Best Website Design Examples For Singapore Marketers

The ultimate goal of any company in Singapore is having the best website design which is authentic and one that helps them grow their brand immensely.

Many websites on the internet are a masterpiece. They consistently manage to push the boundaries especially in design.

When you come across great websites, you definitely notice they have great usability, sound design, design aesthetic, and interactivity.

You can draw inspiration from so many of these websites to use on your site. These websites will inspire you to translate your vision for the website’s functionality to the results you want for your business.

Website designs vary based on preference, cost, time and other factors. Some websites are great at visual design while others are exemplary on interactivity. You will need some ideas on how you want your website to be after factoring the different costs using Guide to Cost of Web Design and Development .

Authentic and Exciting Website Designs

Below are 15 homepage designs that are not only authentic but also cool that you can learn from;


great design by dropbox

Dropbox re-designed their website late last year. The re-design included adding so many features that didn’t previously exist. Although it is quite simple, it stands out because its content is straight to the point. It has a call-to-action button encouraging the client to try it for free for 30 days.

The homepage is also simple, but embraces whitespace and limits the use of visuals and copy. Also, the sub-headline is very basic yet very powerful and brings the message home.

great colour use in evernote website design

This is a website you need emulate as it has an attractively rich homepage. The background has muted colours.  It has done an excellent job in packaging all the messages into few benefits unlike most websites.

As much as it is not simple for websites to convey every product or service they are offering,  Evernote has managed to do this effortlessly in its design. It has a simple headline which leads to the call-to-action.

Robby Leonardi (

another beautiful web design by rleonardi

The website has a fun and very interactive design portfolio. This prompts the user to want to keep scrolling. The website has a novel way of displaying its information prompting the user to read and engage more. You can copy a few tips because it incorporates a very interactive experience in its design.

Visual Mass

simplicity and class in web design

This is a great e-commerce site that has a simple yet engaging design. It has incorporated icons that are not only interactive but also clean and sleek.  The photos are incredible and make the users of the website want to go to the physical shop.

Since they have strategically put the pictures of the spectacles right above the fold of the home page, one can automatically tell what they are selling.

nice website design for a fintech firm is one of the best websites in design and development.  It is a trading hub for cryptocurrencies that uses artificial intelligence to determine or predict changes in the value of currencies. It also predicts and advises clients on the best buying and selling opportunities.

The website is an inspiration because it gradually explains the developer’s methods as you scroll down. This has made it relatively simple to understand what is going on. Additionally,  it has Crypton’s greetings that appear on the homepage making tech-savvy clients relate.


simplicity and class comes together for this website

This website has done an exemplary job visually. It is an inspiration because the content created is easy to digest. The site explains its products progressively hence the user can follow effortlessly.

Beagle successfully satisfies the client as they answer and address everything that the users are likely to ask. In addition, the website is set up in a way that compels the user to want to purchase the products they are offering.


engage best web design company in singapore

MediaOne has a straightforward design, and the website gives the user an easy going vibe. It has strong sub-headings and a strong headline too that catches the attention of the user.

Another aspect that you can draw from this is the fact that the call-to-action copy is direct and compelling.  Lastly, it has a CTA design that is effective. Click below to find out more about getting a nice website done for you too.

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School of the Art Design Singapore

vibrant website design

Although most school websites are boring, this particular website is different and stands out. The SOTA website has done an incredible job as it is design oriented unlike many school websites in Singapore and across the world. It is colourful and visual which is a concept that some people may like.

Their call-to-action does a great job of telling the users what they should do on the website.

Runaway Bandits

website design for ecommerce stores

With an exciting layout, the site is unique and you can get some few ideas form its design. The site is very clean and well designed. The menu has been placed on the left side of the site. If you are going for something different, look out for this website for some inspiration.


functional website design

The website enables users to build a custom wedding website. What stands out about this is the fact that the homepage is not crowded and only has the necessary information. In short, it is straightforward. Also, the website has a great headline and incredible products visuals.


minimalistic website designs

The content on this website has been displayed so boldly that the user is compelled to want to know more. The website has properly executed a grid structure while still having a tremendous visual hierarchy in its design.  The site has also leveraged on big typography, grid-based website design and the use of high-quality images.


smart functional website designs

If you are into visuals, then this is the site to draw inspiration from.  The design is fantastic and the whole concept is authentic. The information that is displayed on the website is simple, short and easily digestible.

The designers have done a great job on the drop menu icons.  This is a perfect example of a simple yet impactful design. It also shows that the designer has invested a lot of effort and time into it.

Amanda Martocchio Architecture

website for architecture firms

This is An Architecture Website that has a very visually pleasing design. The pictures used of the houses that the company designs are very enchanting.

Additionally, all houses are labeled and all details displayed. This ensures the user has an easy time. Photos from numerous angles of all the buildings are all shown to make it easier for the users to get the information they need.


smart website design for tech

TechValidate’s  homepage has a beautiful and authentic design. What stands out most about this website is that it has contrasting colours, white space, and customer-centric design.  It has headlines that are very compelling and straight to the point.

Lastly, it has a good information hierarchy that makes it very simple to scan and get to know what the page is about very fast.

Final Verdict

For you to have a great design, there needs to be a balance between clear layouts and engaging visuals. You can use the designs here or get some tips from Web Design Tips. If you want to have a tremendous authentic design, then you can draw some website design inspiration from some of the designs used by the above websites.