website Design Agencies in Singapore

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Are you looking to build your first website or to upgrade your current website? Look no further; we have compiled the top website design agencies in Singapore. Not only will a website design agency in Singapore produce a stunning website, but the team will also use less time and resources. Here are the top website design agencies in Singapore.
  1. MediaOne Marketing
  2. Wishbone Digital Group Singapore
  3. Kraken Media
  4. Smart Hosting and Design Services
  5. Notion Age Pte Ltd
  6. OldMan Marketing Pte Ltd
  7. UtoMEdia Technologies Pte Ltd
  8. Web Puppies
  9. Fixx Digital
  10. GMN Web Solutions
  11. Closely Coded
  12. Our Little Company
  13. Corsiva Lab
  14. SMMILE Web Agency
  15. Puzzle Hive Pte Ltd
  16. FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd

Factors We Considered When Ranking the Web Design Agencies

In a bid to ensure that our list is as comprehensive and accurate as possible, we spent the last  four weeks evaluating each agency. Here are the primary factors that we considered when ranking the webdesign agencies.
  1. Licensing and Credibility
  2. Experience
  3. Specialty
  4. Reputation & Feedback from past clients
  5. Range of Services they Offer
  6. Cost of services offered
  7. Reliability (time taken to complete a project)
Let us shift gears and look at each of these webdesign agencies briefly starting with the best MediaOne Marketing.

1: MediaOne Marketing

full service web agencies MediaOne Marketing is one of the top website design agencies in Singapore. We have been in the Singaporean market since 2008, and take pride in being the first digital marketing agency whose services revolve around white hat SEO. MediaOne specialises in non-aggressive strategies that focus on targeting search engine algorithms as well as human audiences. Our services include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), 24/7 real-time client reporting system for SEO, social media marketing and management, and web design. Since our inception, we have provided these services to more than a thousand MNC and SME clients. MediaOne Marketing currently has over 500 active clients, which makes them the best web design agency in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of their clients include Mayank, Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, Phillip Capital, Singtel, Direct Asia Insurance, ST Electronics, Changi Airport Singapore, Old Chang Kee, Sakae Sushi, Pazzion, Sheng Siong, and more. You can contact MediaOne Marketing via the contact form or website live chat platform. Our offices are located at 40B Tras Street Singapore 078979. You could also call us on +65 6789 9852 for a free and non-obligatory quote, or support.

2: Wishbone Digital Group Singapore

top website design agencies in Singapore Wishbone DG is a web design company that has been operational in Singapore since 1997. Their choice of services is based on a solid foundation of technical ingenuity and artistic excellence. Over two decades ago, Wishbone DG started by offering web development. With a continued focus on getting the best talent and they have become one of the top website design agencies in Singapore. Their current services revolve around producing creative designs for digital platforms that enhance the user experience. Wishbone DG has an extensive service portfolio that includes website design, digital marketing, UX/UI, mobile and web application development, and cyber security. They have worked with thousands of clients, and they have hundreds of active clients. Some of their notable clients include Rhema Pharmaceuticals, SK Catering, Fung and Goh Pharmaceuticals, Creative Eateries, Accounting General Department, Baby Bonus, The Orthopaedic Centre, Green Express, Xcellink Group, Pinkk Interiors, Wong Fong, Toshiba Asia Pacific, Sistic, DC Decaux Asia, to name a few. You can contact Wishbone DG via the contact form or the live chat platform on the website. They are located on 60 Paya Lebar Road #07-15 Paya Lebar Square (lobby 1) Singapore 409051. You can also call the support team on +65 6297 4404/9747 7499 or email them on  for a free quote.

