4 Undemanding Tips on How to Improve Site SEO

Over the last couple of years, search engines have undergone tremendous changes that are designed to provide the best search results. If you are to succeed in the current online marketing world, you need to master various best SEO practices. Eliminate spammy bad habits and replace them with strategic tactics that are based on real data. While at it, you need not forget about the needs and expectations of your target customers.

Here are four undemanding tips that you can start applying today to improve your site SEO.

Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Your SEO campaign will not be successful if it is not based on keyword research reports. The research will help to identify the phrases and words that customers use to look for information related to your business.

Ideally, the keyword phrases that you decide to use should be conversational and unique to your company and niche. Avoid generic phrases as well as words that have a marketing vibe to avoid paint the wrong image to prospects.

Voice Search has become very popular nowadays. Optimize your website content for customers who use voice search tools such as Siri by using question-based long-tail keywords. The good thing about this type of keywords is that they can also be used as the main titles or subheadings.

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Using this kind of phrases in your content will ensure that your site is displayed on SERPs whenever someone uses them to search for information on a search engine.

Adhere to the Originality Rule

Duplicate content will get your site penalized by Google for copyright infringement. If you have to use such content on your main site or blog, make sure that you properly reference the source. Copyscape is one of the best tools that you can use to know if your site has duplicate content.

Work on Internal Links and Site Navigation

Internal links will help website visitors to move from one page to another quickly. The search engine also relies on these links to know the importance or relevance of each page. That is why pages that are linked to more often have a high PageRank that those that have only one or two internal links.

Poor site navigation results in a bad user experience. A thorough website audit will help you to know if there are certain changes to the navigation that need to be done. There are tools that you can use to do the audit, but it is recommended to hire a Singapore web development agency to not only conduct the review but also make the site responsive and user-friendly.

Page Load Speed

Search engines use site’s load speed as a ranking factor. Load speed also has a direct impact on conversion and bounce rates. A recent study showed that 40% of web visitors abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load.

In this era, you cannot afford to have a slow site. Tools such as Pingdom can help you to know the amount of time that each element on the pages takes to load. With this information at hand, you will be able to know which items to delete from the pages. Shifting from a shared server to a dedicated server can also help to reduce load times.


Improve your on-site SEO to realize the full potential of your online business in Singapore. If you are not sure about how to implement the changes, contact a Singapore SEO agency or web design firm to avoid messing up the entire site architecture.