Best SEO Tools For The Singapore Digital Marketer

Every Singapore digital marketer will need to have some tools in the box in order to get his campaign set up and running within hours because its difficult to be always running to a digital agency for every small fix.

Many of these tools are readily available and actually free of charge. Others cost a small one-time fee or a can be obtain via the thousands of freelancers and contractors that is always available online.

It makes sense to always have a list of these SEO tools on standby for the odd occasion when you are left to your own devices and the deadline is looming.

Here are some of the best SEO tools MediaOne has compiled for you. If these are not exhaustive enough or you have any questions using them – you can always contact us for a friendly discussion.

Keywords are the foundation of every marketing campaign or SEO. Keyword research tool outlines the list of crucial long tail keywords useful in targeting customers. Some of the best keyword research tools include;

powerful keyword research tool

This is a keyword research tool with an accurate keyword difficult store. This makes it simple in finding profitable keywords you want to rank for. With, you will get the Real-time keyword SEO. You can be able to expand the keyword research in one click. This is enabled by the instant google SERP analysis based on the SEO metrics. Get the power to see the keywords your competitors are missing by using this keyword research tool. Its customer’s review says it’s the best tool they have ever used. Price: pro plans Start at $48/mo.


great free keyword suggestion tool

Are you looking to get more keywords for your business website? Ubersuggest is the right keyword research tool for you. You just need to get into their website and type keyword below to generate more suggestions. You will get everything for free in SEO and PPC overview from seasonality cost per click data to seasonality.

Moreover, you can use Ubersuggest for as many times as you wish without restrictions. Ubersuggest filters for you the keyword difficulty to determine how competitive the keyword is in the market. This tool has a competitive overview section that lists all your business competitors and shows their ad copy. The data is essential in determining the worthiness of a particular keyword. The more people going for the keyword, the more you should consider bidding for it.


good tools to find best keywords for website content

Spyfu strategy in online marketing is critical. Spyfu enables you to unleash the bank links and all your competitors’ content that makes them outrank you. You will be able to know the most profitable keywords of your competitors hence planning on new SEO and PPC opportunities strategy. Price: $33+/mo.


search for relevant keywords that I can use for my website

Stuck for great keyword ideas for use on your SEO campaign? Check out It works on a number of keyword platforms, whether you intend to use it for Amazon, YouTube, Google or the App Store. is an excellent alternative to Keyword Planner as it reveals long-tail keywords you won’t normally find.


great keyword suggestions tools free

Soovle is among the best research tools. Its interface hides the ability to hold to any keyword you would like to explore later. The tool is fast and efficient in analyzing the search suggestions from the top internet providers. Soovle is one of the authoritative and trustworthy domains without visitor’s review. One of the cons associated with this tool is poor integration with the social domain’s networks. It has no traffic coming from social networks. Price: not free., 7-day free trial.


suggest and generate many keyword phrases

LSIGraph generates the most profitable semantically related keywords for all your business SEO needs. The LSI keyword contains keywords that are related to the main keyword with high engagement and ranking rate. The tool will provide the keyword that works best for your business. By just picking the keywords with the best intrinsic semantic value from LSIGraph, using them in your content, bank links and anchored texts gives you a higher ranking in the SERP. Reviews show how easy and customer friendly it is. Use the powerful LSI keywords to outrank your competitors.

Structured Data Testing Tool

find out if my website coding structure is optimal

A user-friendly tool that can test schema markups and check on-page schema code? Sign us up! All that SDTT needs is the URL of the website and the markup, and it does the rest.

Search Metrics

best content marketing platform singapore

Search metrics is an SEO and content marketing platform that gives you analysis to help you reveal your companies’ opportunities, decisions, and connection. Search metrics will help you boost your online visibility and make perfect marketing decisions. The tool accurately analyses the SEO rankings and website traffic.

