3 Simple SEO Strategies for 2020

As of June 2017, there were over 3 billion internet users in the world. With such a high concentration, the competition to have an online presence among businesses is very fierce. Search engines have been tasked with employing safeguards in form of algorithms to provide users with the best results for their searches. As a business, staying afloat calls for an approach that makes it easier for your target audience to find you and engage with you. The best way you can achieve this is SEO Strategies and make sure that you’re ranked highly in the index.

With so many SEO factors to consider, it is impossible to implement all of them. But you can narrow down your options to the ones that will offer the best results. Here are three simple SEO strategies that will do wonders for your online presence in 2017

Optimize your site for mobile users

Over the years, accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets has been on a steady rise.  As of October 2016, 51.3 percent of web access was through mobile devices or tablets. This makes it utterly important to ensure that your website and content are mobile friendly. It becomes even more important after the introduction of Mobile-first index algorithm by Google. To reach out to more users, you need to ensure that the design and the layout of the website are friendly to mobile users.

Link Building with Keywords

Gone are the days when all you had to do was buy hundreds of links to your page. Not only do such actions now prove fruitless, but you also risk being banned by the search engines if you’re caught. The most progressive approach even though slow is to guide your readers and users with carefully placed links with the necessary and self-explanatory keywords in them. It goes without mentioning that the flow of such keywords with the content should be natural and you should avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. It is a slow and gradual process but the results make it worth your while.

Build your social media presence

Social Media is a hive of traffic. If you can leverage the high concentration of people on these sites and target your audience, you can greatly improve your ranking and the flow of traffic to your site. Social media pages, groups and accounts are a great way of pushing your boundaries and allowing your audience to better and more profoundly engage with your brand and content. Keep in mind that the figures that social media enjoys right now will only continue to grow.

By employing these simple SEO strategies, you should be able to improve the traffic and consequently the ranking for your website. While SEO can be very engaging, choosing the factors that yield the most results in the shortest time is key. These three are not only quick and result yielding but also cheap and legal.