15 Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetisation

Are you looking for the best web design tips for traffic monetisation? Once you have a created a site for your company in Singapore or elsewhere, you need to find ways of attracting projects that will help you generate revenue. Even so, you can start earning off your site before you get any projects. If you run the website strategically, you can make it a money-making machine that keeps you afloat before you land major projects.

If the site gets decent traffic, you can monetise it immediately irrespective of whether it’s relatively new or established within its niche. Several traffic monetisation tips can help you generate passive income with just your website design skills.

One of the proven ways through which you can make money from your website even if you don’t have any running projects is converting existing traffic into revenue. You may have started your site for fun, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot turn it into a money-maker.

Before you even start thinking about monetising your website, you must ensure that it is well planned and that it scores highly as far as UX, conversion, and other pertinent features are concerned. Here are some of the most useful web design tips for traffic monetisation.

Actionable Web Design Tips for Traffic Monetisation

Sell Stock Content

Rather than merely having a plain website while waiting to land projects, you should develop products to display on the site. If you are skilled in typography, iconography, graphic design, or even photography, you can create stock content for display on your website.

This is an excellent way of showcasing your skills to anyone who visits the website. Likewise, displaying your products on the site adds great value to its portfolio while bringing in some extra income in the process.

Use an Impressive Web Plugin or Theme

In case you used a website builder when creating your site, it will probably look like other websites due to standardisation. When you use a unique website theme that you created yourself, you will stand out as an expert in digital trends and web design.

A unique theme not only helps you to attract new customers but also gives you an excellent opportunity to make money since you can charge them for using it. Nonetheless, you need to understand that this method of monetising traffic on your site requires a lot of expertise since you must first create a demo site. Similarly, it is time-consuming. Even so, it’s worth the effort.

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By coming up with a unique theme for your website, you will be creating an asset that will benefit you in the long run. This is the best option for you if coding is your forte yet you are afraid of mind-numbing work such as site building, quality assurance, and launch.

Preserve the Best Content for Paying Members

This is my favorite web design tip for monetisation. If you have lots of educational content or tools including eBooks and tutorials that you wish to share with your audience, you should find ways of generating income through them. For instance, consider creating a paid membership scheme that gives paying members exclusive access to the best content.

The revenue that you will collect from paying members can even become recurring if you make an effort to update your website content regularly. By ensuring that the site is updated regularly with relevant information, you will not only retain current members, but you also stand to attract new members.

Take Advantage of Google Ads

In as much as Google Ads will rake in little money, it is a great way to monetise your website. It’s easy to get everything set up since you only need to join the Google AdSense platform before choosing ad content that is most relevant to you.

After that, you will be required to add an HTML code to your site so that Google posts its ads there. You will get paid every time website visitors click on ads displayed on the site.

Sell Actual Ad Space on Your Site

If your website traffic becomes enviably high, you are likely to be asked by other businesses to post their ads on your site. This traffic monetisation method enables you to have better control over advertising processes that happen on your site.

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You can easily choose advertisers that you wish to work with and the place where you want their ads displayed. Similarly, you can set the price for each ad besides making the ads relevant and targeted for website visitors.

Start or Join an Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program is easy since you will only be required to recommend a product by promoting it in your posts. You will get a commission every time your visitors buy the product by following your affiliate link.

In case you feel you do not have time to devote towards creating your products, affiliate marketing will offer you the opportunity to promote other brands whose products relate to your niche. The best place to start as a budding affiliate marketer is checking out Amazon’s affiliate program.

If you had positioned yourself as a specialist in your niche, you could make money by offering advice to visitors about products that will guarantee the most value. When they buy those products, you will get a commission from the retailer.

You can also choose to start an affiliate program. If you go this route, you will be paying a small commission whenever traffic directed to your website by affiliates buy from you. By basing monetisation on sales, you will have an essential way of building revenue for your site.

Provide Online Resources

In case you possess valuable web design skills and you can teach others, you should consider setting up online classes. This highlights why your site should showcase your web design skills in the first place. If this is the case, you will effortlessly attract students who wish to learn how you did it. The extra money that you earn through online classes will sustain you in between projects.

Regardless of your niche, you can also make money by selling digital informational products such as eBooks. You can even start premium membership groups that you can furnish with online resources. This will help you diversify your revenue sources rather than relying on projects that you get through your site alone.