Price; $24.99/mo.,14-day trial


content marketing plaform recommended for singapore

Social media is one of the important platforms for digital online marketing. You need to properly manage all the social media content including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hootsuite helps you manage all those social media in one place. It enables you to find prospects and serve your customers more efficiently. This is made possible by the scheduling of many social media posts across all the social media platforms. You will hence maintain 24/7 social media presence.



check the website download speed

Speed test tools are used to test the performance and speed of your internet connections. You want to know how fast is your website. This will help the online marketers improve the speed of their website’s connection for user’s efficiency.

SEO is all about the user experience. GTMetrix allows you to manage UX and how speedy you want your website to load. By checking on the stats such as loading speed and in areas where you could improve it, GTMetrix is a must-have SEO tool if you want a well-polished site. The reason why we pick GTMetrix above all other similar SEO tools is that it’s intuitively easy while providing enough options to satisfy any webmaster.

GTMetrix does analyses of millions of pages daily. This tool analyzes the speed of your site and optimizes it for you to make it faster. The tool also insights on recommendations and the actions you should take for proper optimization. GTMetrix has additional features including a developer toolkit, video capture, mobile analyzer, page monitoring, and monitoring alerts to give you complete details other than a mere glance. Analyze your site today and make it as fast as you can.

Price: $99+/year


use the pingdom tool to test how fast your website loads

Talk about reliable alerting, page speed monitoring, synthetic interaction testing, and root cause analysis. These all are contained in pingdom. The tool helps you gain insights on your web performance and availability for you to win over the customers with an outstanding end-user experience. You will increase smoother website interactions and fast website in all your business pages. Price: free


check out what platform my website is built on

If you’re wondering how a particular website was built using what CMS tools and technology, then you’ll find the answer in Builtwith. This web profiler tool dissects the website down to the core components and it tells you what analytics program was used, among other things. It’s great to have when you want to peek under the hood of your website’s engine.

Google Keyword Planner

keyword planner tool from google adwords

Speaking of which, no webmaster should be without the Google Keyword Planner. It’s the best of its kind when it comes to researching effective keywords. Feed it with a seed word and watch as the suggestion start coming in, with useful stats such as average monthly searches and other details.

Every business owner wants to reach the maximum number of customers. Google keyword planner helps to build your campaign and reach out to the right customers using the right keywords. You will be able to remain at the top of trending keywords while your content remains relevant. The tool has three modes of action including discovering of new keywords, comparison of keywords trends and creation and sharing of your business plan. This super powerful tool is free.

Google Search Console

how to find good keywords for my industry

GSC is an excellent tool that puts out a comprehensive visual of how your website appears in search aspects. Moreover, it will give some useful advice on how you can rank up higher by changing certain site appearance elements. With this SEO audit tool, you can get HTML improvement suggestions, crawl errors and much more.

Wayback Machine

use wayback machine aka internet archive to see old websites

A web archive is a tool utilized in management and capturing of digital search contents without the use of technical expertise. Its advanced search gives you access to millions of free websites, books, movies, software, and music. Price: free

Open up the Wayback Machine and put on your futuristic specs, because it’s time to travel back to time in style. You’ll see what the earliest website looked like. Audit the snapshots of how your site looked like before you noticed something off about the traffic. This is especially helpful if you haven’t had a back-up program yet.

Domain Ownership Tool (

domain ownership tool online free provides the starting point for your domain by checking its names, registration, and availability. However, this tool cannot e able to access the registration details of an already registered website without the permission of the owner. More so, it cannot be able to register the domain.

Domain Ownership Tool (

free online tools to see who owns this domain

WHOIS search provides you with the right avenue to search for the domain name, website, and IP tools. You can be able to see website information, find all the demand domain data and register the domain names on the web.

Domain Ownership Tool (

find out real owners of website domain

Whois domain enables you to trace the owner of a domain. This is through the already registered database containing contact information, registration date, and domain name server information. The tool is easy to use requiring you to enter the domain or IP address you want to search.

Domain Age Checker (Small SEO Tools)

how old is the age of this domain

Domain age checker provides you with an efficient way to determine the age of your domain website. The age of a domain refers to the duration of time the domain has existed since it was registered. The age is determined using the address aspect in which users use when accessing your site.

