8 Crucial Technical SEO Issues and How to Fix Them


In the current wake of algorithms such as Panda, Hummingbird, and Penguin, you need to make sure that the content published on your website is of high quality to earn links and win the search engine optimization game. However, having quality content will not help you rank high on search engines if the site has technical and structural issues.

Here are three technical SEO issues and how to fix them.

Improper Redirects

As the business scales up, you might need to transfer an entire site or web page to a new URL to reach out to more people. According to a statement released by Google, one of the best ways of making sure that search engines and target users are directed to the correct page or site is by using a 301 redirect. A professional web development agency in Singapore can locate such errors and set up 301 redirects using premium webmaster tools.

Slow Page Loads

By now, you already know that page speed is one of the factors that influence user experience and search engine ranking. Web pages that contain elements such as images, JavaScript and length videos need to be optimized by an expert for speed. Google PageSpeed Tools and GTmetrix can help you to know how fast your web pages load. Implementing all or just a few of the suggestions offered by these tools will boost the page load speed.

Messy URLs

Blog platforms and content management systems sometimes automatically create awkward or messy URLS for new content and pages. They may insert “index.php?p=356456” at the end of a URL. Such URLs will hurt your credibility and interaction with users and search engines. If not resolved, it can result in a significant drop in click-through-rates. SEO optimized URLs should contain high-value keywords and should be easy to ready for not only users but also the search engines. Concisely, SEO friendly URLS will boost your site’s ranking by making it possible for search engines to index the pages.

According to a report by Google, sites that record poor engagement statistics and have “crawlability” issues are considered irrelevant to the target audience. Making the site user-friendly or easy to navigate by investing in a new web design will help boost engagement statistics and ranking.

Low Text-to-HTML Ratio

This is one of the common SEO issues that we see on not only Singapore websites but also on other business websites. Low text-to-HTML ratio is usually a sign that the website has other deeply rooted on-page technical SEO issues.

Here are some of the problems that are associated with low ratios.

  • Poor load time due to excessive and unclean code
  • Hidden texts
  • Excessive inline styling, flash, and Javascript

JavaScript is one of the best and most preferred programming languages in the realm of Singapore website design. However, if the web designer is not fully conversant with it, it will slow down your website. It is possible to resolve this problem by adding the relevant on-page text where needed and making sure that inline scripts are in separate files. Removing unnecessary code can also help solve the problem amicably.

Broken/Faulty Links

Links are great as they help the website visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and conveniently. For example, you can use a link to direct potential customers form the home page to the landing page. Both internal and external link have a huge impact on on-page seo.

However, broken or faulty links will affect your site SEO negatively for the following three reasons:

  • Your site page authority will be affected negatively
  • Broken links affect crawl budget, in that, search bots will not be able to crawl your site if there is a bunch of broken links. Important pages might not be crawled and indexed due to presence of broken links on the pages
  • Potential customers perception of your site drops

Head over to Google Search Console and click on “Crawl Errors” button to identify pages that are contain broken links and are returning 404 responses. Fix all the identified errors to offer the best user experience to your site visitors.

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Language Declaration Issues

This tip mostly applies to Singapore business websites that have a global audience. Language declarations are important as they make it possible for search engines to detect the language used to present the content on the site.

The declarations facilitates text-to-speech conversions and improve user experience as translators are able to read the content posted on the page in their native language. In addition, there are other geo-location and SEO benefits that language declaration offers.

Check the HTML Language Code Reference list to select the right code for your Singapore websites. It is important to note that language declaration is one of the most essential aspects of web page relevance score and has a direct impact on search engine optimization.

Return tag errors caused by hreflang annotations that do not cross-reference one another should also be checked and rectified. You can easily identify these errors by using Google Search Console > International Targeting. The annotations need to be linked to one another. That is, if page A links to B, then page B needs to reciprocate by linking back to page A.

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Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to information copied from other websites and pasted on your pages without proper attribution being done. According to research done by Raventools, 29% of all sites online have duplicate content. Does your Singapore business website fall in this category?

Even though copy-pasting content from other websites to yours can save you time and energy, your ranking on SERPs will be affected negatively. Google will also penalize your website and if they do you might lose your chance of ranking higher than your competitors on Singapore SERPs.

You can correct this issue by using tools such as Copyscape and Siteliner to check your website content for originality. Any content that is marked as duplicate by any of these tools should be deleted and replaced with fresh content that is 100% unique and relevant to your brand.

Go an extra mile and ensure that the preferred URL version of your site in Google Webmasters is correct. Go to Settings options located on the top right section in Google Console and choose the URL format you want. By doing so, if a search engine bot comes across a website that links to a non-www version of your Singapore business site, and already set your preferred URL as www, the linking URL will be equally, that is, just like the www one.

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It is also important to note that there is a great possibility of link sharing, parameter tracking problems and website backlinking if different URLs have the same content. You can avoid these problems by using a canonical tag. The search engine bot that comes across this tag will perceive the link as the actual or original resource. Every link to the duplicate web page will be treated like a link to the original web page and this will ensure that no SEO value is lost due to such links.

The canonical tag should also be placed in the meta description on WordPress. It is found at the very bottom section of the page in Yoast Plugin.


Broken Images and Missing Alt Tags

Image optimization problems are common but unless your Singapore business website heavily depends on them, you can rectify them later. However, broken images and missing alt tags are prevalent issues that you must fix if you are to succeed in getting your site ranked on top of SERPs.

Alt tags are the HTML attributes of images and its main role is to describe the content. If an image component does not render properly on your website, the alt tag for that image will describe the function and the contents. Alt tags also help search engine bots to understand the information presented on the page and so it is recommended to include the keyword in each of them.

The solution so this problem is simple, just locate the image component in your site’s HTML code and proceed to add an alt tag.

A comprehensive website SEO audit will identify these and more technical issues as well as provide recommendations. Get in touch with us today for the best SEO, digital marketing and website design services in Singapore.