Guest Posting

Websites and blogs on the Internet continuously need new content. For this reason, you should take advantage of your high traffic numbers by writing paid guest posts. If your website is about healthy living, for instance, you can create a post on nutrition tips for a grocery retailing site.

Similarly, a fashion blogger can contribute project posts that will get posted in a fashion retailer’s newsletters. Typically, guest posts include links to your site as well as tagged posts on the social media accounts of the website that you will be writing for. Writing guest blogs shows that you are an expert in your industry. Similarly, it increases traffic to your site.

In-Text Ads

If you do not want ugly banners to cramp your website’s appearance, in-text ads could be your go-to option. When you sign up with in-text ad companies such as Intextual, specific words in your posts will get hyperlinked automatically to relevant websites.

Site visitors who will hover over those links will get a preview even before they click on them. Therefore, an in-text ad is a relatively non-invasive and safe advertising method. Huge ad banners won’t compromise your site’s appearance. Likewise, you can post as many ads as possible without making your site appear cramped.

Become a Consultant

If your website has a good website design, you should consider becoming a consultant. This is an excellent option if you do not want to offer online courses or become a guest writer on other websites. It is easy to use your site as a platform for advertising your consultancy services, more so if you have been posting about a subject for a while.

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You will be considered an expert in your field, something that allows you to offer professional consulting services. If your website revolves around building WordPress sites, you can charge can charge readers who wish to create websites for personalised web design plans.

Host Live Workshops

If you offer courses and you think that attendance for your pre-recorded sessions will be low, you should consider live broadcasts. This will give you an opportunity to teach a real audience as well as interact with them and even hold question and answer sessions.

Other than hosting live workshops on your website, you can host live sessions on free platforms such as YouTube. To earn extra money, charge the audience for access. Similarly, you can charge different companies to sponsor your live broadcasts so that you market them during your webinars.

Create Great Content

Suffice to say, web content is among the most pertinent aspects of website monetisation. Great content will keep your visitors on your web pages. For you to build a revenue stream from your website, you should have an insight into your target audience as well as the type of content that they want.

In this regard, you should have both a long-term and short-term content strategy. Thereafter, post quality content that addresses what your target audience wants. Your site will look more professional and credible if it has a proper design, which is supplemented with high-quality content. It is easy to monetise a website that has high-quality content.

Boost Your Traffic

If nobody sees your content, there is a slim chance that you will monetise your website. Therefore, you should ensure that the site has steady traffic. This underlines the significance of SEO, backlinking, and other content optimisation strategies.

To boost your web traffic, you should have a robust SEO strategy in place. Likewise, learn about PPC and Google AdWords advertising. Familiarising yourself with Google Analytics can also be helpful since it will help you monitor your traffic source.

Similarly, you should consider embarking on a Facebook Advertising campaign since it will offer you incredible interest and demographic-based targeting options that can help you drive web traffic to your site. Such services can help optimise traffic to your website since they guarantee immediate results.

Write Product Reviews

You can expand your revenue source by posting product reviews on your website. If the site revolves around a specific niche, there is definitely a hardware or software product that you can write reviews about.

Reach out to companies that create or sell those products, and inform them about your intention to review the products for your audience at a fee. In case you reach out successfully to a serious company, you may even get provided with the products for free. Product reviews will not only expand your reach but also show that you are an expert in your field.

Start a Job Board

If your site possesses a booming community in the right niche, a job board can help you rake in extra cash. However, you should take note of the fact that this traffic monetisation strategy doesn’t work for every website. If your site targets budding bloggers, for instance, you can start a job board that helps them find blogging jobs.

In this case, you will charge them a certain percentage off every successful project that they land. You should only start a job board if your site has attained the so-called digital stardom level. People are likely to pay to find jobs on websites that appear credible. Therefore, you need to first establish yourself in your industry before setting up a job board on your site.


One of the easiest ways of maximising revenues with your Singapore website is by monetising traffic. There are several strategies that you can use to monetise your site. Nonetheless, you should find out which one works best for you.

Before adopting any of the aforementioned strategies, you should work on improving your conversion skills. Likewise, ensure that you deliver value so that you not only maintain your current visitors but also grow your audience. We can help you achieve that goal by creating an awesome web design for your brand. We will also do SEO and digital marketing to ensure that you reign supreme online.