3: Kraken Media

top website design agencies in Singapore Kraken Media is a top web design company in Singapore, established in 2009. The company is built on a passion for film, web development, and design, as well as photography. They cut their teeth in creating private documentaries that serve as visual storybooks for their customers. Their main service offering in Singapore include web design, web content, destination documentaries, film projects, corporate videos, web development, app design and development, social media management, among other forms of content creation. They have over 200 active clients, including the Irish Tree Centre, Prep zone, Eurocham, Voxsmart, GMAT Zone, and more. Kraken Media has a 28-member team, and they have achieved a 90% client retention rate. The Kraken Media offices are on 3 Anson Road, Springleaf Tower, Singapore 079909. You could also book an appointment or request for a quote on +65 6222 3909/6337 9644.

4: Smart Hosting and Design Services

top website design agencies in Singapore Smart Hosting and Design Services is another of the top website design agencies in Singapore that also doubles as an online media company. The web design agency has been operational since 2004, and they have survived this long by offering excellent customer service and taking the time to understand the needs of their customers. They have an extensive service portfolio that includes domain name registration, web/email/FTP hosting, web design and development, digital marketing, computer software, and hardware, printing and publishing, marketing collaterals as well as corporate identity. Smart Hosting and Design Services has over 100 active clients with an 87% client rating, including Alta Vista, Debonair Male, All the Web, and more. You can contact Smart Hosting and Design Services via the contact form on the website. You could also walk into their offices on No. 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #07-17, Singapore 228149 or contact the support team on +65 6337 7971 or via to book an appointment or ask for a quote.

5: Notion Age Pte Ltd

top website design agencies in Singapore Notion Age has been operational since 2001, and it is one of the top website design agencies in Singapore. They offer an extensive range of services including website design and development, SEO, SEM, email marketing solutions, web application development, social media marketing and management, digital marketing, and content management systems (CMS) development. This is arguably the best web design agency and they have worked with clients from a variety of industries and have a 90% client rating. Some of their customers include Trend Micro, CooperVision, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, 7-Eleven, Microsoft, Resorts World Sensota, ESPN, Sony Ericson, the Discovery Channel, Autodesk, Star Sports, to name a few. The Notion Age Pte Ltd offices are located on 331B Beach Road, Singapore 199562. You can contact them on various channels including, or call them on +65 6438 8303 for a free quote and or support services.

6: OldMan Marketing Pte Ltd

top website design agencies in Singapore OldMan Marketing is a webdesign ompany in Singapore that specialises in producing and developing Magento websites. They are also the go-to experts for Magento and Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration, which is an invaluable service that comes in handy for providing a smooth and seamless e-commerce buying experience. They are adept at working with clients from various industries and businesses. Their clientele includes Abwin, Apparella, Cisco, CH2, ContactOne Professional Services, Far East Flora Garden, CyanSYS, Cosycondo, Ponti Wine Cellars, Moneyline, Stay a City, Sedona Hotels and Suites, Sanytravel, and more. OldMan Marketing Pte Ltd has an open-door policy, and you can walk into their offices located on 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #07-59 Vertex Tower A Singapore 408868. You can also call them on +65 9011 9084/8298 4699 to book an appointment or ask for a quote.

7: UtoMedia Technologies Pte Ltd

top website design agencies in Singapore UtoMedia Technologies markets itself as an all-round IT services company that is also a website design agency in Singapore. They offer custom and cost-effective solutions to businesses of different sizes that enable them to leverage the power of technology to ease the cost of doing business in Singapore. Their services include interactive web development, web design, cloud-based events management systems, enterprise solutions, mobile app development, and a variety of digital marketing services in Singapore. They have attracted a variety of clients over the years including Achiote Pte Ltd, A.C.T Holdings, 3SI, Airbrush Elite, Aksarth Solutions, Asdor Singapore, American Montessori International Preschool, All Experiential Pte Ltd, Bliss Floral, to name a few. The UtoMedia Technologies Pte Ltd offices are located at 10 Ubi Crescent #04-25 Ubi Technical Park, Singapore 408564. You can also call them on +65 6741 3435 for a free quote or to book an appointment with one of their team members.

