Best Ways to Grow YouTube subscribers in Singapore

How do others achieve it?

Building YouTube subscribers or followers is the first thing you should focus on if you want to get the vast exposures, mammoth views and huge traffic offered by YouTube. This is essential due to the massive digital online marketing competition in Singapore where many businesses are engaging in online marketing.

Why focus on YouTube subscribers?

A YouTube subscriber is a follower of your YouTube channel and who stays updated on your content and videos. By so doing, the subscriber becomes your big fun by watching, commenting and sharing your videos with other online users. In essence, a vast subscriber base is critical in your quest of creating a robust online community.


This article will go through six highly effective and easy methods to get more followers and subscribers to your YouTube videos and channel.


Before you go through these steps, it is noteworthy for you to ensure that you are already following marketing success principles in YouTube digital online marketing.


Consistency: if you want to be successful in YouTube, you need to keep updating and posting your business content consistently. YouTube is not for one and done business strategy. Always upload new videos on YouTube and share with all your subscribers as frequent as you can.


Value provision: empty content videos without any value addition to your followers will attract lesser views. Every uploaded video should be unique with the best content and business strategies. Always ensure that you set a higher bar with every video by providing more value.


Ensure remark-ability: you can not afford to be boring on YouTube. You should always ensure your videos are remarkable. Package them entertainingly and engagingly that markets your business while separating it from the rest. How will your YouTube videos be entertaining?


After practicing the above principles, it will be easy for you get successful results with these six strategies of getting subscribers in Singapore.


#1. Request for subscribers


Asking for subscribers in your videos is the best way to start gaining more subscribers. Always request your YouTube videos viewers to click on the ‘subscribe’ button above your video.


Below are perfect three-part formulas that you can use to ask the viewers to subscribe to your videos.

  1. Inform them of what to do.
  2. Let them know how to do it.
  3. Inform them why to do it.


For example: ‘to be notified about my latest YouTube videos and impressive marketing tips, subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking on the tab above this video.’


Make an effort to call your viewers to subscribe into your YouTube channel.


#2. Use annotations


Annotations are the small colourful sticky notes that are pasted all over the video when you upload it on YouTube. Most people misuse these annotations. However, placing the annotations strategically can serve as crossing bridge towards your rise in YouTube marketing.


There are two appropriate annotation uses in achieving a higher number of subscribers.

Call-to-action annotation: you should place a ‘speech bubble’ annotation which is suitably set aligning below the subscribe button. Make sure you add this annotation button to all your YouTube videos.


Click-to-action annotation: this involves the use of a spotlight annotation that lays over the subscribe button in your video. The viewers can subscribe to your channel by clicking on the spotlight annotation.

Ensure all your videos have this subscribe button.


#3. Adding of YouTube widget to your blog


A web property that is already receiving a lot of traffic provides a significant opportunity to convert the visitors to subscribers. They have to click a button to become your subscribers.


There are two quick and easy ways of getting more subscribers once you start uploading your videos on YouTube.

YouTube subscription widget: it is easy for other people to subscribe to your YouTube channel by installing a YouTube subscription widget to your website sidebar.

You need to copy the iframe code and paste it below your site’s HTML code for the full installation of the widget.


Youtube official blog eradicates more about the steps of installing the YouTube subscriber widget.

Call for action graphic: it is now possible for you to interact with YouTube videos that are already embedded on a blog. You should utilise this chance to add a little graphic above your video telling people what they need to do as they are watching the video, ‘click play.’


This will not only increase the chances of the online users to share the video, but it will also promote their frequency of subscribing to the channel through clicking on ‘more info’ button.


#4. Leverage featured channels.


Partnering with other YouTube content creators is one of the best alternative methods of creating more youtube subscribers.


Youtube page features an option for you to add other channels that you are interested in. When you recommend and like youtube channels of businesses with the similar brand as your business, you should expect some new subscribers from the liked channel to come in your way and subscribe.


Make sure you add featured channels, and you also request for your channel to be added as a featured channel.


#5. Consistent interaction


Continuous interaction with many members of the YouTube community gives you awareness of the more prominent role YouTube plays other than being a platform to upload your video.


Comment, like and subscribe for others to support their channels and you will get similar reciprocation.

Always leave genuine comments in other marketing channels .by this, more people will be interested in following and subscribing to your channel.


#6. Creation of a payoff


This is my most preferred strategy in growing new YouTube followers. Posting your goals to the public always has a magical effect.


Creating a payoff involves setting an online goal in which you will do something the day you will attain the goal. This could be for example shaving your hair or performing a crazy dance video if you reach a certain number of subscribers. The online users will quickly subscribe while having fun to help you achieve the goal. This gives you the easiest way to engage with your subscribers and attain your goals enjoyably.