Domain Age Checker (WebConfs)

best domain age checking tool online free

Domain age is a leading digital marketing tool offering free keyword search and website ranking. This tool gives you an overview of your website when you started and displays its age on the internet. You can similarly use the tool to search the age of your competitor’s site.

AWR Cloud

easy and simple keyword rank tracking tool

Advanced web ranking makes rank tracking easy as the name suggests. The tool is well packaged and accessible from any device regardless of desktop or mobile device. They feature accurate ranking data for clients around the globe. The AWR has all types of results that Google incorporates in the web search. They include video, twitter, reviews, snippet, knowledge panel, and site links. Price: free

Redirect Path 2017

path redirection

Redirect Path is a Chrome extension that allows you to redirect site errors and discover HTTP malfunctions. With it, you’ll get to see what’s immediately wrong and have more time fixing it instead of looking for it. It’s a great plugin to use if you’re looking at a few site pages.

Google Trends

use google trends to see when are the ups and downs of search volumes

Knowing exactly how your competition moves is essential to online success. Marketers will use any and all tools, including website audit tools to see where the trend is going. It’s definitely a huge advantage to have when you want a successful marketing campaign.

Google Trend is an easy tool that will show you what’s up in terms of search terms, similar topics and search entities. Having Google Trends close by is essential if you want to get the lion’s share and come up ahead in the competition. It’s always good to have a sense of shifting trends and query behavior. Bloggers, webmasters and marketers alike can improve their numbers by having information as to what’s hot and what’s not.

Web Developer Toolbar

what free tools can I use to check my website issues

In the tech phase of your website SEO audit? Open up the Web Developer Toolbar. It will help you disable cookies, images, Javascript, CSS and others. It’s a bare-bones tool that does the job quite well.

Bing Webmaster Tools

how can i check my website traffic statistics in singapore

The BWT is the little brother of the Google Search Console. It keeps you in the know on how your website is performing in at Bing. Believe it or not, Bing is where 20 percent of all the world’s internet traffic goes. You’ll see how the Bing engine works via on-page key word optimizations, indexation, crawling and other elements, things that you can use when it comes to ranking on Google’s search engine.

SEO Spider Tool by Screaming Frog

tools you can use to track website ranking

One of the top web crawlers that’s absolutely free! You get the most essential data on all your URLs. It works well in conjunction with all the other SEO tools you’ll be using to analyze the data spewing out of the SEO Spider Tool.

ScreamingFrog enables you to get essential data on all your URLs. Some of the pros of ScreamingFrog include the perfect integration with all the SEO tools you use to analyze the data. More so, the web crawlers are free.

LinkResearch Tools

audit and recovery from google penalty

LinkResearch tools are the most trusted analytic tool by big respected brands such as LinkedIn, Victoria’s secret, Intel, eBay, and Swarovski. The tool helps you to monitor and analyze your existing links and keep the useful rankings for your company. This helps you to outperform your competitors by learning where to get strong links and how the link can help in building a strong link. Price: free


deepcrawl link auding tools recommended singapore

DeepCrawl enables online marketers to make their websites useful, relevant and accessible. Customers review states that the marketers who use DeepCrawl spend little time trawling through the data hence maximizing on the changes and recommendations. Your business will receive increased organic traffic in a few months of using DeepCrawl. One of its significant advantages is its universal usability by individual and corporate companies. Price: free

Moz Pro

moz pro gives you insights on keywords and links


Don’t be stressed by a complicated SEO anymore, Moz Pro incorporates all the SEO tools together. The tool will target the right keywords and help you in the creation of custom reports. Moz neatly binds together keyword research metrics and makes the advanced complex analysis easy. You can spend your time in the generation of web traffic other than spreadsheets. Track your competition as well to now your local and international searches. With Moz Pro, you can be able to audit your site for harmful issues and give suggestions on how to fix them. Pricing start at $99/mo with a 14-day trial

The whole package of SEO tools. It’s a suite designed to help online marketers. There are some great tools that you can use, including the following:

– SERP Overlay can be found along the Mozbar. It shows important OSE metrics found in individual search results.

– Mozbar is a helpful browser toolbar that allows you to access some of Moz’s best SEO tools with just one click of a mouse button.