8: Web Puppies

top website design agencies in Singapore   Web Puppies is a web design agency in Singapore founded in 2000. They have been around to see the rise of mobile apps and the fall of flash sites. They have an in-house team of local developers and designers specialising in the provision of value-added solutions to notable brands right from small businesses, SMEs, and big brands. Their services include EDM designing, web design and development, digital marketing, inbound marketing, ERP and CRM solutions, system integration, cyber security solutions, VR and AR marketing, corporate identity design and lead generation. Web Puppies have completed over 1000 projects and have over 400 active clients including BreadTalk, Singapore Polytechnic, Tiger Beer, the Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered, Food Republic, Toast Box, Semb Corp, the Ministry of Education Singapore, the National University of Singapore, and more. Contact them via email on or call them on +65 6741 1708 to book an appointment or ask for a quote. The webdesign company offices are located at Oxley Towers 138 Robinson Road, #22-01 Singapore 068906.

9: Fixx Digital

top website design agencies in Singapore Fixx Digital is another of the top website design agencies in Singapore that focuses on elevating the human experience through better code and design. They have a multi-disciplinary team made up of developers, designers, and creators. Their services include web design and development, mobile app design and development, UX design, digital product development, as well as HTML5 games and experiences. They have provided these services to clients such as Media Corp, Changi airport Singapore, DBS, Bountie, POSB, Singtel, Squareroom, O.Plus, and more. You can contact Fixx Digital via email on or call them on +65 6250 3580 to book an appointment or ask for a quote. You could also visit their offices located on 625 Lorong 4, Toa Payoh #05-01 General Magnetics Singapore 319519.

10: GMN Web Solutions

top website design agencies in Singapore GMN Web Solutions has been steadily rising in Singapore’s digital solutions sector since November 11, 2009. It is one of the top website design agencies, and they have a team of professional and talented developers and designers as well as digital marketers with Google Analytics and Google Ads certifications. This webdesign company has a variety of digital solutions ranging from custom content management, innovative web design, and development, domain registration, e-commerce development, digital marketing, SEO, and they offer on-going post-launch technical support. Some of their clients include KSK Asia Resources, PUM Group, SC Capital Partners, Walson Food Distributors, Watt Wah Petroleum Haulage, Sea Care, Sia Huat, CNS, Koyo International, Kilowatts, DutaLand Berhad, Cove 99, Treasure Capital Group, and more. You can contact GMN Web Solutions via email on or call them using +65 8126 2063/6683 8018. You could also walk into their offices on 8 Ubi Road 2 Zervex, #04-32 Singapore 408538 and meet with one of the experts.

11: Closely Coded

top website design agencies in Singapore Closely Coded website design agency provides professional websites that support their client’s businesses which their customers can effortlessly interact with daily. Since the company was founded back in 2012, they have offered a variety of services such as web design, e-commerce development, e-registration platform development and design, and a host of corporate design solutions. This has pushed to the position of one of the top web design agencies in Singapore. They have gained a reputation of professionalism, and this has attracted numerous clients such as OilField Workforce Group, Simon EIO Learning Lab, Le Chic, Shop Sassy Dream, Mash Gate, M-Tailor, Thread Theory, Inventive Kids Asia, Nikon Lenswear Singapore, Crizal Singapore, Shorai, Sucree, and more. You can contact Closely Coded via the contact form on the website, or call them on +65 6910 9010. You could also visit their offices located on 54A Zion Road, Singapore 247779.

12: Our Little Company

top website design agencies in Singapore Our Little Company is a web design agency specialising in offering boutique services and was founded a little over eight years ago. It started as a two-woman show, but they have grown the team to include talented and professional web designers and developers. They are experts in UX design, copywriting, web design and development, SEO, corporate branding, digital marketing, and corporate communication. Moreover, they offer training to clients who want to handle their website maintenance in-house. Some of their clients include Jumpster, Rolling Funds, Vauban Systems, Ovinia, French Etiquette, Trinax, My Blue Prints, Stots Advisory, AlfaTech, Authentic Choices, Sleek, Swiss Association Singapore, and more. You can email Our Little Company using, or call them using +65 9752 8686. Their offices are located on 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza – #08-02 238841 Singapore.

