5 Ways Web design Impacts Customer Experience

In the current world it is almost impossible for any company/business to thrive if it does not have a website. Businesses strive to establish an online presence in order to reach out to potential clients. This trend has led to the emergence of web design agencies across the globe. You must be asking yourself how web design impacts customer experience.

People who purchase products or services online appreciate companies which make their web stores easy to access. When developing digital marketing strategies, web masters usually include web design among the most important factors.

Why is this so? Web design is crucial for any business that is looking toward succeeding in a competitive environment. It is like a physical shop and it is where clients land when they are looking for certain products online. If done properly, web design has the ability to increase the number of people visiting a website.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which web design impacts customer experience.

  1. Speed

There has been an increase in the number of internet users over the past two decades not only in Singapore but also other parts of the world. The world has truly become a global village. If you have a business, it is possible to have clients who are thousands of miles away.

One characteristic that most people surfing the net have is impatience. Due to information overload, most of them will leave a site if it doesn’t load quickly. When designing a website, the load time has to be considered.

How can you ensure that the design enables web pages to load quickly? One way to improve a site’s loading tome is to resize images. Save the images/graphics in the JPG format in order to ensure that they are of high quality while using up little space.

Another way is to disable auto-play of multimedia used in the site. Most internet users usually surf the internet using their phone and will be careful not to use up all their data on one site.

Auto-play is also a crappy way to promote your products or services. When visitors come to your page they expect to read the information on web pages. If they wanted a video of the same they would have logged in to a platform like YouTube.

Make sure to make use of white space to increase readability. A site that loads faster will definitely attract tons of visitors and consequently increase the ranking of your site.

  1. Appearance

For websites, first impressions matters a lot. The appearance of a website determines whether a visitor will be converted to a loyal client or not. There are many ways to improve the overall appearance of the website.

One is using big, bold serif fonts for headlines. As for the body of articles, it is advisable to use a sans serif font such as new Times Roman as it is easier to read. Aside from fonts, the use of graphics images in the site is also vital.

Webmasters try to include images/graphics in order to draw the attention of a visitor and encourage them to read the contents of a page. Websites with good visual appearance usually perform well.

  1. Increases conversion

The main goal of a website is to attract potential customers and eventually increase sales. What has this got to do with web design? Successful companies are those that are able to use their sites to improve conversion rates.

One way to do that is to employ the right colour schemes. The web designer has to use colours which trigger an emotional response from the visitor, for instance, highlighting a Call to Action using the green colour catches the eye of any visitor. It is advisable to use not more than three colour tones when designing a website.

Keeping the site simple is crucial. People will not stay more than a few minutes on a site that looks cluttered and disorganized. Lastly, including the portraits of staff members in the website can also helps establish trust and win over potential customers.

  1. Authority/professionalism

As we had mentioned earlier in the post, website is like a physical shop in the streets. The design is how the shop looks. How will you want visitors to perceive your business once your homepage loads?

When people are looking for products or services online, they want value for their money. This is the main reason why companies which offer quality products and look professional usually stand the test of time.

One way to appear reputable is to include a detailed About Us page, where you highlight the organizational culture of your company/business.

People will see that this is a business that actually cares for its employees and customers. Including customer feedback/testimonials in a website also improves the reputation of a company.

  1. Simplicity

They say simplicity is an art. There are so many sites in the internet that are losing out on potential clients because they are unable to communicate their message effectively. There are many ways to ensure that a site is simple.

The first way is to have fewer graphics or multimedia in a website. If you are using them for illustration purposes, one or two are enough for a single page. Strive to use fewer images to reinforce your message.

Another way is to ensure that visitors can easily navigate the site. If they are looking for the About Us or the Blog section, they can easily find it after a few clicks. A simple site encourages visitors to come back.

In order to achieve success, businesses have no option but to improve their web design. Aside from good web design, there are many other factors such as SEO techniques which can help increase organic traffic.

Apart from the above points, there are many other ways web design impacts customer experience. Developing a good web design is a sure fire way to increase the number of visitors to your site and in the process get more customers. Considering that there are million s of people who conducts business transactions online every day, it is only right that a business should improve its web design.