– Moz Local allows you to see a company’s local citations. It’s one of the first tools webmasters and professional SEO agencies use when they begin an SEO campaign on any website.

– Open Site Explorer gives you some helpful metrics in approximating link equity. Overall, it’s an awesome backlink analysis tool you should always have open.


use semrush to get analytical insights into your competitor websites

SEMRush enables you to go above conventional marketing with unlimited access to custom reports, analytical data, and team-based projects. The high-level analysis provided by this tool is apparent and is efficient for incorporation to the digital marketing strategy. Improve your business performance today and identify opportunities from a trustworthy source. Aaron Wall, the founder of SEObook, says that SEMRush is his favorite SEO tool. Price: $99.95+/mo.


use ahrefs to spy on what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO and PPC

Ahrefs is the arguably the best tool for researching about your business competitors, grow your search traffic and monitoring your niche. It is well known among the professional’s SEOs and content marketers for the high quality of data it provides. You will be able to understand why your competitors rank so high and what you have to outdo them. The keywords are over a billion and are ready to provide you with the relevant keyword for your company website. The tool will also show you the SERP ranking history and give you great insights about the searcher’s behavior. The main disadvantage about Ahrefs is you can start with a 7-day trial for $7, which provides you with full access to either Lite or Standard plan.


use majestic seo to see how good the backlinks are

Majestic is a marketing search engine for small and large businesses. This analytical tool is vital to SEO professionals in helping them find potential clients, audit websites, and analyze your success rate. Additionally, majestic helps entrepreneurs to trace their SEO team and measure their success. Analyze the large company websites to find the one that is ranked highest in business using Majestic. Price: free

Google Analytics

how to use google analytics for singapore e-marketers


The big daddy sits right on top of the list. Any respectable web blogger, owner or webmaster will have used or will have come across Google Analytics at one point. It shows you one of the most important data in managing a website- how a visitor acts when he or she navigates around your website. It’s a behavioural analytics tool that no other SEO tool can match, and this is why Google Analytics stands high among the others.

Analytics tools help give you a complete view of your customers insights helping you grow your business to higher levels. It features advanced apps for learning about potential customers, products and lead conversion. You need to know the performance of its website, the customer’s reactions, and their competitor’s context.

This is a unique and perfect analytic programmer on the internet. Google analytics helps us to optimise art marketplace in your business. You only need to connect it to your WordPress site and get the hundreds of metrics. With this program, you can use it to track highly relevant and specific conversion goals. Google analytics is currently used by more than fifty percent of the top ten thousand websites globally. It gives you the power to see the location of your website visitors, what they are doing in your site and how often they visit. This makes it one of the most popular analytical tools among the customers. It is free of charge.


wonderful anti plagiarism checking tool online

Plagiarism checkers use deep search technology to compare and contrast written work with already established work. These software tools have engaging feedback to help millions of their users improve writing.

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker for looking at your web pages and offers solutions to content fraud and theft. The software tool compares two web pages or articles and detects similarity. It uses the Google search engine as the provider of the comparison pages and articles. However, Copyscape features premium bundle that performs more extensive plagiarism check such as copy-paste originality checks. Copy entry services send you an email if there is the detection of your copies of content.

Word Counter

how to count the number of words online - use this tool

Not only does word counter help you to count words and characters, but it also improves your word choice, writing style and help you detect grammar mistakes. You are supposed to type in the word counter text box or paste your written work in the box. Word counter is useful when you have a minimum or maximum word to write in a book, essay or article. More so, word counter gives details overview of the top ten keywords in your text. However, it is not a hundred percent guaranteed to be accurate. Price: free

Online Press Release

online news PR service

The online press release is a customer engagement tool that helps create a closer relationship as you build your business brand. The tool gives the ability to listen to your clients, create valuable content and share the story through the press release in a move of analyzing your program effectiveness. This online press release enables your company to stay at the top of the latest news and widening its popularity. Create stories related to trending topics and important marketing conversations to attract more traffic to your site.