13: Corsiva Lab

top website design agencies in Singapore Corsiva Lab has grown over the years to be one of the top website design agencies in Singapore owned by a group of young and talented entrepreneurs. They are focused on realising their client’s dream of a professional website that represents their brands in the best light to generate and increase revenue. Their service portfolio includes web design and development, digital marketing, and SEO copywriting. Corsiva Lab has done for hundreds of projects including Okibids, Lets’s Dream Singapore, Amazeal, Fulife, Artificial Lift Solutions, Life Brandz, Ray Photography, Riferral, H20 Life Source, Dav Jones Technology, Circular Law Chambers LL{, SH Tan Kidney and Medical Clinic, Camel, and more. They are a Google Analytics certified partner and recently won the Rising Entrepreneurs of the Year making them a contender for the best web design agency in Singapore. You can contact them on email via or the live chat option on the website. Their offices are located at Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, #09-06 Singapore 408734.

14: SMMILE Web Agency

top website design agencies in Singapore SMMILE is a web design company in Singapore founded in 2012 and has been a critical part of helping businesses in draft creative digital marketing solutions and strategies to optimise their sales. The team has years of creative experience that help businesses execute projects professionally and efficiently. Their services include corporate branding, e-commerce, web design and development, search engine marketing, website maintenance, and a variety of marketing solutions. They have provided these services to Genesis Advisory Group, Eclado Laboratory, Proof Project, Fstop Lights, IPP Financial Advisors, Beam Works, Card Clean, Dr. Karen Soh Blog, Socrates, Twinklekidz, Straits Asset Management, Madthread, Full of Luck, Family Life Society, and more. You can contact SMMILE Web Agency using +65 8687 8143 or via email using Their offices are located on 35 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-14, Singapore 349314.

15: Puzzle Hive Pte Ltd

  Puzzle Hive is one of the top website design agencies in Singapore that works with businesses looking for solutions to their needs and not just having a beautiful website. They incorporate design thinking in all their projects, and they have been able to provide holistic services to over a hundred businesses. Their services include search engine marketing, web design and development, digital marketing, free website audits, cloud hosting, mobile optimisation, corporate branding, digital marketing, and technical support. Over the years, Puzzle Hive has worked with numerous clients including VISA, Dun & Bradsheet, The Economist, Nanyang Technological University, the Ministry of Education Singapore, the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology, and Research, the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, NorthStar, Mondecasa, Novox, NSI Ventures, and more. They have a competent team of professionals that you can consult by walking into their office on 60 Tannery Lane Singapore 347803. You can also email them on or call them using +65 6871 8979 for a quote.

16: FirstCom Solutions Pte Ltd

top website design agencies in Singapore FirstCom Solutions is a webdesign company in Singapore that provides digital solutions to businesses and organisations of varying sizes. They are part of the SMEs Go Digital Programme, which seeks to provide businesses with up to 70% funding for their e-commerce development. Their services include web development and design, digital marketing, content creation, web application design, and development, as well as brand strategy and development. They have worked with over 4000 SMEs since inception, and they have over 300 active clients. FirstCom Solutions have worked with businesses such as ST Electronics, SK-II, Star Hub, Takashimaya, Natural Cool Holdings Limited, china Town Point, Our Singapore, Nature’s Farm, Certis, London Fat Duck, and more. You can call them for an appointment or quote using +65 6848 4984. Better yet, you can meet the experts by walking into their offices located on 158 Kallang Way, #03-05 Performance Building, Singapore 349245.  


These are the top website design agencies in Singapore today. They provide holistic web design services and given their works, they have set web design trends in a variety of industries. The best course of action is to get quotes from different web design agencies and choose one that fits your budget and needs. Contact us for professional web design services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to provide a free and non-obligatory quote. We can also help you create a custom digital marketing plan at a competitive rate.