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MediaOne is the most reliable and pioneering digital marketing agency in Asia, with extensive and sole focus on white-hat SEO. Our services are a proof that white-hat SEO can take online brands to the next level, with better and higher rankings.

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For users, not spiders.

Breaking the Mould

Established in 2008, MediaOne is among the first digital marketing agencies in Asia to launch its services around the foundations of white-hat SEO. While many laughed off our initial endeavors, given the considerable doubt on white-hat SEO and its practicality in the real world of online marketing, we have managed to break the mold in more ways than one. We boast of having successful projects while being based on white-hat SEO and make the most of our incredible pool of tested services.

Doing it right.

With experience to kill competition

MediaOne believes that white-hat SEO is in its DNA, and our commitment to the same has often required us to take up huge challenges. We always knew that white-hat SEO would be time-consuming, but with a team of experienced online marketing professionals, we have managed to do the best for the most resource intensive projects.

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All around the clock, just for you.

24/7 real-time reporting

MediaOne also boasts of having the first 24/7 real-time client reporting system, which allows our clients to track the growth of their project at any point of time. Besides staying updated on the campaign, they also get constructive feedback from the system.

Exceptional Quality

The idea is to empower clients and offer them real and better control their marketing campaigns.

Behind every successful business,

there is a team, & our team is our USP.

MediaOne gets its power and strategies from a team that’s constantly trying to innovate. Our staff and team remain the key to our pool of excellent, award-winning services, and we cannot thank them enough. We create a collaborative and constructive work environment within the office, which is why our team delivers far more than what’s expected of them.

The MediaOne team gets the benefits of some of the best company policies, such as frequent training sessions, flexible working hours, monthly team activities, which fosters a great culture within the organisation.

MediaOne is not just another company to work – We are a bunch of creative individuals who want to achieve results by thinking out of the box. For us every client campaign is not just something that had to be tackled – to us its a challenge that is unique and fun, something to be cracked because its fun and part of our creed. Obviously the winner will be the client and other clients after that after we have found the new system to apply thereafter for similar cases.



We strongly believe that the expertise and experience of a marketing agency is determined by its clientele. MediaOne has worked with some of the biggest giants in business, including Fuji Xerox, P&G, Pazzion, Maybank, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Braun Buffel, Sheraton Hotel, Hotel InterContinental, Cambridge University, Mannings, etc.

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