7 Ingenious Ways of Revamping Your LinkedIn Company Profile

By 18/04/2018Blog
LinkedIn marketing

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In light of the significant digital revolution in Singapore, social networking platform such as LinkedIn continues to gain traction, especially in the business world. They are replacing the old-school ways of connecting with customers by providing more communication options that are interactive and more effective in passing the message to the target audience.

According to a recent study, there are more than 1 million active LinkedIn business and individual profiles in Singapore. Based on this statistics, it is clear that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the country. Unlike other platforms such as Facebook that is mainly used for marketing, you can use LinkedIn to hire experts in your niche as well as connect with potential customers.

However, to get the best results from LinkedIn, you need to make sure that your profile is expertly optimized. Here are 7 expert tips on how to revamp your Singapore LinkedIn company profile today.

Interact with Your Audience

The first thing that potential clients see when they land on your LinkedIn profile or page is the company’s description. Depending on the way you create it, they may decide to leave or contact your support team for more information about your brand. Net them by amplifying this section of your page by including text that highlights your company’s personality, goals, and objectives.

As you write the description, try to envision yourself as the consumer then focus on the specific attributes that set you apart from the competition. Uniqueness will not only help to stay ahead of the curve but also make it easy for search engines to understand what your business does to avoid any form of confusion.

Share Professional News Related to Your Niche

Notably, LinkedIn is ideal for showing industry expertise than all other platforms. Show the audience that you are fully conversant with the industry by sharing the professional news that is directly or linked to your niche. For example, if you are offering website design service in Singapore, consider sharing information about the latest website design trends and templates. You can also go an extra mile to discuss Google SEO strategies as well as things a business can do to ensure that Google does not penalize them for violating any of the latest Google algorithm updates.

Another excellent way of showing that you are a pro at what you do is converting press releases into engaging and easy to understand blog posts then publishing it on your profile. You can also share recent interviews with industry leaders to win prospects trust and confidence. LinkedIn is also ideal for announcing upcoming product launches.

All this kind of information will significantly boost your brand awareness efforts and give you a higher cutting edge in the market. Note that 80% of customers only purchase products or seek services from companies that they can trust and connect with emotionally. Content that shows that you are an expert in a particular field will motivate the readers to approach you for solutions whenever they have a problem.

Make Sure Your Content is Unique

When a new Google algorithm update is released, hundreds if not thousands of people write articles about it and publish it on their website. Even though scraping one article and re-publishing on your LinkedIn profile may seem like a good idea, DON’T DO IT. Otherwise, you will be penalized for copyright infringement.

The wise thing to do is spend time creating your content and use the various tools to be sure that its 100% unique before publishing it on your page. Keep your posts short and sweet instead of long and dry if you are to succeed in grasping the attention of the reader.

Capture Readers Attention Using Visuals

One of the main reasons why Instagram and Pinterest are successful in Singapore is because they are tailored to allow the audience to post visuals such as infographics, short videos, and GIFs, and images. The cliché statement that a picture is worth a thousand words still applies to LinkedIn.

Including images and other visuals in your Singapore company, the LinkedIn page will help capture the attention of the visitors. If they love the visuals and the content on the pages, there is a high chance that they will not only engage with the page but also share it with friends and colleagues. Such free marketing will boost your visibility online, direct more customers to your page and eventually to your main website.

Make Use of Keywords

The gap between the number of mobile searches and desktop searches continues to widen thanks to vast smartphone penetration in the country. A majority of Singaporeans who use LinkedIn use the platform’s mobile app to access it.

Including high-value keywords in all the content that you publish on the page will not only increase your rank on Google but also make the content easier to find. Note that hundreds of other companies also use the same platform, so you need to make sure that you use the best keywords.

Carry out extensive research using tools such as Google Analytics to know the ideal keywords to incorporate into your content. Include them in your company description, URL link, and external links to boost recognition. More importantly, make sure that the keywords flow with a sense of authority and expertise.

Post More Entertaining yet Informative Videos

Last year, 2017, LinkedIn introducing a video strategy that allows users to upload videos on their profiles using the mobile app. The idea behind this strategy is to enable them to create videos that highlight their expertise, professional work. The videos can also be used to demonstrate how a particular product works as well as respond to frequently asked questions.

More than 52% of customers in Singapore polled in a recent study confirmed to us that watching product description and Q&A videos influence their online purchase decisions. Therefore, posting such videos on your LinkedIn page will not only help you to connect with the target audience better but also increase the conversion rate.

Leverage LinkedIn Analytics

Sure, LinkedIn is not the fastest growing social network site, but it continues to redefine its process to provide it’s over 500 million users with the best experience. One feature that has proven to be helpful to companies that actively use the platform for marketing purposes is analytics.

Concisely, in this section of the site, you will get statistics that give a clear picture of the performance of every post you publish on the page. For example, you will be able to evaluate posts based on the likes, comments, and views they accrue over time.

LinkedIn AnalysisHaving this information at hand will help you to know the best content you should publish. You will also be able to anticipate the engagement levels to expect after publishing thereby ensuring that you efficiently use your time and the resources that the platform offers.

Final Thoughts

Having a LinkedIn page in Singapore for your business will help you harness the power of social networking and ensure that your business succeeds in all frontiers. Be sure to track the performance of the page regularly to know if they are specific areas that you need to tweak. More importantly, consider hiring us, MediaOne to assist you to come up with stellar content that is SEO optimized as well as run successful digital marketing campaigns on the LinkedIn and other similar platforms.