Best Web Designs in Singapore 2019

When it comes to web design, many companies tend to get stuck in the rut of recycling stale principles, only to end up missing out on opportunities to stick out from the crowd. Few actually go the extra mile to push boundaries to their own advantage, whether it be through design, usability, or interactivity. Innovative-driven websites often take into account both form and function in refreshing ways that impact how it is optimally perceived. Here are some notable examples of web design done right:



goodstuph super web design works

From the point visitors arrive on the website of social marketing agency Goodstuph, they are immersed into a world (almost literally) that has been painstakingly conjured to make for a stunning and engaging experience; one that cleverly incorporates high levels of user interactivity. For an agency that is only 8 years into its formation, Goodstuph already has a slew of impressive clients and accolades under its wing, all of which are creatively displayed on the website through quirky, imaginative monuments.


But wait—it gets better: users can also learn more about the agency by exploring an intricately designed make-believe city using a car that doubles as the website’s main scrolling bar. Talk about joyful micro interactions! You’re sure to spend plenty of time on this one.


Rig Resources

beautiful web aesthetics 1

Who says a website relating to the oil and gas industry has to be bland? While it may not seem like the most interesting field of work, Rig Resources let powerful, high-resolution images take centre stage to tell a compelling and credible story of what they do best.

nice website layout


Apart from just complementing informative details about what the company has to offer, the impactful photos also go a long way in adding a personalised, human touch to their industrial persona. Rig Resources also adheres to a pleasing monochromatic theme that is nicely accentuated with pops of red to make the website look collectively immersive.


Elementary Co.

minimalist design

Nothing quite grabs one’s attention like a personal and intriguing welcome. Branding agency Elementary Co. encapsulates this quite perfectly by welcoming visitors to its website with clear cut mission statements that reveal themselves across the screen letter by letter in a typewriter fashion; a technique that simply draws the viewer right in to convey what the brand is all about.

great website design example 2

Scroll further down the website and you’ll be greeted with more typographic animations and subtle movements that enhances the website’s seamless flow. It’s always rewarding to pay attention to details and Elementary Co. is proof of that.

elementary fun and funky website design 3

Save Smart

An interactive website was created to promote healthy financial habits among young adults as part of a joint initiative between and Moneysense. In order to inject some fun into the project, gamification is used in the form of a quiz where visitors get profiled according to their saving habits and knowledge.

save smart website ideas we can follow

While it may not directly impact any sort of substantial change on the issue, it is certainly a compelling marketing tool to get its target audience involved especially with its youthful and vivid concept.

Style Theory

style theory stylish designer website 1

A huge challenge for an e-commerce startup like Style Theory is to differentiate their concept from other existing offerings in the market. Coupling pastel hues and an effective use of negative space, they have succeeded in coming up with an intuitive website that makes it easy for new customers to learn how their service works.

style theory web design tips for fashion sites

Style Theory also creates convenience by capturing all the selling points of their service and then subsequently breaking it down into a step-by-step process that is easily comprehensible so potential customers are well-informed before they proceed to sign up.


Ogilvy & Mather

ogilvy tips for simple stylish web design 1

Home to some of the industry’s outstanding advertising moguls, Ogilvy & Mather are able to use their established presence to their advantage by requiring no formal introduction on who they are or what they do.

ogilvy website functional tips 2

On arrival, our attention is directed to a quote by founder David Ogilvy. It takes a slight scroll down the page for the words to splice themselves apart into grids that immediately showcase the agency’s extensive portfolio seen through stacks of frames that move fluidly with every movement to make the viewing experience more enticing. Rather than expecting the visitor to navigate to other pages of the website, Ogilvy & Mather take showing off their past works to the next level by highlighting them on the homepage itself.

ogilvy examples for good design online



bincho restaurant website design advice

Bincho’s unique dining concept is well-translated into a one-of-a-kind website, where its jarringly unusual layout defies all expectations of how sections should be organised. Texts are images are unpredictably juxtaposed and some might also appreciate how the website is not over-designed, giving a clean outlook that exudes “less is more”.

Bincho also gets innovative with a ‘day/night’ toggle that switches the website’s theme between two contrasting palettes, thus presenting the visitor with the capability to choose how they wish to interact with elements of the website.



rice website templates 1 

An online publication that churns fresh perspectives on local narratives, Rice is certainly a winner when it comes to perfecting the balance between design ad readability. Unlike many news providers on the web, Rice is generally clear of any distracting and obtrusive pop-up advertisements that might hinder the viewer’s reading experience. Their assortment of articles are segmented neatly into structured grids and categories; a style that is kept consistent across different pages of the website.

rice designer for website sg 2



Despite serving a particularly niche market, vending machine supplier Govend has got some serious personality to serve. Their website stays away from tacky corporate branding or ‘salesy’ language—instead, it plays with energising colour palettes and dynamic animations to portray an intriguing yet professional image.

govend artistic website creatives 1

Not only do they hook you in with a high-quality video upon arriving, Govend also utilises big typography, fluid transitions and plenty of food images that serve to enhance what would have otherwise been a dull website akin to their competitors.

govend colour website concept 2


National Gallery Singapore

national art gallery website samples 1

To align with their mission of championing the arts, National Gallery Singapore has taken on a classic, neutral aesthetic with their website so that it is able to fulfil its main purpose as a hub to promote creative content.

national art gallery singapore highly visual website 2

None of the website’s main elements detracts or clashes with any of the exhibition visuals being featured and navigations across the website are clearly mapped out so there are clear lines of action for varying purposes; whether it be finding out about current happenings or purchasing an entry ticket.