Price: $33+/mo.,30 -day money back guarantee


tool to check validity of SSL secure socket layer

This tool is referred to as the SSL Server Test. it is an online free service that performs analysis on your SSL website server on the public internet. The information about your website is not used for any other purpose.

SSL Shopper

best SSL checking tool in the market

The SSL Checker is useful in verification of your SSL certificate on your website server. It helps to ensure that it is valid, trusted and correctly installed. Moreover, the checker eliminates all the errors of any user by using the SSL certificate installation to diagnose all problems.

We are MediaOne use SSL Shopper in favour of the rest all the time as its fast, accurate and very informative to understand where the issues may be in the cases of incorrect installation.


keys4up seo tool

Key4Up helps you find related keywords on any topic, get higher rankings in Google Search, and writer more converting and relevant content. This doesn’t offer any significant help in doing the classical keyword research that you can complete with Semrush and Google Keyword Planner. Instead, it provides an automated keyword, which makes it excellent for journalists, copywriters, and more importantly, SEO experts that require semantically related phrases and terms for their topics. You can also use it to export data to CSV, refine your results by searching again, and determining relevant keywords for content.


siteliner seo tool

Siteliner is an analysis SEO tool. If you have been having problems with duplicate content on your website, this is the best tool for you to find contrasting content on any page that is part of your website. It also helps check the similarity between the content on your website and other websites. Ever since Google started to penalise sites that display duplicate content sourced from other sites, bloggers are more wary of losing rankings they’ve struggled to achieve. And this is the right tool to help you achieve that. Besides, you can use Siteliner to locate broken links and page speed and size.


woorank seo tool

Woorank is an SEO ranking tool with both paid and free options. It is a handy tool for anyone who wants to track and make reports on the marketing data of a website. Use it to eavesdrop on your competitors and find out their keyword secrets and use them to make an overlap with your own keywords. You can also track the performance of your keywords in a given period so that you can have a better understanding of the industry and make appropriate optimisation for your site’s users. A monthly subscription to their services costs US$59.99 and can depend on whether you’re using the tool for your website or your client’s website.

Advanced Web Ranking

advanced web ranking tool

This is the SEO tool for SEO purists and sophisticates who want tools that offer both typical and advanced SEO features. Use Advanced Web Ranking to complete the usual – competitor analysis, web optimisation, keyword research, rank tracking, etc. – and more intricate tasks such as social media monitoring and computing your site’s link building analytics. It is particularly invaluable in determining the rankings of the website based on specific keywords. You can also run reports on any number of websites, search engines, and keywords. One of the biggest advantages it offers is the ability to export data in most of the popular formats: PDF, HTML, XML, XLS, CSV, TXT, and so on. They offer four plans: Starter – US$49.00/mo, Pro – US$99.00/mo, Agency – US$199.00/mo, and Enterprise – US$499.00/mo.


wordtracker seo tool

WordTracker is famous for its robust keyword research tool. The keyword research tool holds a stash of more than 160 million keywords. This trove adds to 95 million keywords provided by SEMrush, WordTracker’s partner and an excellent SEO tool on its own right. If you have such a wealth of data, finding the best long-tail and short keywords becomes as easy as ABC. Just recently, WordTracker added the Link Builder onboard. You can use the link builder to scour the internet and find the best link prospects, especially those based on your popularity, relevance, and authority. The standard plan costs US$499.00/mo while the Enterprise plan costs US$10,000.00/mo.


whitespark seo tool

This is a whole SEO company rather than a single SEO tool. The company provides a suite of sumptuous SEO tools; they include Offline Conversation Tracker, Local Citation Finder, Review Handout Generator, and Link Prospector. Local Citation Finder is perhaps the most distinctive of all; it emphasises one of the few areas of SEO that doesn’t receive sufficient attention – local SEO. In Local SEO, you optimise your business to rank highly in the local results displayed by Google Search, i.e. you make the business more visible at the local geographical region where it is located. Furthermore, Local Citation Finder helps you find citation sources for specific keywords in specific cities. Whitespark charges US$30.00 per location and can offer lower prices with an increasing number of locations quoted by the client.